Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 16)


The episode starts with Karan thinking about Shagun.

He thought of getting her number..
Karan to himself: How can I get that? Raman… Yes
But what to do if Shagun were there… Lets see..

He called Raman..
Here similarly Shagun was thinking the same..
Raman ‘s phone rang..its Karan..
Raman: What’s up bro? Suddenly called..
Karan: Can I get Shagun’s number?
Raman: What?
Karan: Yeah..
Raman smiled..
Raman: Ok I’ll text you..
Karan: No no I know my bro is Talented I want you to tell her number in front of her..

Raman kept his phone as if he ended the call but Karan is on line

Similarly Mani asked Shagun huskily..
Mani: Do you need Karan’s number..
Shagun(shocked): Bhaiii
Mani: Wait I ll get it

Ishu came by then
Raman: Hi Ishu
She stated and sat near Shagun
Raman turned to see Akash.. Akash hold his chin. Remembering of Raman ‘s slaps… Ran away

Raman: How much Virat scored today?
Mani: 97
Karan: Genius.
Raman: Mani you told yesterday you passed in tat test… How much you told?
Mani: 43,.. Its so hard to get Raman..

Raman: Ohhh cool
Raman saw his watch.. Its 9.23 … Waited for one more minute
When reached
Raman: Anyone say exact time.. My watch is not working
Mani: Its 9.25
Raman: No

Ishu stared
Shagun: Its 9.24 Raman
Raman: That’s shagun

Ishu noticed Raman mobile
Ishu to herself: Why he is asking stupid questions? Bro is in phone…. 24 43 97. Omg Shagun number.. Cunning brothers.. So bro falling for Shagun..

Raman to himself: How to get last three?
Ishu: Shagun I need to do topup for Rs 120 can you do that now?
Shagun : Yeah dear
Raman glowed.. Ishu turned away

Raman took his phone went out

Mani: Ohhh he took his phone along
Ishu: Why?
Mani explained ishu laughed
Ishita: I m happy for u dear

Raman to Karan: I m happy bro
Karan : I have not decided Raman..
He ended

Same Shagun told here n went

Raman put his phone on bed n went
Mani took that n sent Karan number to Shagun

Shagun hesitated how to start

Raman came and sat.
Raman’s phone rang ishu attended

Siva: Hey Raman did smrithi called you again?
Ishu: Oh she called ah!!
Siva: Raman… Pucca mimicry of Ishu
Ishu: Its me only idiot
Siva dropped his phone but prevented from breakage
Ishu threw phone on Raman n went

Raman confused


Credit to: nivedha

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  2. Super nivi mam its just awesime ff i really admire ur ff thank u for updating it

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