Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 10)

The episode starts with Raman and Akash sitting in their favourite place..

A small stone bench in their college street.
Shagun was sitting in her scooty.

Mani and Ishitha reached the spot

Raman and Akash : Welcome to our chat corner..
Siva and Karthik reached there..
Raman introduced them to Mani and Ishu..

Everyone started teasing each other. Mainly everyone teased Shagun and Ishu.

Shagun : Oh Ishu.. We are less in number na.. They are in majority..
Ishu : Ok.. Let us form a gang Shagun..

Raman : Akash.. How can two members form a gang?
Mani : They are not two Raman..
Everyone laughed..

Sindhu crossed their path.

Ishu : Sindhu..
Sindhu : Hi. Dhi
Ishu : No.. Dhi
Sindhu : Ok.. Ishu
Shagun : Sindhu Join us to form a gang na.. These guys are irritating us.
Sindhu agreed..

Two other girls Preethi and Nisha joined the girls gang

They enjoyed,laughed,shouted,fighted…


In Akash’s home

Akash was feeling bored..
So he called Raman

Raman : Hey idiot.. What?
Akash : Boring
Raman : Shall I come there?
Akash : Nothing special in that..
Raman : Go to hell then
Akash : Raman..
Raman : Shall I call Sindhu?
Akash : Ahh.. If possible
Raman : Kill you idiot.. Go and sleep
Akash : Raman.. Lets play something

Raman’s mind struck with an idea

Raman : Hey I had a plan
Akash : What?
Raman explained
Akash : Raman.. How you are thinking this yaar?

They both left house

They were seated in their regular place

Akash : Where are they Raman?
Raman : Wait yaar..

Firstly a guy from his class came there
Raman : Hey you here?
Guy : Yeah.. he was searching someone
Akash : Whom you are searching yaar?
Guy : No.. Akash.. I got a call from a stranger..
Akash : What?
Guy : Ya.. Something about my best friend he is going to say that’s why he called
Raman : Oh..
Guy : Ya.. He said everything right about us.. Raman..

Like that everyone came whomever they called

They all reached there..
Raman : So you guys are having that much confidence on your friendship na..
Everyone got tensed
Guy : So you called to fool us.. Stop playing like his idiots
Akash : Yeah.. We planned to play.. We thought to know your reactions.. We didn’t expect this..
Raman : Hello.. First of all try to get true friends.. All can be friends. But no one can be best..
Guy : This is common for you guys too.. Have you called Shagun?

Akash : Why? We know her
Guy : Ok.. We will do that

He dialed Shagun’s number

Shagun : Hello
Guy : I need to say an important thing about Raman.. What you and Akash don’t know?
Shagun : Who are you?
Guy : Tomorrow in college.. Come to our language lab.. If you want to know
He ended

Guy : Wait for tomorrow

They went.

Akash : Raman I enjoyed today Come on lets go

Next day
Shagun reached language lab

The guy came there..
Raman and Akash stood there

Guy : See.. your friend came here.. All are same.. OK
The guy went

Shagun : What? Raman shall we move? You only asked me to come here na. What he is blabbering
Raman : Nothing Shagun. Come on

The guy called Shagun but Ishu attended the call
Ishu then called Raman

Raman : Oh is that you?
Ishu : Ya Raman.. I thought someone is playing.. Whats happening?
He explained her

He called Shagun and asked her to reach lang lab

Flashback ends

Akash : If Shagun heard this,she would have killed him
Raman smiled
Akash : But why you asked her to come
Raman : To satisfy him.. We played with him na..
We know Shagun.. We don’t need to prove our friendship to others

They hugged

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