Dorae Rangers (Two shots)(2/2)

Dorae Rangers (Two shorts)(2/2)
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Recap: Dorae’s betreyal, revenge, intro of rangers, chemistry between raglak
Next Day
Shahil and doraemon were toasting bread for breakfast
At that time shah told about hid love story in Australia
Dorae promised that he will be with him forever
He told that he was his first true and best friend
So after this war between Rp and Dp he will surely come to Australia with shah
Shah gets very happy after listening to this and hugged dorae
Dorae to hugged him back and said he will also help in his love
Meanwhile sans called and asked swara to come for dinner with him
Swara-OK I’ll call raglak and shahdorae
Sanskar- nooo!
Sans-I would like to talk to you alone. Something important

Swa-me too.I’ll be there by 8pm
Evening at 7:55 at XYZ restaurant
Swa-Y is this sanskar so late. Lazy goose. He doesn’t know to be punctual. These Americans are like this only
San-Ahh! I’m came here at 8pm as said. Good sanskar(pats him)
Swa-In return swara slaps him
Sans-but y (he is shocked)
Swa-Y r u so late idiot. Don’t you know punctuality .We Japanese are always present b4 15 minutes
San-Stop u r lecture grandma. I just wanted to talk something important to u
Swa-ok say. But for ur kind info I’m not ur grandma.
San-shall I ask u something
San-y were u always seeing me when dorae gave us instructions? Y did u come to restaurant when I called u becz u are in lo…..
Suddenly aliens came there .They changed into rangers by wearing their caps. They informed others.
Finally the aliens who attacked them were dead.

Sanskar was abt to say something but raglakdoraeshah came there. They all went home.
Next day was Laksh’s cousin’s marriage
Laksh was wearing red sherwani
Rags was wearing yellow Lehenga
Sans was wearing Green sherwani
Swara was wearing blue saree
Shahil was wearing black suit and came with Doraemon
One person in the wedding commented,” Hey look he with a raccoon”
Doraemon was angry and shouted,”Hey I’m not a raccoon, I’m a cat’
Person,”Hey look this raccoon is talking”
Doraemon was angry and went out .Shah did not notice this

The bride and groom were about exchange garlands, Dp and Rp came and said we found u haha
Here Rags suddenly turned invisible and went to bring doraemon
Swara was calming the people with her mind.
Shahil was freezing the aliens
Laksh was fighting with his glove
Sankar was controlling the plants around him to help him
The alien troops were more. So it was difficult for them to fight
All the four get caught.Rp and Dp asks where is rags and asks who is behind them
Just them dorae enters and says I was behind them
Rags was still invisible and she silently released the four rangers
Dp-Dorae why did you change

Rp-u betrey us
Dorae-S! I don’t want to support a friend who tried to blame me
Now all started to attack dorae
Dp and Rp became huge
The rangers called their zoards and all became megazoard
There was an epic battle between Dp, Rp and Rangers
Dp and Rp used their special power and destroyed their zoards
The rangers were scattered and their ranger powers gone
But still they have Doraemon’s gadgets
So they used their gadget power to destroy them

Later dorae joined them and he used his special gadgets and Rp and Dp and their aliens were destroyed
Doraemon replaced and repaired the damaged things and the city became as it was before
Laksh’s cousin’s marriage took place
The rangers planned to stay in India as it was very beautiful and there were many things to explore
It was confession time now
Sans – swara y were u always seeing me when dorae gave us instructions? Why did u come to restaurant when I called u? And why are listening to me now? becz u are in love with me .I love you swara
Swa – Me too sanskar.
Swasan hugged eo
Sans-One more thing
Sans-Please don’t be strict anyone
Swa-But you should be perfect hereafter
Sans-Will see
Both smiled

Laksh – Is there a need for me to say this?
Ragini- Not at all
Laksh – But I’ll. I am red ranger and you are yellow ranger. Isn’t it a perfect match?
Ragini-Yes it is. For a change, will you be my better half laksh.
Laksh- For sure
Shahil and Dorae were watching this
Shahil started to tease them
They blushed

Dorae- But what abt your ladylove in Australia shah
Shah – We all are bachelors. Free birds
Dorae – Don’t worry I’ll bring a suzuka for you
Shah- Suzuka???

Dorae- You doesn’t need to know that, readers will know that!!!
Screen Freezes with Doraeman’s smiley face
Happy Ending


So guys how was it
Our names are sraavani and dharshinie
We thought of something new
Doraemon’s idea was given by sraavan and Power rangers by dharsh
We will be eagerly waiting for your comments.

And sry as it is very big

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