Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 13)


The episode starts with Raman’s bday party..

Party celebrations were nice with the sweet friends..

Raman’s mom was sad..
Dad: What Pallavi?
Mom: Today Raman’s bday.. Why can’t Karan wish him?
Dad: You know na.. He is stubborn.. He is punishing us that because of us his life ruined..

She cried..
Raman saw that
Raman: Maa.. Are you thinking about Karan?.. Maa he wished me maa..
Pallavi: Is that so Raman..
Raman: Yeah ma..
She felt happy and went to welcome guests.

Raman reached his room..

Karan, his elder brother.. Raman ‘s parents were first busy in business.. So they wont even talk with their children..
Karan 4 yrs elder to Raman.. Longed for his parents love..
He loved a girl as she showered the love what he missed from his parents

She cheated him.. Karan left his parents..

Raman love karan.. But karan not even tried to contact Raman..

Akash explained this to Ishu n Mani..
They went to Raman ‘s room n consoled him

Next day
Shagun was in a mall.. She saw karan doing shopping..

Shagun: Because of u Raman cried yesterday… Heartless idiot..
She fumed at him..
Ishu : Shagu.. Over.. Shall we move..
Karan: First leave the way for others

The voice they heard n turned to see him..
Shagun controlled herself..
Ishu whispered: Shagu… Is he… Raman’s bro?
Shagun: Hmmmm..
Karan left..
Shagun: I cant believe this ishu.. Raman ‘s brother like this…
Ishu: Lets move Shagu..

They came out.
Raman called them..
Raman: Where are you guys?
Ishu: Raman we r in mall.. LL come within half an hour..

Ishu scooty had starting trouble.. She was seeing that.. Shagun waited..
She turned for finding shadow and collides with Karan..

They both closed their eyes with full anger..
Ishu: OMG.. What’s going to happen now?
Karan opened his eyes.. He saw Shagun standing like him with full anger…

A small smile crept in his face..
Ishu: What… I cant believe my eyes.. What’s happening here?
Karan noticed Ishu and again made starer look..
Ishu: Shagun. Chalo na
Shagun opened her eyes..
She was about to leave…

Karan: Are you dumb?
Shagun: Excuse me..
Karan: Oh.. No.. Can’t u say sorry?
Shagun: Why should I?
Karan: Because u hit me nowww..
Shagun: That’s by mistake.. That time someone clashed her while going

Shagun: Sorry bhaiya
Karan: Oh this is not by mistake ahh
Shagun : I don’t want to apologise to you?
Karan: Why?ohh.. That much manners
Ishu: Helloo.. U don’t Talk about manners..

Raman keeps on calling them.. They were busy fighting with Karan..
They told Raman name in their fight..

Karan: So.. You guys are Raman ‘s friends right!!
Shagun: Yeah… Seriously what a bro you are!!
She shouted at him..
By then ishu attended his call
Raman: You know ishu … Bro sent me a gift.. He apologised for his late wishes too.. I was waiting to share this with u guys.. But u were busy..

Ishu: Can’t u say this before?
Raman: Why?
Ishu: Nothing..

Shagun: Can’t you say belated wishes?
Ishu: Shagunnnn.
Shagun: Can’t you apologise to ur bro? Then why should I?

Ishu whispered everything to Shagun..
Shagun stared at ishu with fear..
Without turning towards Kara she ran away..

Ishu… Shagun… Shagun.. Sorry sir.. We misunderstood..
Karan: I m happy for Raman.. Such a cool friends..
She smiled..
Karan was about to leave
Karan: By the way.. Who is Ishitha among you two?
Ishu: Me..
Karan: Ohh.. Ok.. So she is shagun
Ishu: You know us
Karan: Raman used to say ur names whenever I talk..
Ishu: U guys r in contact?
Karan: Sometimes.. Ok bye
Ishu: Byee

Karan while driving smiled at Shagun’s behaviour…

Ishu told this.. Everyone laughed at Shagun..
Raman: Shagun.. Why yaar?.
He laughed
Shagun chased him..
Ishu explained Karan’s reaction To Shagun..
Mani: Ohh…
Akash: Ishu.. Lets confirm after two or three meets
Mani: I agree with you Akash..

Mani’s light music competition…. Friends encouragement

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its so cute fight…..between Shagun & Karan…..I like it……..plzzzzz update the next one soooonnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. Ha ha ha shagu u r a super starrr

  3. Cute scene for shagun and karan yaar……………

  4. How cute fight thats so funny shagun and ramans elder brother cute couple

  5. Really its just give me so happiness whenever i read ur dosti ff i eeally enjoy this ff keep uploading this mam

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