Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 25)

The episode starts with every guys making arrangements in a marriage hall..
Karan : Akash!!! Go and receive my uncle in airport…
Akash : Only uncle!!No daughter for him??
Sindhu who was standing at his back pinched him..

Karan : His granny coming along.. Is that OK??
Akash : Give me car key..
Karan went to the room..

Raman is seen sitting in groom’s dress.. Sitting sad..
Karan : Ohh Raman !! You got ready but see me still I am not at all ready..
Raman : I don’t like this marriage … Stop this!!
Karan : Yeah.. I too dislikes this dress.. What to do Raman?
Raman(annoyed) : You guys can’t do anything by forcing me in this marriage..
This is my wish…. I know whom I need to marry and whom to not….

Karan simply getting ready.. Taking selfie.. Sending it to Shagun….

Raman : I know how to stop this marriage..

In another room…
Ishu is getting ready with almost same tension…

Ishu’s dad: Ishu.. I know.. you don’t like this marriage.. But….
Ishu : I know what to do Papa….
Ishu’s dad:Shall I say one thing??
Ishu :What Appa?
Ishu’s dad: Can I talk to Raman?
Ishu (staringly) : No need of that dad..

Karan and Raman seen sitting on the marriage stage..
Shagun came dressed in bridal sat near Karan…

Ishu seen coming dressed in bridal..And sat….
Raman was sitting next to Smrithi….

Ishu in another hall… sitting next to Prathik…

Flashback :
Raman : Here is my marriage invitation!! Raman weds Smrithi
Ishu : Here is mine!! Ishitha weds Prathik..
Raman : Oh… Same day.. so you can’t come na!!
Ishu : Obviously… Anyways Bye……….

Another Flashback…
Karan : You hate Ishitha!! right… Then marry someone..
Raman : Yeah I hate her… But I can’t marry anyone..
Karan : Then accept that you are feeling for Ishu,,
Raman : No ways….
Karan : If you are not marrying,then I won’t marry Shagun..

Flashback ends…

Ishu’s Flashback
Prathik : You have no other way..
Ishu : Why? I am moving abroad…
Prathik: No.. You are going to marry me…
Ishu : In your dreams.. I won’t
Prathik : Then finish Raman’s funeral and move….

Ishu’s flashback ends…

Raman saw Akash..

Raman : Stop this marriage Akash,,..
Akash : No Raman.. Karan is telling valid point..
Raman : What nonsense?
Akash : Still loving Ishu?
Raman shut his ears..
Akash :Then prove it…

Raman sitting restlessly…..

Mani in his home… in his room thinking………
He got something and left…

Smrithi thinking something….
Smrithi (thinking) : Please Mani… Come and rescue me….
Time is nearing..
Mani came in.. Sat in the first row..
Smrithi saw him with pleading eyes..
Ishu in her stage..

Whats going on here?
Whats happening?
Stay reading my FF…

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  1. No words….:-D
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    Please post it asap.

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    What’s it all????? What happened suddenly ?????plzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn yaar…..I can’t wait……………

  3. What the hell what is going on here yaar

  4. Wat’s all Dis. Did ishra break up?
    And I think there will be a twist in the marriage.
    Could u please tell what happened between ishra for their break up?
    Nivi try to post ur next epi’s soon…

  5. What a suspence
    Wgat will happen now
    Definitely they will not get married but waiting eagerlyy

  6. Silver jublee pr itta bda twist….

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  8. What happened to Shadii ff ????

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