Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 18)


The episode starts with Shagun sitting in her chair… She was sitting by seeing the ceiling..
Akash in his home lying but not sleeping…
Raman in his room just staring at the TV..

Karan called Shagun..

Karan : Heyy
Shagun : Hii.. She talked with full enthu
Karan : Shagun.. I thought you will be crying now?
Shagun : For what?
Karan : For what you cried yesterday??
Shagun : Actually that was for that moment..You know now I am thinking about our proposal happened yesterday..
After a silence
Raman : Idiots… Within half a day everyone forgot me?? Karan.. You proposed her.. Not fair.. Not informed me also..

Raman heard multiple voices laughing..
Raman got confused…

Karan : I asked you to add Shagun alone in conference right!!
Akash : Ya but Shagun added us you ass!!
Again they laughed…

Karan : OMG!! I don’t know Mr. Raman… I just added Shagun,..
Raman : OK..Stop laughing idiots.. and… everyone there!!??
Mani : Hey Raman..
Akash : Hey monkeyyy
Shagun : Heyy donkeyy
Sindhu : Hi Raman Bhaii
Karan : Thats it Raman

Raman : Ohh just stop kidding… Hey darling..
Ishu : Idiot Raman… Don’t know how to talk in public.. Always irritating,,
Shagun : You stupid Ishu.. He knows you and striking the right point to reveal you..
Ishu : You Ravan Kumar..
Akash : Hey what a cute name.. See Sindhu have you kept any name for me?

Sindhu :No..
Akash : Why?Then how you ll call me in your anger?
Mani : Idiot.. You guys are in conference…
Sindhu : I don’t need any other names in anger… I will be in action other than words..

Everyone laughed,,
Shagun : Karan any doubts?
Karan : No No doubts…
They had a talk for a while…

Then they ended the call …
They had a smile..

Everyday evening… The guys will gather and makes a Skype call..
They will talk minimum 5 hours…
They will kid Ishu and Raman..

The days moving..
Smrithi came to know about Raman’s visit and Ishra’s love..

She visited Shagun and Akash..
Smrithi : This is your temporary separation.. Practice this.. It ll be easy in future..
Akash : Have you claimed medical insurance?
Smrithi : What?
Akash : No Shagun Knows Karathe.. If you come again, I am not responsible.
Smrithi : Wait and see..
Shagun raised her hand.. Akash stopped her..
Smrithi went..

In that day Skype meeting..
Shagun sitting furiouslyy

Raman : Shagun.. Calm down na.. She can’t do anything..
Akash : Raman you missed our Shagun’s action block..
Raman : Shagun.. Now I want to see you smile..
Shagun : No you guys speak I am not in mood..

Ishu got a idea..
Ishu : Raman.. I didn’t expect this from you..
Everyone shocked..
Raman : What Ishu? What I did?
Ishu : You are not giving respect to anyone..
Raman : To whom?
Ishu pointed Karan : Who is he?
Raman : Bhai..
Ishu : Then she is your Bhabhi na…
Raman laughed.. Everyone laughed,..

Shagun : You know Ishu.. Made for each other … Same naughtiness… Same character..
Akash and Raman : Bhabhi…
Shagun closed her ears : Uhhhh.. Idiots…
Karan laughing at them

Mani : Then how can I call her.. She is my sister already!!
Karan : You can call her as sister itself..
Ishu : Yeah Mani.. Raman,Akash are from Shagun’s side..
Me,You,Sindhu are for Shagun..

Akash : Exactly..
Shagun couldn’t control her blush,, First she smiled a little.. Then they made her to laugh..

Raman : Thats it Bhabhi
Shagun : Ramannn
Raman : OK.. Saitan… See Ishu she don’t need respect it seems
They again laughed and chatted.

Days passed.. Weeks passed..
conference calls..
Skype calls..
Ishra calls………
The time variations can’t separate them..

Raman performed well in his project and completed his work..
The day of his arrival is fixed,..
He informed them that he will be there in next week Friday..

They started counting the days..
Finally the day came..
They are counting hours..

Entry in Raman’s style

Credit to: Nivedha

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