Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 29)

The episode starts with Raman looking tensed..
Ankitha : Raman… I think you must confirm with your friends…
Raman was thinking for a while..

Prathik : Raman!! Check with your friends!!!
Raman’s phone started ringing..

Its from Shagun..
Shagun : Raman.. Where are you? Come fast to mandap…
Raman got confused…
He ended the call without any reply….

Prathik : What?? Your friend Shagun right!!!
Raman to Prathik : What I need to do now?
Ankitha : But Raman..
Raman : I don’t want my friends life in danger..

Prathik : Call Ishitha.. Ask her to come here right now!!
Raman : But she is with them right!!
Prathik : Your friends made her run away.. We caught your friends alone…
Raman was still thinking..
Prathik : Your friend Shagun only ran with Ishitha.. Thats why she called.. She is hiding about your friends kidnap….
Raman : OK..I ll call her to come here…

Ankitha : Raman..
Raman : Thanks for your help Ankitha…
Ankitha left..

Raman called Ishu and asked her to reach the spot..
She came with Shagun..

Raman : Leave my brother and My friends..
Prathik : Will leave after our marriage…
He came to hold Ishu’s hands..
Raman pulled her..

Prathik : What? Remember.. Ur friends are with me..
Raman : They are well trained by me.. They know how to escape from you.. I just called her as I changed the plan.
Saying he grabbed her hands and started running. Ankz car came again and they went.

Shagun ran in opposite direction.
Prathik confused and started his car.. Called his goons..

In a dark room.
Karan,Akash Sindhu Mani Smrithi and Vivek tied …
They are unconscious.

Prathik in phone to goons:Where are they idiots?
Goon : They are here boss..
Prathik : What are they doing?
Goon : Unconscious boss..
Prathik : Careful..
Goon : Yes boss..

The goon is the same one whom they met in a shopping mall.
Goon : You guys made fun of me right!! See what I am going to do now..
Sindhu just opened her eyes as if got disturbed by sound in deep sleep..
Akash too ..

Akash : Idiot.. Don’t shout my baby is sleeping.
Karan(yarns) : Can I get some coffee?
Goon : Are you guys not unconscious?
Vivek : you are conscious na.. See………… we are conscious.
Smrithi : Mani.. Tell me when you started loving me..
Mani started thinking..

Karan : I think when we caught in that mall.. Right Mani.
Mani : No.. Before that.
Sindhu : During college days?
Mani : Before that…
Akash : During your birth???
Mani stared..

Goon(himself) :No I should not listen to them..
He went out..

Akash : Karan. Try to untie.
Karan who already untied showed it..
Akash : Then why are you still here stupid!!!

Karan : Actually what we planned……………………

Flashback in car..
On seeing some goons..

Karan : Shagun.. Run along with Ishu Go…
She did the same..
Some goons went behind them..
Vivek : What can we do now?
Karan : Sit simply… Let them kidnap us.
Akash: What? Then Raman????

Karan : Definitely Shagun can’t go to mandap.. If he kidnap us.. He ll ask Raman to bring Ishu.. So that Shagun and Ishu can reach him easily..
Akash : What if Raman can’t understand this?
Karan : I ll text him..

Vivek keeps on driving till the message sent….
After that they got caught..

Raman when he saw Prathik.. He noted Karan’s message.. So he reacted the same..
Falshback ends

All of them untied..
Karan : Lets get ready guys!!!

Precap :
Happy moments

Guys… No worries..
I ll continue all my FFsss

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