Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 11)

The episode starts with Shagun moving here and there in her room

Mani in her bed..
Mani: Shagun.. What seriously you are thinking about?
Shagun: Tomorrow Raman’s bday..
Akash: Ya what’s in that..
Shagun: I am thinking about his gift..
Akash: I already made it..
Shagun stared at him..
Shagun: Ok I LL do mine..
Raman coming in by talking with someone in his phone

Raman: Sorry.. I m really sorry yaar..
A little later
Raman: Listen to me.. I was busy yesterday.. I didn’t avoid you..
A little later
Raman: Ok bye.

He fell on the bed..
Mani, Shagun and Akash looked at him confusingly

Another call came
Same replies..
Another call
Same replies

He fed up..
He heard Shoba(Shagun ‘s mom) welcoming Ishu..

He suddenly cleared his recent log..
Ishu came in..
Everyone: Hii
Ishu: Hi
She stared at Raman
Raman was acting as if he is seeing somewhere

Ishu: How many calls?
Raman: Nothing..
Akash went behind Raman and showed 7
Ishu: Is that true Raman?
Raman: Ok.. Check my phone..
Shagun went behind. Raman and showed her that he erased the logs

Ishu : I believe you Raman
Shagun and Akash saw each other

Raman smiled
Ishu: I am sure you would have cleared your logs.. I believe that

Raman saw her..
Mani Akash and Shagun looked at each other..
Raman and ishu noted this..

Raman: Wait guys.. Stop ur imaginations..
I LL tell what happened yesterday

Raman and Ishu in coffee shop..
Raman’s phone ringing continuosly

Ishu: Raman.. Busy man ahh..
He smiled
Raman: Friends ishu..
Ishu: Girls??
He again smiled..

Ishu: Why they are calling you continously ??
Raman: Don’t know.. Can’t ignore it and I m fed up yaar.. Attending these calls
Ishu: Raman.. Ur frnds na.. They can understand if you ignore their calls.. They can understand you may be in some work

Raman: No yaar.. Some people LL think I m ignoring their calls..
Ishu: Ok u do it now n check who and all thinking like that

He started ignoring the calls..
Siva n Karthik tried once and never tried again.. But some keep on trying..

Raman: Ishu.. See this idiots Siva n Karthik
He called Siva..
Raman : Idiot
Siva: Tell me..
Raman: Can’t you call again?
Siva: You called now na.. I thought you were busy that time.. I know u LL call me when you see my call..
Raman saw ishu.. She smiled..

Raman: Why you called idiot?
Siva: Bored yaar that’s why..
They talked for a while

Ishu: I told you na.. We guys can guess something.. LL scold you for not attending.. It has different reason.. Understand..

He nodded

Ishu: Lets check tomorrow.. What is everyone’s reaction

Flashback ends

Mani: Why you erased Raman?
Ishu: May be it was of Sir’s beloved ones..

Everyone laughed..
Shobha: Come on guys.. Lunch is ready..
When they are about to leave

Ishu: Raman..
Raman : What?
Ishu: Nothing serious na .
Raman smiled..
Raman: You helped me Ishu to figure out who is who..
They smiled and went.

Raman explained who and all called him and acted like them..
She was laughing..

Mani informed Ishu about Raman ‘s bday

They all preparing different gifts for Raman.

Awesome bday planning

Guys bday epi is veryyyyy long.. For suspense I made this short

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