DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 2


Ragini gets ready and comes down and goes to the kitchen, there she sees lucky

Ragini: lucky what are u doing here?!!!!
Laksh starts searching
Ragini: what r u searching?
Laksh: I am searching ragini
Ragini: I am ragini
Laksh: no u cannot be ragini
Ragini: why?
Laksh: bcoz u look like a girl!!!!! hahahahahaha

Ragini stares him with anger, seeing her laksh stops laughing
Ragini: tell me lucky, what are u doing here?

Laksh: aunty called me here, I am here to support u and I will be ur cheerleader 2day
Laksh: ragini !!!!! ragini!!!!!! (he starts cheering and dancing)

Ragini hits her head and tells :I don’t know whether this is my home or an asylum, full of mad people are around me
Laksh: we already know that
Ragini: what?
Laksh: u r mad !!!!!!! hahaha
Ragini: er…..lucky…..
Ma: ragini come out, groom’s family is waiting
Laksh: go fast
Ragini comes out and laksh follows her cheering ragini! Ragini!

Ma: this my daughter ragini and ragini this is the groom and his family

(gm- groom’s mother

Gf-groom’s father)

Gm: wow, really pretty our son is really lucky
Gf: yes, beta why are u blushing lift ur head and see
Groom lifts his head and sees
Groom: oh my god , u r really good looking
He stands up and moves towards her direction
Meanwhile laksh cheers : ragini! Ragini!
Groom comes closer and ragini gets afraid she bends back and closes her eyes

Groom: I am ready to marry u , will u marry me?
Ragini opens her eyes but to her surprise there was no one infront of her she turned back and saw him kneeling infront of laksh and laksh’s face was full of horror

Ragini: hahahahahahaha

Laksh: hello what r u doing? I am not that type of guy
Groom: plz don’t reject me plz!!!!!
Ragini: yes laksh plz don’t reject him (laksh gives her his anger look) ragini tries to control her laughter but she couldn’t
Laksh starts running and the groom starts running behind him while ragini is laughing
Laksh: ragini plz save me yaar ….plz for the sake of our friendship…plz
Ragini: no no laksh this is ur love life how can I interfere I don’t have that rights
Laksh: plz ragini ,I will do whatever u say, plz save me
Ragini: puckka

Laksh: yes puckka
Ragini takes knife in her hand and shows it to the groom and he gets afraid
Groom: what r u doing , till now u were supporting me and now
Ragini: get out of my house now …get out now

Ragini chases them out of the house and laksh takes signs of relief and he sits on the chair breathing heavily while ragini sits on other chair laughing
Laksh stares her and also starts laughing

Ragini: now only I came to know one thing
Laksh: what?
Ragini: now I know why u had 13 breakups !!!!!! hahahahaha
Laksh stares her with full rage and ragini stops laughing

There is a big silence

Raglak: hhahahahahhaahhaahhaha

Laksh: ok ragini I will leave now , mom is calling me bye
Ragini: ok bye lucky

Laksh leaves,

Ma: hm…. Atlast u laughed
Ragini: what? What do u mean?
Ma: laksh did all this to make u laugh
Ragini: really?
Ma: yes he is the director of the whole drama, bcoz u were sad yesterday
Ragini: hm…so sweet, I am really lucky to have a friend like him
Ma: u should be

Ragini: ok I am getting late, i am going to bazaar u want something
Ma: no u carry on bye
Saying this ragini changes and leaves .

To be continued…….

Credit to: asheeyana

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