Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 24)

The episode starts with Shagun talking in phone with Karan..

After she kept her phone Ishu called her..

Shagun: Hey Ishu..
Ishu: Shagun I want to tell you something
Shagun: Tell me
Ishu: Wait I ll add every one in conference except that idiot brothers..

Shagun laughed..
Ishu added Akash, Sindhu Mani..

Ishu: Shagun.. Did u noticed? Raman’s dad n mom on engagement..
They know that u are lovers.. They know Raman is planning to unite you.. They were happy that you are engaged… But… Did he considered them?

Shagun: Oh God..
Sindhi: Raman Bhai also didn’t find that..
Mani: Shagun.. We should do something..
Akash: I have a plan..

Next day…

Shagun called Karan to her home…
While he is entering her house..

She went and hugged her dad and said.. Love u papa.. You are the best..

Karan stood by smiling at her..

Ishu Mani Sindhu and Akash who were hiding near stairs..

Ishu: Unsatisfactory reaction..
Shagun: Dad .. Are u not angry with me?
Ravi: Why anger?
Shagun: That engagement suddenly…
Ravi: I know you ll take right decision.. So I remained silent…
Shagun: If I might have taken wrong decision means….
Ravi: We ll make you clear.. We ll stand with you..

Shagun: So you won’t leave me right dad!!
Ravi: You are our child..How we can leave you?

Leaving alone is not punishment.. Doing the same mistake what other side did!!!

It struck Karan..

Akash: Wow fire!!!!
Akash and Mani came down and went out silently..

Karan felt sad and about to leave..
Ishu Shagun Sindhu followed him..

Karan saw Mani and Akash fight….
Mani: Akash!! Just leave how can you eat my fav ice cream. You know I don’t eat other flavours na!!! See I won’t talk with you…

Ishu hit her head..
Sindhu: Ishu… See!!! Ice cream fight!!

Akash casually..
Akash: What will you get by avoiding me?? Back ur ice creams
Mani: No.. But u wont repeat it right!!
Akash: OK.. What will u do if I ask sorry?
Mani: Will ur sorry bring those ice-cream ..
Akash: What will u do if I promise u that I won’t repeat it??
Akash seeing Karan..

Akash: They are ready to provide your lost ice creams.. Will you accept those ICECREAMS… ?? THEM??
Mani: I m clever Akash.. So ll accept u as well as my ice creams.. Both are important na..

Mani seeing Karan..
Karan went to his car and started..

Shagun: What a story man!!!!
Ishu: Lets follow..!!
They followed him..

As expected he reached Raman ‘s house..

Raman was awestruck at his entry..

Karan came in and knelt down to his dad..

Karan: Will u give me my lost love which I longed to get from you?
Ragu.. With tears: We are waiting beta..
He hugged him..
Karan hugged him back and cried..

Karan saw Pallavi ran to her… And hugged her…

Raman with tears rolling…
Raman: Definitely!!! How can;;;!!!!
He expressed mixed feelings..

He turned to see his buddies out.. With happy tears…

Raman found the reason of his brother’s reaction..

Raman ran towards them.. Hugged Akash and Shagun.. Cried a lot…
Raman went to Mani and hugged him..
Sindhu wiped his tears… He hugged her…

He saw Ishu smiling with tears… He hugged her..

Karan turned to see them..
Shagun ran to Karan and hugged him..

Then.. Karan saw Raman..

Raman: Don’t need ur brother??
Karan: Bcoz of being ur brother!!! I got my ice creams back!!

He laughed..
Raman: Ice cream???
Akash and Mani smiled at each other..
Ishu explained ice cream story..

Raman laughed..
Raman: Apart from Ice cream… You are getting Rasagullas na!! That too because of me..

Shagun: Stupid Raman!!!
She blushed and hid behind Pallavi..
Everyone laughed happily

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