Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 2)


The episode starts at Mani’s home

Mani’s dad Guarav Arora… Stubborn business man.. Loves to be royal..

He was talking to his wife Gowri Arora..

Guarav : You and your son don’t care about my status
Gowri : What we did?
Guarav : Why you are taking that girl to our relatives marriage?
Gowri : Because Mani is willing to take her…
Guarav : Dont make them to be close.. Keep an eye on them
Gowri : You are a typical father.. But me and Ishu are same to him
Guarav : What?
Gowri : I am his friendly mother and Ishu is his motherly friend.

Guarav was awestruck with her words.. Gowri left

In Ishu’s home Ishu’s mom Madhavi advising Ishu

Madhavi : Behave properly Ishu.. You should not create any problems there
Vishwanathan(Ishu’s dad) : Ya.. Ishu.. Take care of you
Ishu: Sure Amma and Appa

She hugged them

Mani came then and picked Ishu

In Shagun’s home

Raman Akash staring Shagun as they are packing her clothes.. She is admiring at herself in mirror and checking any other touch ups needed..

Raman : See her Akash.. She is getting ready as if today is the marriage
Akash : No.. Raman.. She is getting ready as if she is getting married
Raman : Hello madam.. Stop irritating us and come here.. Help us in packing..
Shagun : Oh Shut up and pack whatever I chose
Raman and Akash made a plan and packed every grand lehangas she had.. Shagun hate grand dresses.. Those dresses were brought by her aunts .. So she can’t refuse that
They packed those dresses instead of Churidhars and Jeans she kept.

After packing they didn’t allow her even to lift that bag till they leave their home

Akash : Arre.. Shagu.. Its heavy.. We will lift that.. you go and sit in the car..

She smiled and went.. Raman and akash hi-fi


Actually marriage is for Mani and Shagun’s cousin Rithwika…
Mani’s dad and Shagun’s dad (Rajiv Arora) are blood brothers.. But they wont talk with each other… But Shagun’s mom Shoba and Mani’s mom Gowri were friendly..
Rithwika was waiting eagerly for Mani and Shagun

At that time Mani’s car came.. Mani came and hugged her

Mani : Rithu Dhiii…
Rithwika : Hey Mani.. How are you?
Mani: I am fine.. What your phone always busy?Engaged with JIJU before engagement ah??
Rithwika : Speak according to your age you idiot.. By the way is she your Ishu?
Ishu Knew that Mani might have informed about her

Rithu treated Ishu and Mani same

Then Shagun’s car came

Raman Shagun and Akash got down.. Akash and Raman saw many girls busy in Rangoli
Shagun went to lift her luggage.. She cant and called out Raman and Akash

Shagun : Raman.. Akash
They both were busy in admiring Rangoli..
The girls seeing Shagun came running towards her.. All are in same age groups
Raman and Akash sighed Shagun to introduce them
Before that they asked about them..

They were chatting
Gowri and Shoba met and hugged
Shagun got blessings from Gowri.. She introduced Raman and Akash.. they too got blessings

Rithwika welcomed all and Shagun asked for room allocation..

Shagun : Dhi.. We guys need adjacent rooms.

Rithu found all rooms were occupied by relatives.. Just now Ishu and Mani occupied two rooms
Shobha : I can stay with Gowri
Rithu : Shagu.. Adjust and stay with Mani’s friend na
Shagun : Dhi.. His friends will be like him only na..
Rithu : No Shagu.. She is cute and soft

The first word is enough for Raman and pledged himself to see her today itself
Rithu : Ask your buddies to stay with Mani
Raman : OK!! Dhi as you wished

Akash and Shagun shocked at his reply
Shagun pulled Raman and Akash

Shagun : Listen..I hate Mani.. You should hate him too
Raman and Akash : Definitely
Shagun : His friend also
Akash : Sure Shagu
Raman remained silent
Shagun pinched Raman
Raman : OK!! OK!!

They went.. Mani welcomed Raman and Akash..They stared at him.. Mani confused’

Raman : We are Shagun’s friends
Mani : Ohoo.. OK.. Carry on
Mani went out..
Ishu welcomed Shagun
Shagun stared

Ishu : Hii.. I am Ishitha.. You are Mani’s cousin right!
Shagun : Yeah
Ishu : I know you guys hate each other.. What wrong with me?
Shagun : Whatever..

Shagun left
Ishu came out.. Akash came out.. They both overjoyed seeing each other..

The friend whom Akash missed on his first day …. Ishu.. his bestie..
Ishu felt happy seeing him

Shagun : Akash.. She is that Mani’s friend.. Don’t talk with her na.. If she comes and talks then also.. No talking with her
Ishu understood Akash’s state
Akash apologised Ishu in eyes.. Ishu said its OK from her eyes.. They smiled and went
Raman(himself) : I don’t know her name also.. How could I find her.. If that devil knows this.. today will be my last day

Shagun entered her room.. Ishu reading novel.. Ishu smiled.. Shagun turned away
She opened her bag and shouted.. Ishu scared

Akash who was in Rithu’s room heard Shagun’s scream and understood that Shagun wuld have seen her luggage
He ran searching Raman to safeguard him.. Raman was chatting with that Rangoli girls

Akash : Raman Chalo run
Raman: Why ? Hey girls.. He is my bestie Akash
Akash : Now this is not needed.. Come on run with me
Raman : Where ? Why ?
By then Shagun got down and came running towards them screaming
Raman saw her.. Akash ran
Raman : Why this siren is shouting now?
Akash(while running) :She opened her luggage idiot
Raman shocked and started running in opposite direction
Shagun ran in the direction where Akash was running

Raman while running reached Rithu’s room and hide behind her
Raman : Save me from devil Dhi.. Please
He found that Rithu is sitting in cot.. He is holding someone..
Rithu : Idiot.. I am here.. That is Ishitha Mani’s friend.. Ishu this is Raman Mani’s friend Raman hide somewhere else na
Raman Ishitha saw each other for a while..
Raman thanked Shagun inwards and hid under Rithu’s cot

Akash came there and saw Ishu there.. He didn’t utter a word to Ishu even in Shagun’s absence.. He begged in eyes not to tell anyone and hid himself in cupboard
Ishu surprised at Raman and Akash
They didn’t utter a word .. She was overwhelmed with their friendship

Mani : Ishu… what are you doing here?
Rithu : She was talking with me
Mani : Dhi.. Mom called you come with me.. Ishu I ll be back OK

Shagun entered and she hesitated to show in front of third person that she is searching her friends for their mischief.. She never let anyone to utter a word about them
She saw everywhere in the room and about to leave

Raman and Akash relieved.. Shagun felt that they must be here but hesitates to ask her

Ishu : Shagun.. You dont need to ask me where are your friends.. I know where they are hiding
Shagun : I didn’t ask you
Ishu : I know you wont ask me.. You guys are like me and Mani
Shagun thought that she will not be like what she thought
Shagun : Ok..Can you reveal

Raman and Akash scared
Ishu : In return I need something
Shagun : What?
Ishu : Friiends
Shagun shocked and smiled at her.. Shagun thought that Ishu is like her
Shagun : I misunderstood you
Shagun shook her hands and hugged Ishu

Raman(himself) : OMG.. Save me..
Akash too scared
Ishu opened cupboard and pulled Akash.. Shagun pulled Raman
Shagun started beating both.. Ishu enjoyed.. Mani came and saw Shagun fighting with her friends

Mani thought that Shagun is also like them..
He thought of saving those guys..

Mani : Ishu..
Shagun turned.. She saw Mani and left
Raman : Arre Akash.. Devil’s bro saved us

Mani left
Akash playfully accused Ishu and went
Raman starring Ishu.. Ishu asked what
Raman : Will see you later.. ‘

Raman left

Ishu smiled seeing Raman

Rithu’s engagement

Credit to: nivedha

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