Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 19)


The episode starts with Shagun and Akash in Raman’s house..
They were making Raman’s favourite dishes..

Pallavi(Raman’s mom) smiled at them.. She went and sat on sofa with Ragu(Raman’s dad)..

Shagun was making Plum cake… Akash was making his favourite Parathas..
A call came to Ragu..

Ragu : Hey Raman… After a while
Ragu :Oh.. OK.. I will send Akash..
Shagun and Akash came hearing Raman’s name..

Ragu : Akash.. Raman asked you to pick him from airport… He reached..
Shagun : I will come with you..
Akash :OK…

They went..
Akash called Mani..
Mani : Hey Akash..
Akash : Mani.. Raman reached airport..
Mani : Ohh.. OK I will be there with Ishu..
Akash informed Karan and Sindhu..

Akash and Shagun reached airport..

They were searching Raman…
But he was not there..
Akash called Raman..

Raman : What?
Akash : Where are you idiot?
Raman : Who are you? Whom do you want?
Akash : Ohhh..
He said to Shagun
Akash : He started again..
Akash to Raman in phone : Raman.. Don’t play.. Come now..
Raman : Hello.. Seriously I don’t understand what you are saying..

He ended the call..
Shagun : God.. Day by day he is growing naughty..
Mani and Ishu came..
Karan and Sindhu too..

Akash explained them.. They laughed..

Ishu called him.. Put in speaker…
Ishu : Hello..
Raman : Wow.. What a sweet voice..
Ishu : Raman.. Come out.. Where are you?
Raman : Ohh.. I want to see you too.. Eager to see this voice’s owner.. Let me imagine.. By the way whats your name?
Ishu : Jhansi Rani…….

They laughed..
Raman : Wow.. Brave name..
Ishu to everyone : Guys .. He won’t.. He is in pukka playful mood… We are prey to him now..

Mani : Idiot.. Raman..
Raman : Oh.. Who’s this now?
Mani fed up..
Sindhu asked them to be silent..

They stood silent..
Raman : Hellooo
They were seeing each other..
Raman : Who are they? Whatever..
Ended the call..

All started searching him near the airport..

Akash : If I get him.. See I gonna kill him..
Everyone were isolated..

Akash was seeing near emigration..Then he came out..
He realised someone following him..

He thought it was Raman.. He turned and hold another aunty..
Akash : Ohh sorry aunty…
Aunty : Stupid..
Sindhu stared at him..
Akash : Idiot. Raman…

Shagun was searching him and came back without turning back. Same way Karan coming towards Shagun..
They came and collide.. Shagun about to fall.. Karan hold her..

Shagun : Oh.. Karan.. Leave me na..
He left her.. she fell down..
Karan : You only asked me to leave na..
She chased him…

Again gathered..

Ishu : Anyone found him!!??
Sindhu : No Ishu….

Raman called Akash..
Akash : Idiot..
Raman : Akash… I think you guys are fooll.. I asked you to pick me … Where you went?? No one want to see me na.
I itself came home.. No one cares for me..
He ended..

Akash and Shagun : Ohhh.. Goddddddd….
Ishu : Lets go home.. Don’t know how I am going to manage him…
Karan : Don’t believe him guys.. I will be here.. You guys go.. after seeing him.. inform me..
Mani : You are right…

They reached home..
Ragu : Where is Raman ?
Akash sat in sofa keeping his hand on his head,,
Raman called

Shagun attended..

Shagun : If I see you I will kill you..
He was talking in normal tone..
Raman : Hey Shagun.. Flight departed.. I am in airport .. Can anyone come here?
Shagun had a weird look… Mani laughed to the core..

Shagun added Karan in conference..
Shagun : Raman.. Karan is in airport.. He ll receive you..
Karan : Ya my dear bro.. Where are you?
Raman : Oh… I am coming out Karan… Wait …

He ended the call..
Shagun : What a creature he is!!
Ishu laughed..
Later Karan called..

Karan : He didn’t come out Shagun not attending my call too…
Shagun : Okk..You come here..

They searched everywhere in the house..
Ishu : I am fed up..
Akash already lay down on sofa..
Sindhu and Karan were searching in terrace..
Mani called Raman’s number…

The phone rang..
In Raman’s room..

Everyone ran there…
There …

His luggage.. And gifts there… But no Raman…
They took their respective gifts knowing that this was for them..
They checked in his bathroom…
Its waste..

They came to hall…
Everyone sat in sofa with extreme tiredness..

Pallavi and Ragu watching everything silently…
Shagun : I will get water for you guys..
She went to kitchen and screamed..

Akash: What Shagun?
Shagun showed empty cake box and empty Parathas plate..
Ishu : Sure.. Rat is here….!!
Karan : Don’t fed up guys.. Come on…
Everyone searched again..

They went to terrace.. and searched..
Mani: How he is escaping from us??
Raman called again..

Karan attended it…

Raman : Hey guys… I think you guys are fed up.. So lets end the came..
Karan : Come out you idiot….
Raman : Have you searched me in your car?

Flashback showing…
Raman hiding from Akash,.. and dodging them…
He then get into Akash’s car dicky?
They reached home..

Raman entered through window..
After Karan’s arrival.. He came through window and took his luggage which he Kept in Karan’s car dicky…
He placed them in room.. while they searched him in bathroom..
He came out under his bed,, and ran to kitchen…

While searching… He came out from kitchen and went out to car…

Flashback ends…

They went and opened the car..
Raman was sitting and waved… ” Hi Guys”…

Nice welcome Party to Raman

Credit to: Nivedha

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  1. Oh god raman such an idiot u r

  2. wow superb

  3. wow…awesome yar how can u thought like this dear…!!! its just superb….very good job..

  4. Sry for typo guys ” Flight arrived”

  5. Wow nivi. I’m also search raman in ep. I didn’t except raman in car dicky. Where is today my shaadhi ff?

    1. Tomo I LL post it pari. Today I had exam… Tats y .. Tomo u LL get it

  6. Awesome episode nivedha sis.. its really superb..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Awesome episode yaar…….Raman is so Naughty….

  8. naughty ravan Kumar… I love this too much,such a cute episode!!!

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