DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 10


Lak: ragini, plz forgive me ragini ( he was begging for his life)
Ragini: jst go………………
Lak: sry ragini!!!( he came to know that this time his mistake is unforgivable)
He and his mother turn to go out ,
Ragini: hey!!!!??!!?!!

They both turn
Ragini comes and catches his collar
Ragini: what haa? If I tell u to go, u will go? Don’t u dare think of leaving me
Laksh was shocked, he didn’t understand
Ragini: what? Only u guys know hw to act!!! I am the headmaster of the school in which u guys studied
Lak: u r unbelievable !!!
Ragini: I know that ( wiping her tears)
Lak: u r not angry on me?

Ragini: no!!!!
Lak: I am sry!!!
Ragini: if u tell me sry one more time I will kill u, remember I agreed to marry u only on the condition that we will be bffs forever and no sry and no thank u between bffs.
Lak: what I did was wrong!!!
Ragini: it is , but that’s fine and I don’t wanna lose u

Meherbaani nahi tumhara pyar maanga hai
Tumhe manzoor hai tabhi to yaar manga hai
Ghairon ke dar se, tere sheher se
Hai kasam rishta todoon na
Tera rastaa main chhodoon na..
Plays in bg and they both have a eyelock

ragini: and u were right if u had not done that I would be chasing u with that knife for my whole life.
Lak: see I only speak the truth
Ragini: then?(in an irritated tone)……. And by the way I don’t love u , I love ur stupidity
Lak: lifts his collar
Ragini: and the way u do the stupid acts , mind blowing!!!!!! ( sarcasm)
lak: r u praising me or cursing me?
Ragini: arey, of course praising u!!!! do u have any doubts on ur ability
Lak: no!!!
Ragini: and did u see ur face, hahahahahahahha ( she starts imitating him ) plz ragini forgive me plz…………hahahahahhaha
Laksh: today I will not leave u

She starts running but this time laksh was chasing her with knife
Ragini: laksh, chasing is my work
Lak: its ok ragini , u will get bored if u do it often

They both fall down and start laughing,

Ragini: hw was my acting mom!
Mom: very good
Lak: u knew she was acting ?
Mom: yes , when I told her sry, she winked at me

Lak: wow ragini not bad, u r learning many things from me
Ragini and mom: shut up!!!!!
Laksh makes faces. All the three laugh.
In a moving train,
Girl: wow, what a love story!!!
Raglak: it is!!

boy: where r u guys going?
Ragini: to get married
Girl and boy: what? Alone!!!!
Raglak: yaa, we are alone, coz we r running away and getting married
Girl: what?
Boy: why? both ur parents were happy with ur marriage
Raglak: yes
Ragini: were r running away and getting married……
Lak: with our parents permission.
Boy: wow u r really lucky
Girl: yes he is lucky, indeed sanskar!!
Sanskar: shut up swara!!!!
Swasan start fighting,

Ragini to laksh : looks like the beginning of another love story

Ragini goes to the door followed by laksh, both stand waving their hands outside
Meherbaani nahi tumhara pyar maanga hai
Tumhe manzoor hai tabhi to yaar manga hai
Ghairon ke dar se, tere sheher se
Hai kasam rishta todoon na
Tera rastaa main chhodoon na..
Agar ye hai nahi, to phir jaane pyar kya hai
Mere jeet hai tu, kise parvaah haar kya hai
Tera rasta chhodoon na..
Chhodoon naa main tera rasta chhodoon naa
Zindaa hoon lekin, wo baat nahi hai
Haathon mein teraa, jo haath nahi hai
Ishq ka hai naam bada
Maine hai kiya kaam bada
Kar ke magar aadha chhodoon na
Tere rukh se ye chehra modoon na
Tera rastaa main chhodoon na…

plays in the background.

The end.
Guys read the below para too, something important!!!!!!!!

Don’t love people jst bcoz they say I love u, love someone who shows in every single action that they love u , after all ,actions speak louder than words.

Guys I am ending it bcoz cute( u guys say it is cute ) stories need cute endings and if I drag it more it will lose its original essence.

And priya, I am in school so u decide I am ur elder sister or younger sister, both the ways I am fine.

I will try to come up with a season two but I don’t know when nor do I know surely that I will come. Stay happy, be happy and don’t forget there are still good people in the world like laksh, like ragini.

And guys don’t u dare forget me afra( asheeyana). Love u all.Thank u.

Thank u ,
Pratheeksha, riya,ridhi, needhi, swati,kalai, megha, anamika,s priya, divya,sia, rakhi, naimi,dafsi, aarti, taiaana, kriya, Lovely, sindhu rm, Ayesha, joona, ammu, ani, raglak, ragini, joona, ruhani, dhara, heena, ananya, pari, pavani,anu ,kirti, sarika shah, sanaya ( sry if I forgot to mention any of ur names) and silent readers too, and my sister fidha ,Thank u very much.

Credit to: asheeyana

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