DOSTHI aur dil…(raglak) 1


Ragini after meeting someone returned to her house ,she went to her room and shut the door ,no one saw her as they were busy with their own works

Ragini’s POV,
God why is it always happening with me the one guy I ever loved, broke up with me ,why?
I know I forced him to marry me but one day or the other we are going to do that …..why rohan? Why?
Ragini was in unbearable pain she couldn’t digest the fact that the person she loved the most left her ……….she cried for hours, that’s when her mother called her ragini………………

Ragini washed her face , made herself presentable and came down she saw her best friend lucky standing there,

Laksh: hi ragini!
Ragini: hi laksh
Lucky noticed that the regular charm in her voice was missing,
Laksh: ragini I want to talk
Ragini: ya tell me
Laksh: alone yaar
Ragini: ok then I will leave
Laksh: hahahaha very funny , I cannot stop laughing
Ragini: then don’t stop
Laksh: yaar plz
Ragini: ok sry yaar.. come we will go to my room
Laksh: hm……
As soon as they reached laksh shut the door,
Ragini: laksh what are u doing?
Laksh caught ragini’s hand and made her sit on her bed,
Laksh: what happened ragini?
Ragini: what happened? Nothing happened
Laksh: then why were u crying

Ragini was shocked , she wondered how did laksh come to know that I was crying

Ragini: how did u know that?
Laksh: come on, u r my bff , atleast I know when u r happy or sad
Ragini narrates him the whole break up story and laksh was seriously listening to her

Ragini: what ? that’s it? I am not telling mahabharath here…
Laksh: that’s it oh god!!
Ragini: what?
Laksh: I was expecting a lot of emotions and u ended it like ………what yaar ur narrating skills are very disappointing and started to laugh
Ragini was shocked and started beating him
Ragini: I thought u will console me but u r making fun of me
Laksh: whatelse I will do, for one break up u were crying like this, I don’t know what I should do, I should have commited suicide by hanging on my room’s fan
Ragini: what? How many breakups did u have?
Laksh started recalling his breakups
Laksh: 13 I think
Ragini: what? 13? And started laughing
Laksh was staring her
Ragini: u know how to change my mood ,don’t u?
Laksh: of course I do and that’s what friends are for
Ragini: hm…..thats true
Laksh: acha ok I will leave now and u don’t think about anything just sleep peacefully ok
Ragini: yes sir
Laksh: bye!
Ragini: laksh?
Laksh: yes tell me
Ragini: u lied about the breakups didn’t u ?
Laksh: smiles and says bye ragini and leaves
Ragini: bye lucky

Next Morning,

Ragini wake up, ragini !!!!!!
Ragini: ma 2 mins plz let me sleep
Ma: ragini, its important get up
Ragini: what happened ma why r u sounding tensed, is something wrong?
Ma: no but u first get ready and come downstairs
Ragini: for what?
Ma: groom’s family has come to our house
Ragini: what? Ma how can u do this when papa is still alive ?how can u marry mom?
Ma: shut up ragini they are coming to meet u ,not me
Ragini: me?!!!!!!!! But for what?
Ma: to go fishing with u, obviously to ask ur hand for their son
Ragini: no I will not come down and again tries to go back to her sleep
Ma: tumhe meri kasam ragini , come down wearing this saree
Ragini: ma…………….
Ragini: thinks) from when did she start all this emotional atyachaar……
She gets ready ( afterall it is her mother’s command) and comes down and is shocked to see the family sitting infront of her…………….
Ragini: u?????????

Precap: hahahahha…………
To be continued.

Credit to: asheeyana

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