Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 1)


The episode starts with Raman entering the school..

Raman went to his class and seated he saw a guy next to him..

Raman : Hi.. I am Raman
The guy : I am Akash
Raman : Are you new to this school?
Akash : Yeah.. I miss my best friend from my old school
Raman : Ohh..
Akash : You too missing your friend na?
Raman : I don’t have anyone
Akash : Why?
Raman : Dono

Shagun seated in a bench adjacent to Raman and Akash
She smiled at them.. They smiled

In lunch hour
Shagun came running and her lunch box fell down.. She started crying
Akash saw her crying and he came with his lunch box

Raman opened his box and saw Pizzas.. He closed it and sat.. By the time he noticed Shagun and he too reached

Akash : Why you are crying?
Shagun: My lunch.. I am hungry.. She cried again
Akash : Ok.. we can share mine..

Akash saw Raman standing without lunch box
Akash : Raman.. Where is yours?

Raman remained silent
Akash : Oh.. you left it in home.. Ok we three will share

They sat there.. Akash opened the box and it had 3 pooris

Raman turned to see his box.. He smiled and took a piece of poori

Akash took a piece of poori to feed Raman.. Then Raman to Shagun .. Then shagun to both.. They enjoyed..

Moved to the school where our princess studying

Ishu entered the class and saw Mani sitting alone in a desk.. She has no seat with girls

Ishu : Can I sit here
Mani angrily looked at her
Ishu friends said: He is rich.. He wont talk to us
Ishu wondered and looked for some other place

The students started mocking at Ishu as she has no seat

Ishu started to cry a little.. A little drop came out

Mani stared at the guys and said to Ishu : Sit here

Ishu shocked and sat

Mani : Don’t cry hereafter..
Ishu : Ok. Thank you
Mani looked at her with anger


Mani sitting alone. Ishu went near him
Ishu : Can I sit here
Mani looking angrily and said :Sit down
Ishu : Why you are always staring?
Mani : I don’t like this school
Ishu : Why?no friends thats why na?
Mani : No.. My dad said you should not study in these schools.. But mom forced me to stude here
Ishu : Oh.. so you ll leave this school
Mani : Ya after two dad will return from US.. He ll shift me
Ishu : Ok..

They had their lunch silently..

From that day.. Raman,Akash and Shagun were besties and here Mani and Ishu started being friendly..

After 4 months

One day Mani came running to Ishu
Mani : Hey. Tomorrow I am leaving this school
Ishu got sad as his friend leaving
Mani : Why you are sad?
Ishu : Nothing.. Good Bye.. Saying she left

Next day

Ishu came to class and saw Mani’s place empty
She felt bad

All her friends asked why she is sad
She didn’t respond

After 3 days.. Ishu saw Mani in his place
Ishu : Mani.. you here
Mani.. Yes
Ishu : Why you left that school?
Mani : I hate that school
Ishu : Why?
Mani : You were not there na.. Stupid

Ishu laughed and they both laughed

Raman Mani and Shagun forgot their status and were friendly

Mani refused to leave that school.. Mani’s dad disliked Ishitha
So Ishu wont go to Mani’s home.. He used to come Ishu’s home and will enjoy

Raman stayed in Akash’s house not for hours.. for some days and weeks
Shagun’s parents are jovial.. and Raman and Akash often visit Shagun..

Actually Shagun (Mani’s cousin) disliked Mani because of his dad.. She thought he would also be like that.. She was not aware of his new character

Years rolled by

It was their Standard 10

Mani in Ishu home.. Ishu writing her record
Ishu : Maa.. Mani here..
Before she could complete she saw her mother with snacks and coffee
Ishu’s Mom : I know my son’s arrival

Mani in tension
Ishu : Mani.. Are you so happy?
Mani : Am I looking happy?
Ishu : Yeah.. A liitle

She laughed
Mani : Ishu..
Ishu : Whats wrong with you ?
Mani : My relative marriage.
Ishu : OK.. Whats wrong in that?
Mani : Its in Bhopal
Ishu : OK..Go na
Ishu’s ma: Why sad beta? What you want?
Mani : I need Ishu to accompany but you wont agree na

Ishu saw her mom and hesitated
Mani: Maa.. Dad agreed.. Mom made him agree.. By the way he is not coming to the marriage. Only me mom and Ishu
Ishu : When I said I am coming?
Mani : I am asking Maa’s permission not yours.. By the way my decision is yours na.. You just shut and scribble

Ishu’s Maa agreed and advised to behave properly there

In Shagun’s home
Shagun in sad mode in her room staring her idiotic friends sleeping in her bed peacefully

She got angry and kicked Raman throwed pillow on Akash
They both not even moved aside.. Sleeping peacefully

Shagun took a bucket of water and poured
Then also no reaction

Shagun in anger pinched Raman heavily.. He can’t control the pain.. Raman woke and shouted.. He piched Akash and both were shouting
Shagun’s mom : Why? Why? What happened?
She saw their state and made Shagun away

Raman and Akash came behind mom.. Shagun’s dad hold Shagun

Raman : Devil.. See mom.. She pinched me.. Oh my god its swollen.. You witch
Shagun : If you both have not woke up I might have took my knife
Akash : Arre.. Saitan.. What do you need? What we did?

Shagun went and sat in the terrace

Shagun’s dad: Raman Akash. Tomorrow we are moving to Bhopal
Raman and Akash shouted in joy
Raman : Why papa?
Mom : Raman.. There is a marriage in Bhopal our relatives marriage..
Akash : Wow then why this witch shouting
Dad : Go and ask your witch

They went terrace.. They both sat left and right to Shagun

Raman : What is the problem?
Shagun : I told you about that Mani na.. Definitely he will be there. I dont want to see him
Akash : Oh.. just we go and enjoy there.. Dont think about that guy.. Cheer up..
Raman : You should be happy shagu..
Shagun : I will be happy where you guys are.. I am coming

They hugged

Akash :Shagu.. Do you have nephews?
Shagun :Yeah
Raman : Niece
Shagun : Nieces are more than Nephews
Raman : OMG!! Akash we gonaa enjoy

They made hi-fi

Precap :
Enjoyment in Bhopal

Credit to: nivedha

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