Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 12)

The episode starts with Raman in his room

Raman gets a call..

Raman: Hello
Ishu: Ramann..
Raman: Ishu.. What happened anything serious?
Ishu: Mani.. Mani..

She said something
Raman ran to a hospital..
He saw Ishita n Mani’s mom.sitting
Shagun n Akash reached there..

Raman saw Mani in a ward..
Raman: What happened?
Ishu: Don’t know.. Raman.. I got a call from his no.. They informed me

Raman: Oh.. You came here without informing us na..
Shagun: Ishu.. Its ok.. Hereafter don’t go alone anywhere believing these calls

She nodded

Doctor said that Mani has light injuries.. He. Ll be normal by tomorrow

Mani’s mom: You guys go.. I ll manage
Raman: No aunty
Mani’s mom: No Raman.. Mani’s dad is on the way.. You guys come tomorrow

Raman dropped everyone

He came home

Raman went to his room
Raman: Why I am thinking that these are fake?

Thinking that he sat in his bed.

Bed broke and he went in

He screamed..
Raman: Ouchhh.. I know you idiots.. If I find you guys.. Definitely I ll kill you
. Ahhhh

He found a rope hanging towards him near his bed

Raman: Ahh…. Friends na… Understanding my pain and planning.. Ok I ll forgive u

He used the rope to rise


Some messy things poured on. Raman.. Some flour,salt sugar etc

Raman hit himself

Raman: Idiot.. Will you believe them again.. He searched to hold a grip..

Raman: No.. Self help is the best help

He stood up with more difficulty

He went to his mom n dad’s room

Mom: Raman.. Fancy dress competition huh!!
Dad laughed at him
Raman: Where are they?
Dad: Who?
Raman: My beloved devils
Dad: Don’t know Raman
Raman: What’s the time now?
Mom: 11 30
Raman: Oh god.. Till 12 I need to bear it.all..

He went to his room

He saw a chit there

He opened it..

Hiii wanna know who I am.. Come to this location.. Take your property which you gave me.. I think you would have forgotten what you gave.. Come n see

He smiled..

He went to that location

It was his school..
He found a blue colour lunch box..
Raman smiled


Akash: Raman… Daily eating my lunch What about yours
Raman: Take this
Akash opened to see pizzas
Akash: You don’t like it
Raman (eating) : No
Akash: Tell this in your home na
Raman finished his lunch
Raman: They have no time for me.. Anyways this box is waste for me.. Keep it with you as my gift..

He smiled and left..
From 6th Akash is having his gift.. Later in Raman ‘s parents understood him and changed

Flashback ends
Raman smiled and wiped his tears..
He got.a chit

He opened it with smile

Guessed who am I?
Then confess me loudlyy


Raman laughed and shouted

I love you Akashh

Akash came in front of him.. They had a cute hug..

Raman : Oh no..
Akash: What?
Raman: Confessed this idiot.. I don’t love you I hate you
Akash: Thank God.. Ok eve LL have breakup party..
Raman held his collar

Raman: Our friendship WILL NEVER BREAK… FOREVER

Akash smiled and hugged

Raman: Where is my gift.. Its 12 30 now.. Not even a wish

Akash: Wait… Wait…
He gave a chit

He opened

Ohh.. Drama ended.. Now its my turn.. You said one day..”Its my favourite.. Lets have an exchange”
This is the first sentence you spoke with me..
Guess me who? Come to this location.. This is our first meet location

Raman and Akash reached a ground

Raman: In this ground. I have participated in marching for independence day

He saw a photo there in a bench
Raman: Hey Akash this is me…
He saw the photo closer

Raman: Akash.. It resembles Mani.. Haina..

Mani came

Mani: Thank God you found me idiot.. Even I found it long days after our meet

Raman remembered how he exchanged chocolate on that day..

He hugged Mani..
Mani gave that chocolate..
Raman got that..

Mani gave a chit..

He opened..

Hello.. Actually you are an idiot.. I know you guessed me now.. But you asked me a day to do this.. I m doing this now

Mani opened a laptop..

Raman opened his eyes widely..

In Skype.. It was his fav.. His SRK.. Akash made his getup like SRK?
Raman standing with flour n salt mixture..
He stared at Akash

Akash as SRK wished Raman..

Raman: Shagun you idiot.. LL kill you if you come in front of me

She jumped before him.. Raman shouted at her entry

Raman: Devil…
She hugged him and he too..

Finally Shagun gave a chit..
He smiled n opened

Hi.. I don’t have any such memories with you.. But I hope you have not forgot this..

He saw a photo..
Everyone laughed.. Raman stared at them..

It was the photo ishu clicked when a girl in Rithvika’s home beat Raman with broomstick…

Ishu came out smiling

Raman: You didn’t get any other pose of mine other than this.. Idiot ishu..
He hugged her..

Ishra felt something.. They both came into senses suddenly

They shouted..


All had a group hug..

Raman: My gifts..

Akash gave him a parcel..

It consists of an album
Full of Akash’s drawings..
He drawn ishu Raman shagun mani himself
Their group hug
Icecream fight
At last
He drawn his n Sindhu pic
And left space for others

Akash: I LL complete this on your marriage guys
He whispered to Raman
I think you
Already founddd

Raman: Hey nice gift yaar.. He cut his speech

Shagun gifted a shirt stitched n designed by her

Mani.. Raman this is your longing..
Raman:Really you got that
Shagun: Idiotic bro.
Raman: Give me na plss

He gave a box full of bubbles stick which we used to play by blowing those bubbles
( My frnd likes this very much.. So I added it here)

He acted crazy and started blowing bubbles
Ishu presented a moth organ

He loved to play it . He played Tum hi ho music in that..


Everyone in chorous

This is our group gift
They gave him a ring

He weared it
Shagun: You shouldn’t remove this at any cause

They had a groupfie in their phone and reached home

Raman kept his gifts in his cupboard by throwing his costly things from it..

His parents smiled

Bday party… Shagun’s love story starts

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  1. What shagun love story with whom plzzzz dont create any misunderstanding type of things

  2. Very nice gifts from friends…and a superb episode..please don’t make shagun negative and don’t make love triangle…

  3. Definitely except Ishra no love birds in the gang… They WILL REMAIN FRIENDS TILL TYE THE END

  4. Guyss sry it s not Akash in Skype it was Siva

  5. Shadiiiii ff ka kya huwa????i feel that is oxygen 4 me….update it faster. plzzzz?????

    1. Ya happy you ll get it today.. I updated.. Waiting for review

  6. wow …………nivi asusal u rock……………… I don’t think so nivi ll do like that I’m sure she ll write something very cute……….

  7. Thanl u so much mam seriously its just awesome i really enjoyed this ff before reading this ff i got scolding from my mom after reading ff i feel relaxed thank u so much for uploding it

  8. Wow….shagun love story!…..nivi super…will be very interesting and cute I think….waiting eagerly…update Dr…soon

    1. Ya kamatchi… Looking like our gang na..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb episode yaar…..Don’t make shagun negative in it…..plzzzzz …..update the next one soonnnnnnnnn………..

  10. What a friendship love them
    And so nice style of wishing and giving gift . So nice

  11. Nice and funny episode…. I love it

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