Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 3)


The episode starts with Shagun sitting sadly in her room.. Ishu entered and saw sad Shagun..

Ishu : What Shagu why you are so sad?
Shagun : Actually.. I got my wrong bag.. instead of my churidhars.. I got this lehangas.. I need to get new dresses but we guys don’t know the shops here

Ishu : I am really happy to get a friend like you
Shagun : Why?
Ishu : You are not leaving your friends in front of others.. Cute..
Shagun smiled
Shagun : See that idiots did this.. What to do?
Ishu : You use my dresses now.. We can go today evening with Rithu Dhi. OK!!
Shagun agreed
Ishu gave her dress..
Shagun called Akash and Raman in phone..

Akash and Raman came to Shagun room and stood outside

Shagun : Get in you monkeys..
They both entered
Shagun : Meet Ishu… Ishitha.. I am sorry.. Actually you know more about Mani’s dad.. Giving priority to status.. My dad told me not to see status any time with anyone.. So from my chilhood I disliked Mani.. I came to know that you are his friend.. So I thought you guys are of same character.. Sorry thats I told them not to talk with you.. Don’t mistake them please

Ishu : You know my father is an accountant in a reputed company.. I am from middle class..Then also Mani is treating me as his bestie.. Even Akash knows this.. we both studied till 5th together
Shagun : Tho.. Yeh hai vo.. Your best friend you missed.. Is it Akash?
Akash nodded
Shagun : You should informed me na Akash.. I am … I made you guys… not to talk.. Oh god.. Sorry Ishu.. Sorry.. Akash why you?
Shagun : Ishitha.. Sorry I didn’t mean
Ishu : Shagu.. I understand.. What you did will be wrong when you asked him not to talk with me even after knowing about our friendship? According to you I am a third person right!
Shagun : Akash.. You should have told me

Akash : Calm down Shagu.. Calm down.. I know you told this unknowingly.. I know you will understand Ishu’s character within a day.. that happened now.. else I would have informed you definitely.. So don’t feel guilt.. And I apologised to Ishu by maintaining you both..
Shagun : How?

With the help of a drama actor.. who is in front of you
She asked who
Akash and Ishu pointed at Raman

Flashback :
In the hall before the fight with Shagun
Akash already explained Raman about his state.. Raman used this situation..

Akash : I want to apologise to Ishu.. I will explain Shagu.. But Ishu heard what Shagun said.. She might have misunderstood what Shagu said..

Raman saw Ishitha sitting in a sofa making mehandi to that Rangoli girls.. Raman called one among those girls.. She came running and stood near Ishu.. Raman pressed that girls leg .. She shouted

Raman: Arre Akash you injured that girl yaar..
Akash in hurry turned .. At that time Raman moved aside making Akash to face Ishu

Akash : I am really sorry.. Ishu looked up to see Akash and smiled..
Raman : OK!!You apologised.. Happy!! come now

Ishu laughed at their reaction

Flashback ends

All were laughing
Akash : Really sorry Ishu…
Ishu : Its OK!! All went in misunderstandings.. Shagu.. Mani is not that type what you are thinking.. You have to talk with him
Shagu : How?
Raman : I ll help you

Raman went out walking like he is wounded..
Shagu : Raman.. What happened to your leg?
Raman : You guys know only one part of flashback.. I injured that girl na..

Flashback showing the girl chasing Raman with broomstick
All started laughing..
Raman : Enough laughing.. Come out..

In the evening..
Rithu’s engagement..

Mani Ishu standing together.. Raman Shagu and Akash at one side..
Raman pulled Shagun and made her to stand near Mani.. They were standing in a order like Raman,Shagun,Mani,Akash and Ishu

Raman : Talk with him
Shagun : No
Raman : May I start
Shagun : Nothing needed
Raman stared and turned away

After engagement

Shagun was listening music.. Mani comes there

Mani : Have you seen Ishu somewhere?
Shagu : No
Mani about to leave
Shagun : Bhai..
Mani stood there
Shagun : Sorry.. I misunderstood that you are like Guarav uncle.. So only..
Tears rolled down

Mani smiled and went near her and hugged her
Mani : No worries Shagun.. I was like my dad till I met Ishu.. She changed me..
Shagun : Ya.. she is sweet.. I am sorry for what I did..
Mani : Thats OK!! Anyhow my sister ll be like me na

They both laughed

Meanwhile Raman Akash and Ishu planning to unite Mani and Shagun

Akash : Do some plan Raman
Raman : Mine is mind.. Not computer.. Wait
Ishu : I have an idea
They made some plot.. All the three made hi-fi

Mani and Shagun heard them
Shagun : Bhai.. These guys played with me a lot yesterday.. Now we have to play with them.. Don’t tell them that we are united
Mani : As my sister said..

Precap :
Mani’s dad arrival..

Credit to: nivedha

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