dosthi is my life (Epi 4)


Hiee guyz thank you for your support in the form of comments lets go into todays episode

Ishu:say na manoj what hapn is my baby is fine
Raman:say manoj im very tensed
Manoj starts laughing and says congrats its baby boy
Ishra were shocked
manoj:arrey guyzz its reality
Ishra comes into sense and hug each other
Manoj coughs and says its hospital
Ishra breaks hug and ishu blushes
raman:so what im huging my wife not my neighbour wife to feel shy and we are not newly married couple
Ishu:how ia shagun
Manoj:she is fine
Ishu:we can see baby
Manoj:ha but from out side
Ishra enjoys each and very moment
Raman:thank you for giving me worldest handsome boy as my son
Ishu:thank to you for making me complete
Ishra hugs each other and raman plant a kiss on her forehead
Ishu:i will bring some clothes and luch for shagun
Ishu goes

@bhalla house
Mrs bhalla:congrats my sweet daughter in law
All congrats and rush to hospital to see baby

baby starts crying all are trying to calm but he starts crying
Manoj:what happen why baby is crying
he checks baby and says he is fine
Ishu came and says what hapn why my baby crying
Ishu takes baby into her arms and baby stops crying
all laughed
Shagun:oo he missing her mother ha
Ruhi:ishimaa please show my brother na
Ishu:kk see your brother
After 2 days
Manoj:you can take baby to home
ishra thank you so much

@bhalla house
all are welcoming new baby they decorated whole house all faces are fill wid full of joy and happiness
Ishra happiness is out of the world they just wanted baby to give all the happiness
Mr bhalla :do arathi and welcome them
Ruhi:ishma i want to play with my bro please give me
Ishu:no ru he tired and he should take rest
Ruhi feels bad
Ishra was suprise to see room which is full of toys and baby pictures
And ishra says thanks to all
And all went out
Raman started romancing with ishu
Raman drags ishu and try to kiss her baby starts crying raman makes face and ishu went towards baby
Raman:all members in family are less one more added in this to stop my romance.what is this i cant romance my wife its easy to romance neighbour wife then my wife
Ishu laughs raman gets irritated and moves

Precap:ishras baby naming cermony and some masthi

Credit to: shivani

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