dosthi is my life (Epi 3)


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precap:sam and ishu arugments
lets start episode
its morning

@bhalla house
ishu walking towards balcony with coffee in her hand
ishu:I am very glad because I love the warm sunshine and the fragrant flowers and its very beautiful
raman:ur wrong der nt beautiful
raman:yes jaan i hve to show u onething which is more beautiful den dis
ishu:acchaaa show me
raman:if u want to see nd come vid me
raman takes ishu towards mirror and hugs from backside
raman:see how beautiful is dis der is no one beautiful like my wife
ishu blushes
ishu:ooffoo wat hapn you r very happy
raman:yes becoz…..
raman phone rings
raman:always ring in wrong time
ishu:wat hapn whoz on the line pick no
raman:its dr manoj(same fiance of shagun)
ishu:is shagun okay na
shagun same she is surogate mother of ishitha chid
raman:hello manoj
manoj:shagun is in baby pains i think i shud be premature baby u cme soon
raman:kk we wil be der

harry enters class
vinni same character as in serial frnd of adi
vinni:hey harry
harry:hey vinni ur in same school
harry:same class
vinni:no i came to clean room nd i was tired dats why i sat on table to relax
harry:very funny
vinni:offcourse na duffer we are of same age and more over im seating class means i belongs to same class na
harry: stop miss drama queen andthank god you are here im felt nervous
vinni:y ur nervous
harry:new school and more over new city
vinni:kk come and seat
adi comes and shock to see harry and vinni togther
adi:hey this is my place nd go and seat in othr place
vinni:adi let it be he is my best best frnd harry in us nd harry he is adi my best frnd in mumbai
harry:hie im harry
adi :hie im adi in angry tone
teacher arrives
teacher greets every one and ask harry to introduce yourself
harry:this harish raichand and im from us
adi:harish just nw he said hez harry i think what a guy yaar he forgot his own name….?

raman and ishitha reaches hospital shagun in icu
manoj came out in sad face

@raichand house
harry:dad you know vinni is in my class
sam:wat vinni
harry:yes dad vinnis father shifted here
sam:kkk im leaving now i have meetng
harry :kk dad bye
sam thinks please god harry and ishu should not come face to face

@Bhalla house
mr bhalla:all are gather and starts playing
sarika came der and askd i vil so play vid u guyz
madhu(ishus mom):u can play but under one condition
sarika :what
mr bhalla : if you loose this game then you should lisen to us and do what ever we say
sarika thinks they are really innocent they donot know about sarika my expert in dis playning cards
all together sit in hall and mr bhalla makes sarika to seat in front of mirror
game started madhu starts distribuing cards and both smiles
sarika:what the… im not getting anything i just loosng
mrs bhalla:hey i won d game see i have 3 queens meri pyaari bahu my sweet daughter in law come here and do my head masagee
all laughs and sarika gets irritated

precap:suspend reaveled what hapen in the hospital let u know in next episode have fun guyz

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Credit to: shivani

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  2. It’s really nice but don’t u tnk it should be more longer any way I love it??❤️?❤️

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