Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 31)

Terribly sorry due to some reasons I was not able to continue with this.
Now I ll update my FF’s one in a day..
A very long one..
All guys please forgive me…
Reallllyyyy sorry for my behaviour..

Akash in hospital.. Raman and Shagun in home…thinking about Akash…

In Raman’s home..
Raman’s mom and dad in talk..

Mom : See.. Today Raman and Karan’s suhagraat…
Dad : Pallavi…. Akash is also our son,.. We can’t think like this.. Meanwhile Karan and Raman won’t agree…
Mom : I agree!! They are thick friends!!! But family is important… They have to take care of family too…
Dad : They know that… In fact they aren’t like normal friends..
Mom : I don’t like this …

In hospital:
Akash’s mom and dad:

Mom: See.. Our son hasn’t cared about me or you.. For his frnd… he took this drastic step..
Dad : Shilpa… Leave it.. See our Akash is fine..
Mom : Don’t try to console me… I can’t take this..
She had tears and went..

In Shagun’s home
Dad : I know they are good friends… But… See they are taking many risks..
Mom : I too had the same thought..
They were in deep thinking…

In Mani’s home..
Mani standing in front of his dad with folded hands…

Dad : So .. You don’t need your dad’s permission in your marrige.. Right!
Your stupid friends enough na….
What you guys did till now was just stupidity!!!
How can you guys make marriages silly?
See…. I have to think of your marriage..
Till that.. you shouldn’t do anything like your stupids..

He went…
Mani’s mom was in shock as Mani didn’t reacted when his dad stated the super gang as stupid gang..
Mani saw his dad going upstairs..

He just removed cotton from his ears…
Mani : Long Lecture..!!!
He took his phone and smiled seeing Smrithi’s message..
Mani : Your daughter in law is messaging.. Bye Mom Good night!!
Mom : Good night… Smrithi dreams.
He hugged his mom and went to his room….

In Ishra room…
Raman was in thoughts.
Ishu came in..
Raman : I am sorry Ishu…
Ishu : No Raman.. I know about you… Even Akash is my friend… You don’t need to feel for it!!
Raman lied in her lap… She was caressing his head..

Raman : Need to see Akash tomorrow…. Wake me up early..
Ishu nodded with a smile..

In Shagun-Karan room…
Karan : Madam… Calm down… Akash will forgive you guys..
Shagun : Hope so..
Karan : He know you guys very well… So don’t worry…
Shagun : Hope so…
Karan : Do you love me?
Shagun : Hope so…
Karan : What?
Shagun : Oh Karan.. Stupid…
She hugged him..Karan smiled at her..

Next day morning…….
In hospital..
Raman and Shagun came to meet Akash in hospital….
Akash’s mom Shilpa saw them and turned her face.
Mani was checking Akash..

Akash saw Raman and Shagun..
He didn’t reacted.

Raman : Akash… Sorry..
Shagun : Sorry Stupid..
He remained silent..
Raman : Don’t be silent Akash..
Shagun : Yesterday we felt bad that because of us only you are here.. So only we left..
He remained silent..
Raman : Akash.. You know us na.. Then why are you still silent,..
Shagun : Iska matlab!! You are suspecting us that we went to enjoy our marriage
Akash : Nothing wrong in that!! Its your marriage!! One more thing.. I saved you to make you live happy.. So you guys can do whatever you like.. I have not forced to mourn for me..

Raman slapped Akash..
Ishu : Akash… How can you say this?
Akash : Even I too had feelings.. I can raise my hand on your husband.. But I am not that much manners less..
Ishu : My husband??? Then who is he to you?
Akash : Was my friend…
Raman left the room..
Shagun : Akash…
Akash : When I opened my eyes,I just blindly searched for you guys.. you were not at all here.. and that hero saw me and went out without a word..
Shagun : Thats what!! We felt guilty………….
Akash : Just please stop and follow your friend..
Karan took Shagun out…

In Raman’s house..
Raman was breaking everything..
Shagun consoled him..
Ishu and Karan saw each other..
Evening Raman informed that he is tensed and going for a walk..

Ishu got up to drink water.. Raman has not arrived still.
She came out..

Karan was there..

Ishu : Karan ji…
Karan : Ishu…
Ishu : Raman is missing..
Karan : Shagun too…
They saw each other…

Ishu and Karan reached there,,..
Reached Akash’s room..

As expected..
Raman,Akash and Shagun playing cards…

Raman : Hey I won!!
Akash : Another game..
Shagun : Stupid.. Sleep now..
Akash : Sleep… From yesterday I was sleeping..
Shagun : Its OK.. Else Sindhu ll scold me..see how many calls from her..
Raman : Shagun.. cool down.. another game…
Akash : See my darling always cares for me…
Raman : I was your darling right!!(in teasing tone)…

Akash : Hey!!! I just asked you to act like slapping.. But you..
They started fighting..
Shagun was laughing…
Ishu and Karan saw each other..
They cleared their throat to indicate their presence..

They saw them…
Raman…. on seeing Ishu went beneath the bed,..
Shagun… covered herself with the bedsheet…

Akash was looking like a thief…
Ishu held Akash’s one ear.. Karan held the other…
Ishu : I know… You guys will join like this..
Karan : There ll be some characteristics for fighting.. I know it won’t suit you guys.. Then why?
Akash : Arre… You just harm me.. Dont do anything to my darlings..

Karan pulled the bedsheet…
Ishu pulled Raman out..

Shagun and Raman running inside the room..
Ishu and Karan chased them.

Nurse on hearing the noise came in..
Akash was lying..
Ishu was standing…

Karan and Shagun and Raman were hiding..

Nurse : Doctor Aap…
Ishu : Yeah.. I came here to check him..
Nurse : Ok.. dr.
She went out.

They came out.

Ishu : So you came for a walk right!!
Raman : Yes… I came and was staying in Mani’s cabin till aunty and uncle went..
Karan : How you came?
Shagun : I said na I got head ache so came here..
Karan : through window??
Shagun : Yeah..
Ishu : Why you guys are doing like this?
Karan : Why you fought today stupids?
Akash : Who fought?
Karan stared..

Akash :We acted as such..
Sindhu : Why?
Raman : Bcoz of our parents cooperation we are thick frns till now..
Shagun : Just imagine what can we do if they turn against us..
Akash : So we ll act like this.. till they are asking us to remain friends tillthe end.
Sindhu : Till that?
Raman : We will meet like this..
Raman hugged Akash.

Shagun : Me……..
She ran to them and hugged them.

The next day Akash got discharged,,
Akash’s parents accepted Sindhu
They were making marriage preparations.
Raman and Akash went out for selecting invitations. Raman selected an invitation and Akash fixed it.
Shagun,Ishu and Sindhu were purchasing..

One day Raman came with his mom to temple… akash too with his mom.
Raman and Akash smiled and acted as if they are angry.

Shilpa(Akash’s mom) : Hi Pallavi..
Pallavi : Hi..
Raman got blessings from Shilpa..Akash from Pallavi..
While coming back.. Raman kicked Akash. Akash pinched Raman and were playing by giving staring looks.

Pallavi : Akash .. How are you now?
Akash : Fine ma.
Shilpa : Raman… Why you are not coming home now?
Raman : Busy aunty…
Akash : Maa.. I am getting late.. So I am leaving. Bye aunty..
Raman : Maa.. Me too.. Bye mom..

Pallavi: Why they are still fighting?
Shilpa : I am feeling bad… without them in my home..
Pallavi : Hope they ll be united soon
They went..

Precap :
Friends masti..

Hope you like this..

Please comment guys… Again sorry..
Tomorrow I ll update my shaadhi FF..

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