DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 9


Ragini: of course I will!!!
Laksh takes signs of relief and sits on the sofa
Ragini: and if I don’t, u will die as a bachelor!!!
Lak: why?
Ragini: no is gonna marry u
Lak: hahaha very funny
Ragini: it is indeed.
She sits beside him,
Ragini: I will marry u but on one condition!
Lak: whats that?
Ragini: we both will remain bffs and u will not stop ur stupid acts
Laksh smiles: my pleasure
Ragini places her head on his shoulder and they both sit like that for a long time
Lak: oh no!!!

Ragini: what happened?
Lak: they will be waiting to know what happened here
Ragini: who?
Lak: ur mother-in-law and my mother-in-law (he winks at her)
Ragini: but hw did they know I am here?
Lak: I messaged them when u came here
Ragini: oh ho see….staying with me u r also becoming intelligent
Lak: bless me ( he bends down to touch her feet)
Ragini: hey I am younger than u( she takes her legs away)
They both laugh and go to ragini’s house

Ye!!!! Everybody clap!!!
Mom and ma: congratulations
Raglak: thank u

Raglak go and hug the both of them
Mom: thank u ragini for accepting my son
Ragini: mom ( laksh’s mother) , I am lucky to have him in my life, but he shouldnot have missed Cambridge, it is more important than me.
Lak: nothing is important than u ragini!!!
Mom: correct
Ragini: but I feel guilty
Mom: u don’t have to

Ragini: what?
Lak: mom!!!!

Mom: u shut up, ragini u think that this idiot (pointing towards laksh) is going to get accepted by one of the top universities of the world and that too Cambridge!!!
Ragini: I didn’t understand
Mom: oh ho, he nvr got accepted
Ragini: what? But that letter
Mom: he got an email from that university stating that his application has been rejected by the university selection committee

An flashback is shown,
Laksh checks the email and gets sad but then he got an idea to make ragini confess her feelings, he types a letter exactly like a real acceptance letter and does something for the Cambridge seal and posts it to his house.
Fb ends

Ragini: are u a born fraud ?
Lak: ah… of my talents!!!
Lak: what else would I do ? if I had not done this , for my whole life u would be chasing me with ur Jhansi rani knife and I would be running to save my life!!!

Ragini stands still , laksh goes and catches her hand but she jerks it
Ragini: u all played with my feelings!!! Ma u too?
Ma: ragini!!
Ragini: no ma , fine , u all took me for granted right!!!!
Lak: nothing like that ragini!!!
Ragini: what? If u had been really accepted u would have gone right ? haan tell me laksh !! answer me!!!
Lak: no ragini
Mom: ragini I am sry
Ragini: no ma u don’t hav to say sry, plz don’t make me small by saying that
Ragini: and u (pointing towards laksh) jst get out and never come infront of me , jst go away and don’t u dare come back in my life , jst go
Laksh was shocked: ragini!!!

Ragini: gooooo
She starts crying and laksh was in immense pain , he started to regret his doings
Lak: ragini , I am sry , plz forgive me ,I am sry I did that, I didn’t know it would hurt u ragini!!! Plz forgive me,
Ragini: jst go ……..get out!!!!!!

To be continued……..

Thank u very much guys for reading, loving and supporting my ff and also me (I hope) . I want one small thing from u in return of this ff, and that is a place in ur hearts ( forever) which will not fade away nor vanish, I hope its not something big that I am asking, Whenever u hear my name afra ( asheeyana) , I hope u will remember my ff and a smile will occupy ur face.
Can u give me , what I asked u guys?
Thank u

Credit to: asheeyana

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    Plz Make Little Longer Plz Plz Plz

  5. awesome as always u r a superb writer asheeyana……

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