Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 17)


Hello guys I am making this epi a bit long.. Sorry if you feel bored…
I forgot to say about their career..
Ishu and Mani were doctors..
Raman- Mechanical engineer
Shagun-Computer Engineer
Akash – Aeronautical Engineer

The episode starts with Raman looking confused.
Raman called Siva again..
Ishu kept his hand to hold his head..
Mani laughed..

Raman called Ishu..
Ishu : What?
Raman : Why you left?
Ishu : Nothing.
Raman : Do you know the reason why I rejected Smrithi?
Ishu : I don’t want to know..
Raman : You need to know.. Because it was for you..
Ishu stunned ..
Mani too..

Raman(smilingly):I thought of being silent till my career completes.. But I think everything is beyond now,…
Mani called Akash and Shagun to come upstairs..
They came and stood out to listen..
Mani : Excuse me..
He left Raman alone………..
But joined Akash and Shagun..
Mani took Shagun’s mobile and called Karan..
Karan shocked to see Shagun’s call..

Karan : Hello..
Mani : Hey its Mani..
Karan(Face went off) : Oh… Yes Mani…
Mani : Ur brother is going to confess Ishu.. Just listen it..
Shagun : What is this Mani?
Mani : Wait..

Raman : Are you there Ishu?
Ishu : Mmmm…
Raman : Ishu.. I felt.. My mind struck with you when Smrithi proposed me.. So I rejected..
Ishu remained silent..
Raman : When I saw you long days back.. That too in mall.. I just can’t express how I enjoyed..
Ishu smiled..
Raman : I know I am urging.. But now I don’t know.. I don’t need any misunderstandings between us..

Karan : Heyyy… Why he is giving lectures?
Akash : Ya bro.. I am waiting..
Shagun : Shhhh…
Raman : Can you please come through skype now?
She done..
Raman kneeled down..

Raman : I just want your company forever.. I don’t know ..You can choose any one of these relationships.. As your mom’s son-in-law,as your husband,as your lover,or as your children’s father.. Anything OK for me.. I won’t feel bad if you choose anything other than lover..

Shagun : OMG… Wow..
Akash : Raman… Awesome
Mani : I can’t control my laugh.. Karan bro..
Karan : Seriously.. Ishu gonna enjoy her life..
The trio nodded by seeing Raman..

Ishu started laughing..
Raman : What?
Ishu : Clever Raman.. I will be happy with any of these relationship..
Raman : Oh wow.. I love Miss Ishitha..
Ishu: Love you too Mr. Raman..

Shagun,Mani and Akash came in shouting,,
Ishu just blushed and ran away.. Raman started running..
Everyone started chasing him..
Finally he got caught..
They were happy..

They spent happy days..

One day Raman had to go to US for his project work,.. This is the offer provided for 5 students only all over India…
His idea were one among the best.

The day came..
Everyone were packing..

Shagun : Raman.. Take enough clothes..
Akash : Ya.. Have enough money in phone..
Everyone stared..
Akash : No Raman… hereafter you need it
Ishu : Nothing needed
Raman shook his head

Raman : Ishu
Ishu : What? Where are you going? For project right!!
Raman : Ya but
Ishu :No but.. So go and concentrate in your work
Everyone laughed.
Shagun : OK.. Lets give them privacy,,..
Everyone went out..

Raman was packing..
Ishu : Raman..
Raman : Mmm..
Ishu : Why you guys are controlling?
Raman : What?
Ishu : Don’t hide it Raman..
Raman remained silent..
Ishu : Stop hiding Raman..
Raman cried bitterly
He kept his head on Ishu’s shoulder
Raman : Ishu.. This is the first time in my life.. I am going far away from them.. From our first meet till today we will meet daily… We will go to the places where we like…
How can I Ishu? I can’t…

Ishu too cried..
Raman hold Ishu’s hand ..

Raman : Please take care of Shagun and Akash.. I know they ll hide but they too can’t..
He broke down again..
Ishu hugged him..

Akash and Mani seeing TV downstairs..
Shagun : Akash.. I am just moving to airport in my car.. Getting bored here
Akash nodded..
Shagun came out.. Ready to burst out…
She came out ..
She saw Karan’s car..

Karan : Hi
Shagun : Hi..
Karan : Going Airport..
Shagun: Mmm
Karan : Get in I ll drop you
She understood she can’t drive so she got in. The car left

Sindhu reached Raman’s house.. Akash remained silent..Sindhu and Mani stared at him
Karan : Cry out Shagun..
She remained silent..
Mani : Come on Akash.. Don’t do this..

Shagun and Akash cried bitterly..
Shagun : I need Raman’s progress.. But I can’t go away from him…
Akash : I can’t cry in front of him.. You know daily I used to cry in my sleep after hearing his US visit…
Shagun : We know its a matter of 6 months .. But… No one can understand us..
Karan : Relax Shagun.. Then Raman will feed bad..
She couldn’t..

Raman got down.. Akash just stood up and went to the car hiding his tears..
Raman noticed that…
They left..

Raman : Shagun..
Mani : She is in Airport..
Raman was just staring at the window..
Ishu,Mani and Sindhu had tears seeing their state..

They reached airport..
Everyone got down

Except Akash,Raman.. Shagun in Karan’s car…
Ishu : Ramann…
He came into senses..
He got down.. Akash just smiled at Raman…
Akash : I will get your luggages..
Raman : No ..
Shagun reached..
Akash : No I ll take it
Raman : Arre No need
Akash : Raman..
Raman hit Akash’s head as usual..
Raman : Idiot.. I took that already..
Shagun just laughed..

Everyone laughed..
Karan hugged Raman..

Raman went inside…
After the formalities,he said bye to everyone..

He held Ishu’s hand..

Raman : So.. Finally happy na you guys..
Shagun :Ya.. Finally
Akash : Raman.. Don’t talk too much with air hostess.. Ok!!
Raman : Why?
Ishu : What?
Raman : Ahh.. Nothing..

Shagun : Don’t eat properly..
Raman : Ok..
Akash : Don’t sleep in time
Raman : OK..
Shagun : Don’t concentrate in your work..
Raman : OK..
Akash : Don’t be safe during travel..
Raman : OK..
Shagun : Don’t come in our dreams
Raman : OK..
Akash : Don’t come and stand in front of us like illusions..
Raman : OK..
Shagun and Akash : Come fast but.. Else will kill you..

Thats all…
They hugged and cried…

Everyone had tears..
Finally Raman went..

Shagun ran out and sat in Karan’s car
Karan : I will drop her..
Akash sitting in his car controlling himself..

Karan consoled Shagun..
Shagun cried..

Karan : Really Shagun I am proud of you guys.. I don’t get this friendship in my college..
Sindhu to Akash : Akash.. I can’t say Relax.. Now I am saying “No one can separate you guys in this world”
Akash hugged Sindhu,,

Karan :Raman will be back Shagun.. Soon.. The days will be passed
Shagun nodded
Karan : Shagun… I can’t hide my feelings for you..
She held his hand and kept his head on his shoulder

Shagun : I know…
He smiled and carressed her head..

Ishu : Mani… I am feeling proud of them Mani
Mani : Yeah Ishu we should not miss them in our life
Ishu : Hmmm..

Friends masthi in skype…

Sorry guys I made it a little emotional..
This incident happened in my life too.. Not as a whole.. Its different..
But what I expressed here is my true feelings
Dedicated to my dear ratchasissss

Sorry if you felt bored

Credit to: Nivedha

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  1. Nice confession and emotional episode
    Was feeling like crying
    I m to away from my bestie in different city for my studies but today i m going back to home for 2 days i m so exited
    I will my friend and family

  2. iam silent reader nivedhita. but today icant control myself, you are great wrier i love your both, ff but today you rocked, today you made my day,
    thank you for this great ff

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s not boring yaar….It’s really gud….Awesome……

  4. Really awesome…………… nivi……………. no words to say I’m touched I remembered my school friends yaar. …………

  5. Love you too ratchasi…!!!!be my frnd forever….!!!

    1. Luv u too ratchasi

  6. It’s not boring nivi. It’s just awesome. U r the best writer. Plz continue ur both ff. I just luv them.

  7. Kamatchi Ravi

    Very nice my dear….we will be tr with u ever……u make me cry stupid…nivi(bondu)……don’t feel bad…i am very happy to have u as a best frnd of my life…..emotional aga vachita….

    1. Me too kamatchi(kuttu) love you lotss

  8. Thank you all guys… Cherish your memories today.. Enjoyy with your frns ..

  9. Nivi mam its just awesome i really really really enjoyed ur ff its just unquie i dont bo how to express my feeling towards ur ff upload it daily

  10. Dont say its boring yaar plzzz i just loved it

    1. Thank you hayathi zee dini chinnu Reshma princess n kajal…

  11. Hii nivi…I am back and please don’t say that…and for me ch is short because after reading it’s just dil maange more…so please make it bit long????and coming to episode it’s really amazing…I am familiar with this type of ache as my friend is in Jaipur for his studies and I am in Delhi so I am able to feel the pain of akaash and shagun…..thoda zyada ho gya na…sorry..

    1. No probs Neha.. Happy to see all ur frns bonding

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