Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 14)


The episode starts with Mani doing rehearsals..

Two hours more for the competition to begin..
Raman n Akash were kidding Mani..

Raman: Hey Mani.. Do it as I taught you..
Shagun: You…
Raman: Ya me..
Shagun took a guitar to hit him..
Raman: Arre idiot.. Stop beating me..
Ishu: Raman.. Stop calling her as Shagun..
Akash: Why Shagu.. Changed your name?
Shagun got the point.. She held ishu’s ear..
She screamed in pain..

Raman saw Karan sitting in the chief guest seat..
Raman: Mani.. He is Karan..
Akash: Wow.. Mani.. You have to give your best.. See how he is staring..
Raman: Heyy… He is my bro..
Akash: He is our bro too..
Mani: Only to us Akash… Not to everyone…
Raman: What?
Shagun: Mani… Leave it you go and participate
Mani went..
Raman asked everyone one to hide from Karan
Shagun: Why?
Raman: Mani should win ? the competition by his performance..
Ishu: Raman.. I think your bro ll select only based on talent.. So no worries

Mani performed sorry rocked …
The gang encouraged him a lot..
As expected Mani won the comp..

Karan gave him trophy..
Mani showed it to his gang …
They shouted in enjoyment…
Karan noticed this and smiled..

After the competition.. Raman hugged Karan..
Everyone smiled..
Karan saw Shagun.. Shagun saw somewhere..
He smiled..
Raman: Bhai.. Can you join us for dinner?
Karan: No Raman.. I am busy… You guys continue..
Karan left..
They too left..
Shagun came back.. She saw Karan.. Same way Karan saw her..

Shagun jerked and moved.. Karan smiled..
Raman n ishu noted this..
Raman: Ishu…
Ishu: Ya Raman… I tried to tell u yesterday..
Raman: Ishu… But Karan
Ishu: Raman… I hope Shagun can bring your bro back to home..
Raman: Then I ll be the happiest man in the world..
Ishu: Me too.. Happy to see your happiness..
They stared at each other for a while..
Mani: May I come in..
Raman still seeing ishu..
Raman: Get lost..
Mani.: Me.. Get lost..
He went.. Akash came..
Akash: Mani.. Where is ishu n Raman?
Mani: See there..
Raman ishu still staring..
Akash: What’s happening here?
They didn’t respond to him
Akash: You ll feel for this one day
Akash went..
Raman and Ishu laughed at Mani n Akash

Raman showed the gift given by Karan..
Everyone liked it..
Shagun: I shouldn’t have shouted at him..
So what.. He did wrong.. So I asked… Who am I to ask.. Oh.. Shagun.. He is Raman’s bro obviously…

She couldn’t proceed further..
Ishu smiled at Shagun’s thought.

Mani got a call..
Mani: Hello
A girl: Hello Mani..
Mani: Who is this?
A girl: Your lover..
Mani: What?
He put the phone in speaker..
A girl: Yeah Mani I m impressed in your music today
Raman: So you fell in love with Mani.. Right!!
A girl: Who is this?
Raman: Your lover..
They laughed
A girl: What?
Raman: Yes.. I am impressed with your voice..
Again they laughed..
She ended the call..
Girl: So… You guys are close friends right.. I ll separate you..

Mani: Strange..
Raman: Seriously Mani.. Note the number.. We ll ask our phone dairy to check who is this..
Mani: Who?
Akash: Siva.. Phone directory.. full of girls number..
They laughed..

Raman came to know someone trying to separate them.. They are chalenging everyone..

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. wow ……………. So cooooooolllllllllll……………. that too that get lost……………. and raman said ur lover to that girl both are very nice for that situation yaar……………. seriously still now I’m laughing by thinking those scene yaar………. Thank you nivi………….

  2. No plzzzz dont seperatw them yaar

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    haa yaar. ……Don’t separate them……

  4. Raman conversation is really superb….please don’t separate the super friends gang…

  5. Nice friends yaar
    And poke to shagun haha

  6. Super nivetha mam i dont have words to express uts just amazing thanks fir updating daily eventhough in ur tight shduele

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