Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 21)


Thanks for your support friends..
Sorry I didn’t mentioned about Raman yesterday.. Sudden leap… Sorry for that..

Our hero is a mechanical engineer!!CEO of a company..(Of his core only).. Plus ll accompany his father in his business sometimes.. So a busy man..
Karan still now not in touch with his parents.. Sincerely in love with Shagun..
Ishu and Mani are doctors..
Akash a pilot…
Shagun a software engineer.. Sindhu too..

The episode starts with Raman sitting and watching TV..
Pallavi gave him coffee..
Pallavi : Went Cinema with your friends Finally!!
Raman : Yeah ma…
Pallavi : Idiotic son…
Raman smiled..

Next day they planned for shopping.. In that evening…
Raman Ishu,Shagun Karan,Mani,Akash Sindhu came to that mall

Smrithi,Siva and Karthik reached there…

While their shopping.. Some goons covering their faces entered the mall..
Everyone knelt down..
They locked the door and pointed the gun..
Everyone hiding themselves..

Siva : Karthik.. Lets go there.. See its a nice place..
They were crawling and moving..
They found Ishra there..

Ishu : Raman… We are in danger now.. and you..
Raman : Its manufacturing defect Ishu..
He smirked at her..
Ishu :Raman… I am so scared Raman.. Go and fight with them..
Raman: Hello… They are having guns… I can’t risk myself… So Make hay while the sun shines..
Ishu couldn’t control and smiled..

Siva and Karthik who were sitting like a baby crawled near to them..
Siva : Hello.. Mr. Raman… Do you know this proverb… Haste makes waste.. So be calm.. OK…
Raman : You.. Here
Karthik :Ya.. Here…

Raman : Plan dropped.. Ishu come on… Place change,,
Ishu : Idiot.. She moved to another place

Raman stared Siva and Karthik..

Siva to himself : OMG… What to do now?
Siva :Raman… Lets see other pairs na..
Raman : Oh… OK
Siva to himself : Thank God..
The trio crawled and reached Karan Shagun place

Shagun : Karan…
Karan : Mmm
Shagun : What will you do if goons kill me?
Karan : Will thank them..
Shagun : What?
Karan : Will ask them to kill me too…
Shagun : Arre Wah… Wat a love!!!
Karan : Wat will you do?
Shagun : I ll kill them
Karan : With your lectures right!!
Shagun stared at him and crawled to where Ishu is hiding…

Raman,Siva and Karthik laughed at Karan..
Raman : Karan.. Seriously.. No one needed .. You itself done it what we planned to do!!
He beat him…

Akash too joined them..
They found Mani missing..
Mani with Smrithi..

Mani : You are the one who called me right!!
Raman : See Akash… Doctor is having great doubt..
Smrithi : I called you wrongly..
Akash : Wow calling a wrong number and mentioning his name correctly.!!
Mani : Ohh.. So thats not true!!
Smrithi : What?
Mani : What you told on that day?
Smrithi remained silent…
Karan : Raman… Track changing.
Siva : No bro.. Correct track..

Karthik : Idiot.. What can we do if she plans to separate them?
Siva : See her eyes… There is no hatred in it.. No revenge in it.. No anger in it..
Akash : See my eyes and tell me what is in it?
Siva : You have Jaundice.. Go and check with Mani..
Karan and Raman laughed…

Akash : Mr. Eye specialist… My eyes will always see Sindhu..
Karthik : Sindhu or her sister..
Karan : Both
Akash : Bhai..
They laughed..

Smrithi Mani came back to senses..
Mani came back to them.. Smrithi went away..

Raman : Over??
Mani :What?
Karan : Doubt sessions…
Mani : Nothing like what you guys are thinking….
Akash : Then what..
A goon : Hey what noise here??
Siva : Uncle!!
Goon : What?
Siva : Oh.. Brother..
Goon : What?
Siva : Stupid donkey
Goon : What? Pointed his gun
Siva : Then how to address you?
Goon : Call me Sir..
They looked at each other…

Raman : Sir.. Will you help me?
Goon : What?
Raman gave a biscuit packet with a note to him..
Raman : Please pass it to that girl sir

The goon stared at Ishu…
Goon : What a beauty!!
Raman : Will kill you!!
Goon : Please pass it Sir.. I am just helping you…
Goon surprised and gave it to Ishu..

Ishu confusingly read that and smiled at that goon…
The goon got happy..
Karan : Raman.. What you wrote?
Raman : Wait…
Ishu : Bhai… Thank you so much for helping me!! You are kind not like them…
The goon’s heart shattered at her words..
These guys bursted in laugh..
Shagun saw that note and read it loudly : Looking like my sister!!! So feeling mercy on you.. Have it..

Shagun : Are we not your sisters then?
Goon pointed a gun..
The girls understood the boys prank and laughed silently…

Smrithi remained a silent spectator..

Raman and Akash silently crawled out through another way.. And let two Policemen in..
They were back in their position..
Policemen were like customers..

The boys playing prank on each and every goon ….But not more than a level..
Finally the police took charge

The goon took Smrithi and pointed a gun at her..
Police awestruck…

Raman : Sir.. Please leave her…
Goon : Ask the police to leave..
Raman : Sir… Please go from here..
Police : We ll take care..
Akash : Goon Sir!!Lets have an exchange..
He pointed Ishu..
Akash : Take this girl and leave her..

Raman : Hello Hello.. Wait Wait.. Goon Sir this girl won’t suits you… See.this girl..
He pointed Shagun

Karan : No Goon Sir.. She is married.. So
He pointed Sindhu..

Akash : No she has four children..
Raman : Then Ishu is a granny ..
Ishu : Oh,, Just stop it..
Shagun : What you guys were playing?
Goon seeing their fight,, tightened his grip… Knowing that they are diverting him..

Mani is standing back to that goon.. So these guys are diverting..
Mani Suddenly hit his head and pulled Smrithi..
She fell in his arms..
Police arrested him..

Mani-Smrithi eyelock..

Raman : Mani……
Mani came in senses…
When they about to leave…
Smrithi : Ishitha…
She turned.
smrithi : Thanks and sorry

She left
They smiled…

Hope you like this.. Please post ur views so that I can understand what I am doing.. As this is my first time of writing…

Credit to: Nivedha

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