DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 6


Lak: The movie was good right
Ragini:it was good , except ur stupidity
Lak: Thank u chandramukhi
Ragini: don’t call me that
Lak: Why not?
Ragini: I don’t like it
Lak: Then I will definitely call
Ragini: Ok then I will keep a name for u

Lak: Hw about Ranbir Kapoor?
Ragini: Ranbir Kapoor? And that to u hahahaha
Lak: Yes we both look alike but I am a little more talented than him
Ragini: god ! I don’t know what sin I did that u r making me hear such nonsense dialogues
Lak: Its a fact
Ragini: whatever! I am hungry do u have some thing to eat?
Lak: My brain! That you are already eating
Ragini: oh u have brain, I didn’t know that!
Lak: It was not at all funny
Ragini: its a fact ( she tells it the same way laksh told)
Lak: U want something to eat or not?

Ragini: yes yaar iam really hungry
Lak: Ok wait
He brings food and they both eat it.
Ragini: I am really very excited
Lak: For what?
Lak: For what?
Ragini: Arey yaar tomorrow is holi!
Lak: Oh ya I totally forgot about it, do u have any plans
Ragini: no. But we will think something
Lak: Hm…..
Ragini: ok bye it’s getting late I better go
Lak: Come I will drop u

He drops her at her home.
Ragini: u will go back right? Or shall I drop u?
Lak: U dropping me?
Ragini nods .she winks at him and he stares at her.
Lak: No thanks! He turns to leave
Ragini: Gud night!
Laksh listens but he doesn’t reply, he simply keeps walking
Ragini: in a loud tone ) that’s not fair u didn’t tell me gud nyt, hm……( she makes a crying sound)
Laksh comes back
Lak: Ok gudnyt plz don’t cry
Ragini: She smiles showing her teeth, bye and runs inside
Lak: No.1 drama queen
He also leaves.

Next morning, in ragini’s house

Lak: Happy holi ma!
Ma: Happy holi, now go and wake ur best friend up
Lak: She is still sleeping
ma: Yes she is still sleeping
Lak: Hm……ok fine
Ma: What r u up to lucky?
Laksh smiles: Wait and watch maa

Laksh goes up and sees Ragini sleeping, without waking her up he does something and takes a selfie
Lak: Ragini wake up…ragini? Raginiiiiiiiii

Ragini with a jerk gets up: Aaah…what happened haan( she asks in a sleepy tone)
Laksh sits beside her : Today is holi yaar but u were still sleeping
Ragini: oh yaa happy holi! She puts her hands around his shoulders and hugs him.
Laksh tucks her hair back and tells : U look very beautiful today
Ragini Doesn’t know how to react, she simply smiles
Lak: Get ready and come down I will be waiting downstairs
He goes down and Ragini goes inside the washroom.
Ma: What did u do?

Ragini: Luckyyyyyyyy…………………..
She comes down running she takes knife in her hand
Lak: Arey. What r u doing? Put that knife down
Ragini: No what did u say? I am looking beautiful
Lak: Yes u r. Ask ma if u want. He starts running
Ragini: shut up and don’t run
They both run around the sofa
Lak: Ragini I know u were Jhansi rani in ur previous birth and u love ur knife but u don’t have to prove it everyday

They both stop breathing heavily but again start running. But this time Ragini catches him
Ragini: sit down
He sits
Ragini: Down ,not on the sofa.and close ur mouth till I finish talking
He follows her every command

Ragini: what is this ?( pointing towards her face)
( laksh drew moustache and beard on her face with black pen)
Lak: Bura mat maano holi hei
Ragini: Who draws on people ‘s face on holi?
Lak: Everyone applies colours so I thought of doing something different
Ragini: u should have done that on ur face, the one minute I thought u can also talk sweet but the next minute u prove me wrong

Laksh listens to her as she has knife in her hand and can do anything

Ragini: hey I am talking to u, don’t sleep
Lak: My highness I beg ur forgiveness ( he kneels down and asks)
Ragini: Hw should I get rid of this?( pointing towards her face)

Lak thinks and thinks and thinks: We will apply colours!
Ragini stares him
Lak: Ok fine don’t stare like that, Go and wash ur face it will go
Ragini: What if it doesn’t!?
Lak: It will
Ragini washes her face and the ink vanishes. She comes down
Lak: Thinks) thank god the ink vanished otherwise I would be dead by now.
Ragini: i can hear ur mind’s voice lucky
Laksh smiles at her but she turns away
Lak: Ok comeon i need my bff’s company today u can stay angry at me 2morrow
Ragini: cool
Lak: happy holiiiii ,he applies colors on everyone
Ragini: Happy holi.she also applies colors

They both play holi. They both together make everyone in the street mad.
To be continued…..

Credit to: asheeyana

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