DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 4


The episode starts with laksh comin to Ragini’s house
Lak: Ma where is Ragini?
Ma: She is in the terrace lucky
Lak: Oh ok
Ma: By d way hw is ur shirt?
Lak: Dead!
Ma: I am not surprised
Lak: Neither am I
They both laugh and laksh goes to the terrace and sees Ragini lost in thoughts
Lak stands behind her: Boooooooo
Ragini turns and asks what? Should I be scared?
Lak: Ofcourse yes

Ragini: Aahhhhhhhh………..enough
Lak turns his head while Ragini smiles at his action
Ragini: R u not angry on me?
Lak: For what?
Ragini: r u suffering from short time memory loss?
Lak: No , but if it involves ur mistakes yes I am
Ragini: Soo……sweet
Lak: Leave all that I am going to ice cream parlour u wanna come
Ragini: sure why not lets go!
They both go down
Lak: Wait here I will bring my bike
Ragini: why bike ? We will go by walk
Lak: R u sure?
Ragini: Yes

Lak nods and they both walk to the parlour on the way,
Ragini: did u open the letter?
Lak: Nope
Ragini: why not?
Lak: As I was busy burying my shirt which u murdered
Ragini: I didn’t murder ur shirt, I was helping ur shirt fight against stains, so it was self defense but the stains won, so sad na ( she said it innocently)
Lak: U r unbelievable Ragini, I don’t know from where you get such speeches to cover ur mistakes
Ragini Catches her ears indicating that she is sorry
Lak: Its ok
They both go inside the parlour,
Lak: U order for me also as I am not good at flavours
Ragini: ok bhaiyya for me choco-almond fudge and for him hazelnut-brownie
Lak: Sounds good

She smiles and they both get their ice creams and come and sit in one of the tables
Laksh’s phone vibrates so he checks it
Lak: Shalu di is in hospital ( shalu is laksh’s cousin sister)
Ragini: Is she fine? She was pregnant right?
Lak: Yes I think today is her delivery duedate
Ragini: wow entry of a new member….i hope its a girl
Lak: No way its a boy!!
Ragini: Girl
Lak: Okay lets make it a bit interesting
Ragini: how?
Lak: Lets keep a bet. If its a girl I will pay d bill nd if its a boy u will
Ragini: Cool
Lak: Wait what if u go back on ur word?
Ragini: I wont
Lak: I wont believe u wait.

He takes a paper and starts writing
If its a girl laksh will pay d bill nd if its a boy ragini will .
Lak: Sign here
Ragini: What’s this?

Lak: Agreement, if u go back on ur word I will file a case against u
Ragini: Fine and if u go back I will
Both sign it.
Suddenly luckys phone rings, he puts on speaker
Congrats laksh u have become chacha
Lak: Congrats jiju is it a girl or boy
Its a boy
Ragini makes sad face and laksh smirks
Lak: Kabhi kabhi jeethne ke liye kuch haarna padtha hei aur haar kar jeethne waalon ko baazigar kehthe Hein……hahaha
Ragini: u r so mean
Lak: Don’t try to escape

Ragini: I am not trying to escape.
Laksh starts dancing, he does the naagin dance while Ragini pays d bill
Lak: Ice cream was too good na
Ragini: free ice-creams’ r always good
Lak: That’s true
Ragini makes faces whiles laksh laughs seeing her, he drops her at her home
Ragini: gud night
Lak: Gud night chandramukhi
Ragini: hey hello !don’t Call me that ( chandramukhi is raginis nick name as she has big eyes)
Laksh leaves keeping finger on his ears and Ragini stares at him but then smiles. She goes to her room and sleeps peacefully.

To be continued.

Credit to: asheeyana

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