Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 30)

The episode starts with Karan and others running to Mandap..
Shagun waiting outside the mandap.. came to Karan….

Shagun : Karan..
Karan:What Shagun?
Shagun : That idiots are saying…
Shagun : They don’t need marriage.
Siva and Akash sat down with hands on their heads.

Raman and Ishitha standing ..

Karan : Raman..
Raman : I can’t marry her…
Shagun : Ishu…
Ishu : Shagun.. Please understand.. I can’t.
Smrithi : Please Raman.. What’s wrong now?
Raman : Nothing wrong.. Karan you go its getting late..Shagun come on.

Shagun : No I need to know why you guys are not marrying..
Raman : I ll explain later Shagun..
Shagun : No.. Raman.. Tell me nowwww..
Akash : Tell us Raman…..
Mani : Ishu.. What’s wrong??

Prathik came there..
Prathik : What’s going on?
Akash : Hello already we are tensed here.. Don’t come and get beatings from us..
Prathik : Why these guys are not marrying now?
Raman : That’s my wish.
Ishitha : That’s my fate. She cried and left the mandap in a taxi.
Prathik looks confused.
Prathik to himself : I can’t understand what’s happening. Are they planning something?
He thought and followed that taxi.
The taxi went to Ishu’s house. He saw Ishu crying and entering..
Prathik went in and locked the main door from inside.
He checked the whole home.
Ishu was missing.
Prathik : Where she went?

His phone rang.. Its Ishu.
Ishu : Hey Prathik.. You know what.. I don’t like this marriage… ie., running chasing and marrying.. No it is a joyful moment… I need to enjoy it… I know you ll keep on follow us.. So only I locked you here,…

Prathik got tensed and tried to search way for exit.

Ishu: Actually I escaped from bathroom.. I locked my bed room from inside. So you can’t escape through bathroom.. Can’t escape from kitchen.. Yeah………….. Everything is perfect bye…….

Raman explained this to everyone in mandap… Ishu reached..
Raman : Happy now??!!!
Ishu : Very happy..

Raman and Ishu seated one side.. Karan and Shagun seated other side..
They got married…
Everyone is happy…
They came out..

Prathik who escaped from her home.. arranged some goons to attack them..
When they came out to get into car..
Some goons come running towards Raman..

Akash came in between and the goon hit his head severely..
Raman and Shagun shouted : Akash..

Blood was losing… Mani and Karan beat the goons.
Raman : Akash…. Akash,, ll kill you.. see me Akash..
Sindhu remained as a statue,,
Shagun : Akash.. Stop playing.. Akash..
Ishu : Take him to hospital..

They took him to hospital..
Ishu and Mani went to treat Akash.
Raman and Shagun were praying.
Sindhu was crying.. Smrithi consoled her..
Karan was roaming here and there..

Parents were also crying..

Operation going in..
Ishu came out..

Ishu : Have to wait a day.. We can’t tell anything.. He has to gain conscious within today..
Akash’s mom: Because of you guys only my son is in this situation.. Get lost all of you..
She shouted..
Shagun cried and ran away..

Raman,Karan and Mani were in hospital..
Parents were crying still..
Nurse informed that Akash gained conscious.

Raman,Mani and Karan stood near the door.
Akash’s mom cried seeing him..

Mani : Akash…..
Akash was looking with much difficulty.
Akash : Where am I?
Mani : Cool Akash.. You are here.. Relax..
Akash saw Raman standing near the door and crying.
Akash’s dad carressed his hair ..

Akash noticed Raman.. Raman went out without a word..

Raman crying to Ishu..Shagun to Karan..

Raman : Is that true Ishu? Because of us only he is in that state ah?
Ishu : Raman aunty said that in tension..
Shagun : No Karan… We shouldn’t have played like this..
Karan : He is safe now Shagun.. Calm down..

Raman : Ishu.. Aunty is right.. Because of us only..
Raman’s phone rang..
It was Sindhu..
Raman : Sindhu… How is he? Is he fine? What he is doing?
Shagun who came there snatched the phone..

Shagun : Haa Sindhu.. How is he? Is he fine?
Akash : Just convey my thanks to them Sindhu..What a caring friends I got…
Raman : Stupid… Listen to me..
The call ended ..
Shagun : Oh.. So we have to console him..

Unique consoling

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