Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 15)

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The episode starts with Raman and Akash sitting in their stone bench
Karthik reached..

Akash : Hey.. Where is Siva?
Just then Siva entered..
Raman and Karthik looked at each other.
Akash : So you were waiting for your special entry right..
Raman : Mr. Telephone directory check this number..

Siva saw that number. He checked his phone.. He passed that number to someone
Within few mins..

Siva : The girl’s name is Smrithi..
Raman and Akash stared at each other hearing her name.

She is our junior.. Joined three months ago. Her father and mother are staying in US.. No sibilings.. No friends..Reserved type.
She is in third position of our rating. Anything else??

Akash touched his feet.
Akash: Where were you man? You have a bright future.. People were in search of you..
Siva : Oh.. as what??
Raman : Marriage Assembler
He starred at them..
The trio laughed..

Karthik : Raman… Why you are asking this?
Raman explained what happened yesterday..
Siva and Karthik went

Akash : What is this Raman?
Raman : She can’t do anything Akash..

Raman suddenly gathered everyone near the stage,..

Raman : So guys I came to know that some people are feeling happy at our friendship..
Smrithi stared at Raman..
Akash : Its nice to hear.. But unfortunately no one can do that..
Raman : OK.. I am making this as open challenge.. Try your best.. No one can do that..
They went..
Smrithi : Thank you Raman.. I will try and I will win..

Shagun : Raman.. Smrithi has not changed..
Raman : No worries Shagun.. This is not a big deal.. Don’t scare Mani.. Wait and watch..
Shagun and Akash went..
Raman was thinking about Smrithi..
Smrithi : I won’t make you do anything Smrithi..

Flashback showing Smrithi looking at Raman at many places.. Shagun and Akash informed him.

Shagun : Raman… A girl is watching you always…
Raman : Who is that?
Akash showed Smrithi..Smrithi smiled at him.. He too smiled..

One day she proposed him.. He rejected as he didn’t have that idea..
She thought because of her friends only he rejected him..
So… Now she is back..

Flashback ends..
Raman to himself : Smrithi-Mani.. Lets seee..

Shagun was standing near the bus stop as her scooty got punctured.
She saw the mall there.. Where she met Karan..She smiled

A car passed by.. It came in reverse..
Shagun shocked to see Karan..
Shagun to herself : OMG… What to do now?
Karan : Hello…
Shagun smiled..
Karan :Where are you going?
Shagun : For enrolling myself in army.. Home only yaar..
Karan smiled.. : Can’t you say that in a single word?
Shagun to herself : Don’t know.. I liked to talk anything rubbish with you.. I am enjoying it.
Karan : Ok.. Enjoy later..
Shagun (with shock) : What?
Karan : Enjoy this sun later.. Now come on .. Lets have a coffee and I will drop you..

She agreed and sat in back seat.. Karan smiled and went..
Akash was telling about Smrithi to Ishu.. Ishu got scared..

In coffee shop..
Karan and Shagun waited for coffee..
Karan saw his ex girlfriend with a guy.. His reaction changed ,.. Shagun noticed that..
Shagun : What?
Karan : Nothing..

Ishu called Raman..
Raman : Hey Ishu..
She ended the call..
Raman : Hey.. Why this idiot called me now she is not attending?
Akash : Which idiot?
Raman : Ishu
Akash to himself : Akash beta.. I think Ishu got angry on Smrithi’s matter.. If Raman comes to Know that I informed Ishu about Smrithi.. That will be my last moment..

His ex saw him and came near his table..
Ex : Oh.. Finally you got the other..
She turned to Shagun.. Hi I am Prathyuksha.. Karan’s Ex girlfriend
Shagun saw Karan and Karan was in hell anger

Shagun : Hey Hi.. By the way Whose Ex is he(pointing the guy with Prathyuksha).. I mean who is he?
Karan just spitted the coffee hard to control his laugh..
Prathyuksha(in anger) : He is my boyfriend..
Shagun : Oh.. Hi..Happy for you guys and I am sorry too..
Prathyukasha : why?
Shagun : Definitely you leave him one day na… For that only.. I don;t when I see you later..
Prathyuksha reacted as if how to move from there
Karan started laughing louder
Prathyuksha : Ok.. Bye
Shagun ; Oh,, Ms. Whatever.. Advance wishes for your future Ex..
They ran away..

Karan and shagun laughed to the core..

Raman holding his phone in his ear.. He saw the duration of call… 3 hrs 40 minutes,.. Still not ended.
Ishu : Can’t you share anything? Oh that much secrecy..How you became……………………………………………………

Raman holding phone in one hand.. Rope in another hand.
He tied Akash in chair and waiting for Ishu’s call to end..
The speech continued..

Ishu : Bye..
Raman : Is that over?
Ishu : Raman.. you are impossible..
Raman : Madam.. stop reacting too much.. I am having a policy. Don’t make me break that..
Ishu : Raman why you…. You can’t guess why I am shouting?
Raman smiling: I can guess everything.. Save your energy to fight later.. Bye..

Ishu :Idiot…
They were lost in their thoughts..

Precap :
Raman to see his happy brother.. Feeling excited..

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