Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 22)

The episode starts with Raman in office..
His PA Rachitha came in..

Rachitha: Sir here are the files you need to sign..
Raman smiled at her..
Rachitha: Sir…
Raman: Ya Rachitha…
Rachitha: Today… My marriage is gonna fix.. So can I leave today early??
Raman: That’s great!!!! Who is that lucky guy?

She showed him a photo … It was Siva…

Raman: Wow Rachitha… Ur life is gonna interesting..
Rachitha: Do u know him sir?
Raman: Yeah he is my bestie…
Today at what time they are coming..
Rachitha: 6 sir..

Raman: All the best..

Raman: Beta… Let see today..

Siva outside Rachitha’s house..
Rachitha saw him from balcony..
When Siva turned up.. She hid herself..

Siva knew this and he smiled..

He got a call from Raman..
Siva: OMG..
Siva: Hey Raman..
Raman: Where are you?
Siva: I m in a meeting.Raman..
Akash: We are in same meeting..

Akash and Raman stood there..
Siva: Hey what a surprise!!!
Raman: Surprise or shock!!
Siva: Sorrow!!
Akash: What!!!
Siva: Surprise yaar.. Ok come in…

Raman and Akash wore coolers..
Siva stopped them..
Siva: Whose function is this?.
Akash n Raman: Yours…
Siva: Then why you guys are wearing this..

He snatched their coolers and went in..

Rachitha came.. Siva was seeing her..
Rachitha gave coffee to Siva..
He smirked at her.. She was awestruck with his reaction..

Raman and Akash sincere in drinking coffee…

Rachitha’s relative: What are you doing Siva?
Raman: Seeing your daughter.
Relative: What?
Akash: Software engineer..
Relative: Are you his friends?
Raman: Yes uncle..

Relative : Bringing friends also necessary na!! This generation is very much different..
Siva: Ya uncle!! Else without them.. I would have struck with you guys lectures..

Relative stared at Siva..
He casually drank coffee..
Raman: Siva… Can we move?
Akash: We thought they will be jovial..
Siva: Just shut and sit.. Plan for getting her number.. That’s important..

Raman: I have that.. She is my PA .na..
Siva: Super dude.
He got her contact number..
After they were moving out..

Siva: Maa.. I left the car key in..
Raman: Ohhhh… Ok go go..
Akash: Come fast Siva..

In their home..

Relative: See… Its not good.. Seems he LL be with his frnd all the times..
Rachitha: So what?
Relative: Rachitha.. U r small girl u don’t interfere in this…

Raman and Akash joined Siva and listening what’s going on..
Rachitha: U r very old.. U don’t interfere in this..
Raman: Siva. Congrats.. Best pair to you..
Rachitha: Mom.. I like him.. Fix my marriage with him.. Else no marriage..
Akash: Woweww…

Rachitha turned to see Siva with Raman and Akash..
She went upstairs..

Siva: Rachitha…
She turned..
Siva: No one can stop this marriage..
He went..
She blushed and went in..

Next day..
Shagun saw Prathuyuksha.. Talking with karan..

Prathyuksha: Karan.. I know you didn’t forgot me.. I realised my mistake..
Shagun shocked to see this..
Karan: Leave it prathu.. Lead your life hereafter happily..
Prathuyuksha: Will u accept me??
Shagun hid herself…
Karan remained silent..

Shagun to herself: Why cant you say that I love Shagun?
She cried and ran..
She called Karan from home..

Shagun: Here after I wont disturb you in your life.
Karan: Stupid!! What are you talking?
Shagun: You can accept Prathyuksha.. Ur Ex… I wont be a hurdle..

Karan : Thank you for ur help… I was just struggling how to say this to you.. By the way tomorrow is our register marriage.. U should come..

Shagun was struck with his words..

Raman: Shagun why are you crying?
She started beating Raman..
Raman: Idiot!! Why you are beating me?
Shagun: Tomorrow ur bro is going to marry his ex.. How dare he?

She chased Raman

Raman hid behind sofa and called karan..
Karan: Hey Raman..
Raman: Are u my bro?
Karan: What a doubt!!
Raman: Wat u told Shagun!;
Karan: Why is she crying?
Raman: No I m crying..
Karan: Why?
Raman: Because she is beating me.. Hey she is coming .. I need to go.. He hid himself near the fridge..

Akash came in..
Raman: Come on my dear child..
Akash: Shagu.. Why crying?
Shagun: Akash.m this karan na..

She explained..
Akash: Wow Karan great escape..
Shagun stared at him..
Raman: Wow Akash.. You are dead now..
Shagun beat him.. He too hid along with Raman..

Akash: Call ishu n Sindhu..
We LL meet karan..
Raman called them..
Ishu and Sindhu consoled her.. Akash and Raman.. Ran out by hidding themselves..

Shagun: Papa.. I agree to this marriage.. Whomever you selects..
Karan and Prathyuksha in register office.. Shagun beside Karan standing with tears..
Raman consoling Shagun..
Eve.. Shagun’s engagement with someone

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