DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 3

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Ragini goes to the bazaar and buys a few things while returning she thinks of visiting laksh’s house (laksh’s house is only a few houses away from ragini’s)

Ragini: laksh?
Lak: yes ragini come in
Ragini: where is ur mom?
Lak: she is out of station yaar. She has gone to meet my uncle
Ragini: u didn’t tell me anything about it
Lak: on that day I came to tell this only, but u where not in a good mood to listen
Ragini: Oh hm……fine and whatever u did yesterday was good!!!
Lak: what did I do?
Ragini: ma told me everything
Lak: what?

Ragini: laksh, ur acting skills work only once
Lak: why, r u jealous?
Ragini: of what?
Lak: my acting skills
Ragini: acting!!! u were doing over acting ……ragini plz save me yaar plz….(she starts imitating him)
Lak: I was not that bad
Ragini: u were
Lak: I told aunty not to tell u.

Ragini: hm………….( she goes and hugs him) but ur drama helped me
Lak: I knew it would
Ragini: r u going somewhere?

Lak: yes to buy some grocery
Meanwhile the door bell rings
Ragini: I will check who is it
Lak: I will change my shirt and come

Ragini opens the door and the postman gives a letter for laksh and asks her to sign but the pen was dry so she shaked it and signed and gave it back , she closed d door and turned back and saw laksh staring at her

Ragini: wow …what a design!!!! U r shirt is really awesome, where did u buy it laksh?
( when she shaked the pen , ink fell on laksh’s shirt as he was standing behind her and when she saw him she tried to cover it up)

Lak: in a soft tone) what is ur problem ragini , whenever I wear a new shirt u find a way to mess up with it, last time u poured coffee this time ink , what is ur next plan
Ragini goes inside his room and brings a pen opens it and starts shaking it and inks falls all over laksh’s shirt
Lak: what d hell ragini….today I will not leave u

She starts running and laksh was trying to catch her ……….finally they both gave up as they couldn’t run any further , both were breathing heavily

Lak: what is this? (pointing to his shirt)
Ragini: white shirt with polka dots ……….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee( she showed her teeth)

Laksh starts to remove his shirt

Ragini: lucky what r u doing? (she closes her eyes)
Laksh removes his shirt and throws it on her
Ragini: what?
Lak: u wash it , make it new and bring it
Ragini: washing ,that too me? Never
Lak: I am not asking u …I am ordering u
Ragini: but……..
Lak: finger on ur lips

Ragini follows his command

Lak: gud girl now go , if u don’t know hw to wash it ,learn it, wash and bring it
Ragini simply nods and goes out
Laksh smiles at her actions and wears another shirt and goes out to buy grocery

NEXT DAY, in laksh’s house

Ragini: lucky I washed ur shirt
Lak: really. Wow give me, I will see it
Ragini gives him his shirt but before he could take it out from the cover,
Ragini: oh no I hav an important work I hav to go…
She runs out

Lak: what happened to her anyways let me check

He takes his shirt out but with his shirt there is also a letter

He thinks now what did u do ragini!!!!

He reads it

Dear lucky,
I know , in friendship no sry and no thank u ,but I am really sry for this, u know very well I don’t know hw to wash clothes but for u I tried that also……..SORRYyyyyyyy

Urs truly ,

Laksh doesn’t understand till he opens his shirt, he shouts,

Ragini who was standing at the doorsteps shouts sry laksh and runs away

( there was a big hole in his shirt and it was ragini’s magic)

Laksh was seeing his shirt with tears in his eyes … his best friend murdered his beloved shirt

To be continued…….

Credit to: asheeyana


  1. Riya

    Oh god! Ur ff is just too much cute?Cuteness overloaded??I loved it when Ragini said..Wow what a design! Lol???Pls keep posting?So much cute??

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