Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 28)

The episode starts with Karan,Shagun,Akash,Mani,Smrithi moving in a car..

Akash : All these are happening because of him..
Saying that Akash hit Mani..
Smrithi : No.. Akash..
Shagun : Oh… Then why this much late for revealing your love!! Stupids..
Karan : Leave it Shagun.. all can’t be like us..
Sindhu : Ohh…. Driver just go fast.. only half an hour more!!

In Ishu’s mandap…
Ishu sitting tensed…
Ishu faints…

Prathik got tensed…. Everyone got tensed…
They sprayed water… They saw sleeping pills bottle in her hand…

Our guys reached there..
They saw Ishu is being carried to the car..

Akash : What happened?
A man : That girl ate sleeping pills!
Our guys got shocked.

Everyone reached hospital..
The doctor Vivek Dhahiya came out….

Prathik : Doctor!! How is she?
Vivek : Who are you to her?
Prathik : Her would be!!
Vivek turned and controlled himself(LOL!!)
Vivek : She ate sleeping pills… Now she is OK.. will take half an hour for her recovery..
Prathik : Thank you…

Vivek went to his room..
Our guys reached there…
Seeing their bridal dresses!

Vivek: What!! all are from that marriage!!
Karan : No.. this is separate!!
Vivek: Wait!! Are you Raman’s brother!!
Karan : Yeah..
Vivek : Ohh… Actually Raman planned this!! Ishu is alright.. Just ate two pills and she is sleeping now!!
After half an hour.. You can kidnap her…
Sindhu : What!! a doctor… How do you know Raman?
Vivek : Once I travelled in train with him.. We became friends.. He asked me to help… So only..
Smrithi : How she got admitted her? That too in your hospital ..
Vivek : Who said ?? I am a doctor!!

Everyone saw each other…
Vivek : I am an engineer.. On Raman’s advice I reached the mandap.. After Ishu faints.. I followed the car.. Reached this hospital…
Shagun : Where is real doctor?
Vivek showed the sleeping doctor.. and smiled…

Karan : Raman’s friend na!! No need of surprising..
Akash : Any other plan!!
Vivek : I don’t know.. Till this only I was assigned..
Mani : OK.. We ll manage…….
Vivek : Lets move from back gate with Ishitha…

After half an hour.. Ishu woke up and they escaped..
Appa and Amma excused themselves for meeting doctor and they too went…

After reaching the car….
Karan called Raman..
Ishu snatched his phone..

Raman : Darling!!Safe na!!
Akash : Ya … What’s next?
Ishu : Shhhh.. Don’t shout… Raman.. I m hungry..
Raman : OK.. then go to hotel..
Karan : Going to kill you both.. Raman!!What’s your plan?
Raman : What plan!!Come here……..

After a while..
Raman : No go back to the same mandap where Ishu left..
Sindhu : you?
Raman : I ll be there..

Raman went out.. He asked Shagun,his and Akash’s parents to reach there…
They went in a car…
Raman’s car has no petrol and stopped in mid way..

He went out.. Waiting for a lift..
A car came.. Raman asked for lift

The car stopped.. A girl is inside..
Raman : Can you drop me in Ganesh Mahal?
Girl : sure!! Get in..
He entered…
Raman : Hi.. I am Raman.. Raman Kumar Bhalla..
Girl : Ankita..
Raman forwarded his hand : Hello Ms. Ankita……
Girl : Mrs. Ankita Karan Patel..
Raman : Ohh.. That’s Ok.. They shook hands..
She started…

Ankz : Going to your marriage??
Raman : Yeah… It’s a huge issue..
Ankz : OK.. I ll go as soon as possible..
Prathik’s car stopped in between…

Ankz and Raman stared..
Prathik : Hello Raman.. Going to Mandap? Check where are your dear friends?
Raman got shocked..

Hope you like this guysss…..

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  1. Trap me phas gaya yaar

  2. Oh u made kp real wife a villain in his onscreen lovestory lol????????

    1. Nope kajal.. just wait

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh God…….Where are the Frndzzzzz????Its superb yaar…..But ending is just puzzled…wow……….It makes curiosity in us…….plzzzzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn………..

  4. DT’s fiance helping ishitha to marry raman and KP’s wife helping raman to marry ishitha (LOL) wow awesome. Loking foward to the next epi.

  5. omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….omg….?????? vivek , ankita …..hhaha….awesome yaarrr….

  6. Plz update next episode…

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