DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 8


After three days ,
Ragini started to behave like a zombie, she forgot hw to laugh, hw to have fun etc…she realized it was bcoz of laksh she was happy, she started to see the other side of the coin

Ragini’s POV,
It has been only 3 days but I feel like ages , I don’t know how I am going to stay away from u for 2 years, he is long gone ragini ,he will come back only after 2 years

She was cursing herself for sending him away.

Ragini: I want to feel his presence what should i do………..idea!!!!!!!
She hits her head and says to herself why didn’t u think about it earlier
She goes to the shelf and takes a key ,

Ragini: duplicate key of laksh’s house , hahaha ragini u r becoming intelligent day by day ,

She goes down and gives some lame excuses to her mother and comes out.

With the help of the duplicate key she enters his house…
Ragini: ahh……………..i have jst entered heaven
She sees around and her expressions change : no hell……but heavenly hell

She cleans all the mess and comes and sits on the sofa , she thinks of all the stupid acts he had done , sometimes jst to make her laugh , she remembered the gay drama he did and started to laugh loudly
Ragini: oops…ragini if u laugh like this everyone will think there is a ghost in lucky’s house .

She goes and stands infront of his photo
Ragini: come back soon laksh!!!! Ur ragini is waiting for u and don’t forget to bring chocolates , I have heard that foreign chocolates are really good and I love u my bfff

She imagines as if laksh is hugging her from behind,
Lak: luv u too chandramukhi!!!
Ragini: lucky!!! I have become mad, u know, I started talking to myself!!! And its becoz of u
Lak: its ok , u sent me away now bear the consequences.
Ragini: hm…………….ok tell me one thing u will marry me right?
Lak: of course I will
Ragini: that’s enough , ok I am getting late , ma will be worried , I will come back tomorrow ,ok bye
Dream ends.
Ragini: what was I thinking ( she hits her head)

She turns to leave but her duppatta gets caught , she turns back to free it but was shocked to see lucky holding it
Ragini: u were a dream, and the dream ended, now go
Lak: I am not a dream ragini!!!
Ragini: what? ( she was super shocked)
Lak: I am real and u r not hallucinating!
Ragini: u came back?

Lak: I never left!!!!
Ragini: what? U never left!!!!
Lak: no!!!! in the battle between my brain and my heart , my heart won!!!!
Ragini: then why didn’t u come and tell me?
Lak: I was waiting for u to realize my role in ur life and I knew u would get that duplicate key wala idea
Ragini: u made me suffer for three days?
Lak: yes

Then reality struck ragini’s mind
Ragini: wait a minute , those 13 love letters and ur 13 breakups fit perfectly, u sent them to me right?

Laksh was rolling his eyes like a thief.
Ragini: chiiii yaar lucky…….she started beating him
Lak: arey stop it now!!!
Ragini: but they didn’t look like ur handwriting
Lak: bcoz they were not mine
Ragini: then?
Lak: they were ur mothers
Ragini: what?
Lak: don’t tell her I told u
Ragini: u both joined hands against me, wowww, u got to be a magician, who controls people
Laksh laughs at her

Ragini: she sits down with her hands on her head !!!! I feel like a stupid
Lak: ok everybody knows that and what were u telling, bring me chocolates, really !!!!!! ,I think u were not waiting for me, but for the chocolates
Ragini bites her tongue,
Lak: ok fine, tell me ragini will u marry me?

Ragini was shocked and lucky was soo cool
Ragini: ah………………

To be continued…

Credit to: asheeyana

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