Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 23)

The episode starts with Raman and Akash reaching Karan’s home..
Karan: Hey guys.. Welcome I thought of calling you guys for helping me.. Lots of work.. Tomorrow marriage….
Raman: Stop kidding Karan.. What’s happening between you too?

Karan explained what happened

Akash: Karan.. This is so simple problem..
Karan: Listen Akash.. I didn’t say anything about this marriage.. Ur beloved frnd only misunderstood me and asked me to marry my Ex..

Raman: Karan….
Karan: She should have guessed what I should have told… Its ok I agree with your friend..
Akash: Karan..
Karan: I know you ll support your friend.. I am OK with my marriage with Ex..
Wait.. U r best frns right!! Make her life beautiful.. Bring the one whom she loves.. Leave me..

Raman: Thanks for ur suggestion bro.. Happy married life..

Raman and Akash went…

In Shagun’s home..
Raman: OK.. Tomorrow morning we are moving to Karan ‘s marriage…
Ishu: But Raman…
Raman: Many work there Ishu…
Raman went..

Shagun: Papa.. I agree with you.. I ll say OK for any groom u r showing..
Sindhu: Shagun wait…

Her Papa’s friend’s son…. Who is leaving to US.. Talked with Shagun..
She just stared at him feeling About Karan…

They fixed a simple engagement…
On the day of Karan’s marriage..

In register office
Everyone gathered..
Karan was happy..Prathyuksha too.

Finally they signed..

Shagun hid her tears..
Raman consoled her..

In the engagement hall.
Shagun stood like a stone in the stage..
Raman and Akash doing every thing perfectly..

Karan came with Prathyuksha..
Time to exchange ring..

Raman and Akash came on stage..
Raman: Shagun…
She bursted into tears and cried..
Karan can’t control..

He hugged her on the stage..
Karan: How can you think I can marry someone other than you..?
Raman: Then what you did today morning.?
Karan: It was fake..
Akash: But this is true..
Karan: I did this for Shagun to realise me.. We are not married..

Raman: Ohh its getting late.. Hello Mr.( pointing new groom) exchange the rings..

Shagun saw Karan..
Karan: Raman..
Raman: We are not responsible.. U only asked me to do this..
Karan: Akash..
Akash: Ok Shagun.. Our wish is to see ur engagement with this guy.. What about yours?

She remained silent..
She showed her hands to the US groom..
Raman suddenly stopped her..

Raman: But Mr. Karan asked us to get u ur loved one..
Akash: And we too need to satisfy our wish..
Raman and Akash were walking on the stage here and there and acting like thinking…

Ishu: Raman.. Its getting late..
Raman: Wait dear.. I am thinking..
Sindhu: Only five more minutes..
Karan snatched the ring from US guy..
Raman: Bro.. We didn’t finalise..

Shagun was helpless..
Ishu: Four more minutes..
Akash: Raman what you are saying?
Sindhu: Three more minutes..
Karan: Raman idiot..
Ishu: Two

Siva came running in..
Siva: Raman we got it.. I got the tickets booked for our trip..
Raman and Akash jumped in joy..
Siva: Engagement not over!! Tilll now

Raman and Akash: Arre why you guys are waiting?
Shagun: Getting my loved one!!??
Raman: Yeah you loved to go Munnar right!!
Karan: Ur wish??!!
Akash: Yeah this is our wish too..
Ishu: Finalising??
Raman: Yeah trip is finalised.. Karan one min more..

Karan just hurried and they exchanged the ring…

Shagun to US guy: Sorry . Actually we..
US guy: Mam thank you.. I am from travel agency.. Yesterday I was talking with you about this only..
Ur frns asked me to come here and asked to stand like this..

Karan and Shagun stared at them..
Raman: So Karan wish u a happy married life..
Akash: Enjoy this unforgettable engagement

Hope u like this

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  5. Wow nivi it’s too too too cute superb story yaar please don’t end it soon like shaadhi I want you to continue this ff for more days and one kind request please consider this can you write a second season for shadhi fan fiction please….. I really loved shadhi ff and I request you too write a second season on that with ishra and guru arthi with another story please please nivi…..

  6. wow superb …amazing frendz. ….. wishing to get best frendz like them …. lovin it
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