dosthi is my life (Epi 2)


Man:wow ishitha ur wearing saree nyc bt u do hw to manage na
Ishu:y u came again into my life to ruin my life again as u did before 5 years ago
Man:i came here becoz of my toothache i dont knw ur in dis hospital nd wat ur thinkng im stil want u 2 back in life is dat so den stop dreaming awake up
He goes angirly and tears rolz in eyes
Ishu:shatter and says sam i hate u
Man name is sam
Ishu starts its car and drives rashly my remebrng sam words .dog comes in middle nd lost balance
Ishu:oh my god is dog is safe
from ishus head blood is bleedng
raman: wat hapn to this madrasan how careless she is she dont hve sense to inform that she vil be late
Ishu arrives raman scolds and ask wat hapn
Ishu:small accidnt im fyn im going to take rest
Raman:first say me wer were u
Ishu:in anger im not small kid i can take care myself
Raman stunned
Ishu thinks how can sam come back to my life
Ishu:now i wont let sam to control my life

@sam house
Sam:how pretty in saree
Harry son of sam joined in adi class
Harry:hie dad about wat ur mermerng
Sam:nthg yaar nd ur still awake tmw is ur first day for school
Harry:yes dad
sam:if harry come to know about ishu means noo
Harry:dad come fast
Sam:ha cmg

@bhalla house
Ishu:i hope tmw i wont meet sam again please god help me

Precap:harry and adi comes face to face

Plz comment sam is a business tycoon and no 1 businessman nd his son harry and adi is of same age

Credit to: shivani

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