DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 7


Ragini wakes up and sits, jst then she realizes its not her room
Ragini: o god where am I

She sees everything scattered around , she turns her head from this side to that side and all the sides she sees laksh’s photo, she takes signs of relief

Ragini: but where is he?
She puts her legs down and tries to get up but she realizes someone sleeping down, she takes the bedsheet off
Ragini: lucky!! ( she sees lucky sleeping down) she wakes him up
Laksh gets up and sits leaning to the bed
Ragini: what happened ? when did I come to ur house? And why r u sleeping down?
Lak: u don’t remember anything?

Ragini: no
Lak: u came to my house drunk telling that I cannot go to my house like this, I let u in , u made my house a mess, u came near me we both fell on the bed and then
Ragini: and then what? ( she gets scared)
Lak: hw will I tell that ragini (he closes his face with his hand)
Ragini: laksh u r scaring me plz tell me
Laksh comes near her and she bends back
Lak: u….
Ragini: me??
Lak: no I cant tell that
Ragini starts crying……….
Lak: why r u crying? I should only cry!!!
Ragini: why?
Lak: bcoz u pushed me down
Ragini: what?

Lak: and slept peacefully on my bed!!! ( he says that with lot of pain)
Ragini: ufff….i got scared
Lak: what did u think ragini? He winks at her

Ragini: don’t annoy me early in the morning, and i wanted to tell u something, do u know ?,I am getting love letters, that too 13, and I think all r from the same person bcoz the handwritings in all the letters are the same
Lak: letters ,love letters and for u , hahahahahaaa, don’t be in a dream world ragini !!!,
Ragini: (gets angry) u r too much , I am leaving to my house
Lak: bye and again goes to sleep

Ragini is about to leave but a letter caught her, she opened it

Ragini: lucky ……..(she comes running) get up
Lak: what yaar u didn’t go
Ragini: she hugs him and tells congratulations
Lak: thank u , now will u allow me to sleep
Ragini: why didn’t u tell me?
Lak: about what ?
Ragini: this ( she shows him the letter)
Lak: that’s nothing important , u don’t take it seriously
Ragini: this is important !!! this is acceptance letter! U r going to achieve ur dreams , masters at Cambridge
Lak: I am not going anywhere
Ragini: why not?
Lak: I am not leaving the three most important women in my life alone here.
Ragini: and who r they?
Lak: mom, u and ma( ragini’s mother)

Ragini was stunned : r u mad!!! This is once in a lifetime experience!!!! U should not lose it
Lak: I already took my decision
Ragini: sits beside him) for the time being keep me as ur last priority and give ur dreams one chance , this is really very important lucky, ur life will change , not for u atleast for mom give it a chance!!!!
Lak: last priority and u? r u kidding me!!! Ok if I do that also, what about leaving mom alone
Ragini: u told me that she is going to stay with shalu di and jiju right??? And I will also be here I will take care of her, don’t u believe me?
Lak: more than myself but……

Ragini: no but wut, pack ur bags and get out of here , u should return only after completing ur masters, did u understand
Lak: u r sooo rude
Ragini: I am. She gets up to leave
Lak: ragini?
Ragini: hm….
Lak: u will not miss me?
Ragini: I will but u will always be with me

Lak: how?
Ragini: in my heart!!! And what are these facebook, skype and whatsapp are for , we will be in touch, she blinks her eyes
Lak: I am not satisfied
Ragini: u don’t have to be , jst go and fulfill ur dreams and come back soon
Lak: 2 years is not soon!!!!
Ragini: I will manage
Lak: I cant!!!
Ragini: bye lucky

She leaves and laksh starts thinking.

After 4 days, in ragini’s place
Lak: bye ma ( in a sad tone)
Ma: bye laksh , come back soon!!!! She blesses him
Lak: where is ragini?
Ma: in her room

He goes to her room
Lak: ragini?
Ragini: taking a deep breath) laksh!!! Hey , ready to go to Cambridge , I am proud of u man, come back soon I will be waiting!!! ( she tells it fast hiding her tears)
Lak: u r not coming to leave me, to the airport?
Ragini:…… actually I have some work, u go na( she turns to the other side)
Lak: ragini?
Ragini: hm….
Lak: can I hug u ?
Ragini: nnnooooo
Lak: plz!!!!

Ragini turns and he hugs her, she is the verge of crying but she controlled it bcoz her 1 drop of tear can stop him from going
Lak: u r so stubborn ragini!
Ragini: I have to be laksh

He opens his mouth to tell goodbye
Lak: go…..
Ragini: don’t tell that!!!!
Laksh understands and he leaves, she goes near the door to see if he has gone or not, she breaks down

Ragini: ah……………..uh uh,sry laksh, if I didn’t force u , u wouldnot give ur dreams a chance, when u come back I will tell u what I have in my heart……she cries the whole night

On the other side,
Laksh could not understand what was happening with him, the thought that he is going to go away from her was killing him from inside, but he had to go bcoz it was ragini’s wish, sorry, his ragini’s wish. He made up his mind and boarded the flight.

To be continued….

Credit to: asheeyana

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