Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 4)


The episode starts with morning 6 AM

Shagun got up for jogging.. Same way Mani got up..
They both smiled.

Shagun : Good morning Bhai..
She hugged him
Mani : Very good morning.. Where is Ishu?
Shagun : She is sleeping.. What about Akash and Raman?
Mani : Akash is getting ready.. This Raman is sleeping.. Akash trying his best

In room

Akash : Raman.. Have to go for jog.
Raman : Then go why waking me up..

In Ishu’s room
Mani : Ishu.. Wake up na.. Have to jog
Ishu : I don’t need it.. I am fit only..
Mani : Who said?
Ishu : Everyone..
Mani : Oh.. Let me ask some guys..

Mani came out.
Mani : Shagu.. This Ishu is not ready to come .. She is blabbering in sleep.
Shagun : Oh no.. She is just as stubborn as Raman..

Akash shocked seeing Mani Shagun convo

Akash : You guys joined.. OMG!! We were just planning to unite you guys.. But.. You..
They laughed at him. He smiled

Akash : OK!! All is well..Happy to see you guys like this.. Hey Shagu.. lets go na..Raman is not ready to come

Shagun got a plan and said that to Akash..

Akash went to Raman and Ishu

Akash : Wake up na.. Mani Shagun are also jogging with us.. We can do something na
Both woke up and came out in track suit..

All five went for jog.. Raman and Ishitha felt sleepy..
Raman : Hey do something na.. I am feeling sleepy
Ishitha : Me too
Akash : What to do?
Raman and Ishitha stared at each other

Raman : You called us to unite Mani and Shagun right..
Akash : Ohh.. See there

Raman and Ishu saw in the direction pointed by Akash

Mani feeding icecream to Shagun.. Shagun enjoying

Raman and Ishu shocked .. Akash smiled at them..

Raman : Wow.. How this happened?Who done this miracle?
Akash : They both
Ishu : Who?
Akash : Mani and Shagun
Raman took a stick nearby and hid it behind
Raman : Wow when this incident happened?
Ishu also took a stick as Raman and both posed similarly
Akash : Don’t know. Morning I saw them talking.. Then only I know
Akash seeing Mani and Shagun replying Ishra
Ishitha : So you know this morning itself..
Akash : Ya
Raman : So you did this for making us to accompany you in jogging
Akash :: Of course

He saw Raman and Ishu with stick..

They both started beating Akash and chased him..

Akash hid himself behind a tree..
Raman and Ishu reached that tree but they were in opposite direction

Raman : Ishu you search him there
Ishu noticed Akash and sighed Raman
They both silently reached him and again started

Akash: Stop………..
They both stopped..

Akash : This is planned by shagun.. accepted by mani.. Only executed by me. Go and beat them
Ishu : Sure.. Waiting for them
Akash : OK!! I am leaving
Raman : You sit here till they reach here..

Mani and Shagun came as if they are fighting

Raman : See .. What an acting!
Ishu: Ya
They both saw Akash’s condition
They both sighed and asked Akash.. Akash sighed that they found everything..

Shagun moved slightly aside.. and ran away..Same way Mani ran..
Ishra started chasing..

Mani’s dad came Bhopal.. Gowri shocked to see him

Mani’s dad got down and he saw Ishu chasing Mani.. He stared at them
Ishu stopped seeing him.. All noted this.. Shagun and Mani hugged him

Guarav : How are you Shagun?
Shagun : I am fine Badi Paapa.. How are you?
Guarav : Fine.. Where is your dad?
Shagun : Went out..

He still stared at Ishu.. She bent down..
Shagun noted this
Shagun : Ishu get in..
They all entered

Everyone welcomed Gaurav..
Same time Ravi reached.. He stared at Gaurav.. Raman akash and Shagun ran and hugged him.. They introduced Mani and Ishu
Rithu called everyone for lunch..
Mani’s dad called Ishu alone..

Gaurav : You are not a kid right.. What are you doing here?
Ishu : Mani called me here
Gaurav : Damn it.. Idiot Mani
Ishu got angry
Ishu : Uncle this is not his fault.. Don’t say him anything
Gaurav : I am his father.. I have right to scold him and beat him
Ishu : I am his friend. I have the right to ask anyone who are scolding him for the thing he is not responsible,,

Gaurav shocked
Ishu : Yes.. I have no status to eat with business people.. I will be in my room.. After you guys I will have mine.. But don’t say anything about Mani in front of me
She went

Raman overheard everything.. He shared it with Shagun and Akash..
In dining table

Ishu : Sorry,I am not feeling well, I will have it later
Mani saw Gaurav
Ishu : Mani.. You wake me up early na.. Thats why I am feeling dizzy.. I am sleeping
Mani laughed
Ishu went to her room
She cried

She then noted some hand with food.. It was Mani..
Ishu : Mani I am sleepy you have it
Mani : Ishu.. I know you
Ishu hugged him..
Mani was about to feed Ishu..
Someone held Mani’s hand

Its Shagun
Shagun : You guys were united thesedays na.. I have to feed her now.. You go
Mani : No I have to
Akash came in between
Akash : Both of you move.. I gonna feed her,.. we have met long after..
Trio started fighting.. Ishu serached for Raman

By then Raman came in with a plate sat beside Ishu and started eating
Ishu stared at him
Shagun : Idiot.. we are fighting here you are eating just like that
Raman : Oh.. You are feeding for this madam.. Why she can’t eat herself?
Ishu stared at him.. She pulled Raman’s plate and started eating
Raman : Hey.. you.. He took Akash’s plate
Akash took Shagun’s plate
When Shagun about to take Mani’s plate, Mani went away.
All laughed at her

She acted as if she is angry
They all came and feed her… and all the five started feeding each other

Gowri and Shoba saw this.. and felt happy

Rithu’s marriage went nice.. All were ready to leave

Mani and Shagun cried.. Ishu consoled them.. They all shared their addresses as they were all in Mumbai

Ishitha saw Raman and went to him

Raman : Hii
Ishitha : Hi.. So we are leaving
Raman : Yes..
They both stood silently
Ishitha : Thanks
Raman : Why ?
Ishitha : For making Akash to talk with me
Raman : Thanks for you too for helping Shagun think about Mani
They both smiled..

All were ready to leave.. Shagun hugged Ishu.. Mani hugged Raman and Akash.. They had a group hug.. They left

4 years later
3rd year of college

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Wooow..I really liked it very much…Friends masti…awesome…please update regularly…

  2. Oh god so sad na

  3. What a aeesome friendship
    i loved the ay they were fighting for their friend to feed

  4. Hey nice dr…..plz regular update…..;-)

  5. Wow….

  6. Suprv..i mm miss my frnds just like these 5..but we are 7 in lunchtm always feed my frnds..
    They are not lazy..
    Bt they don’t eat properly so..immm feed to my frnds..
    Like that…
    Thank youuu..
    Very very beautiful frndship bonding…

    1. Ohh geethu we too have a large gang.. We used to snatch and eat always.. This ff is to my dear buddies… My [email protected]

  7. Nivetha it is superrr duper hit pls upload daily thanl u so much mam for posting this ff thank u so much again

  8. Mee too i m always snatch from only nivedita..and if want to give first to madhu..and always we shares everything..
    Last month of clg we daily eat ice cream regularly..
    We lov ice cream..
    Some time bunk the class only 10 r15 min ..
    On that time we eat ice cream in the clg garden..
    Later 1tim we got by class incharge mam..
    Before class start we brought ice while start to eat class bell ring for class time what to do bcz we are sit in the center row first two benches..
    Mam comes in,so..
    We thought now we can’t eat the ice-cream..
    But she says go to next room..which is freed by lab class
    so we go to that room and enjoy the ice cream
    Most imp thing is only mam allowed us bcz we are the well studied student else she definitely complaint about uus…

    I nvr forgot that moment..

    1. Cute frns.. We used to eat lunch during class hours hiding it under the benches… Can’t get these days back.. You know one of my bestie name is geethu..

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