Dorae Rangers (Two shots)(1/2)


Dorae Rangers
Its something we start first
Its the height of our imagination
We are silent readers

Chappals and broomsticks are welcomed
Doraemon, DP and RP are aliens trying to invade earth
Dorae has his gadgets pouch.
They were separately travelling in a UFO
But dorae gets missed
When he returned he heard DP and RP talking:
Dp-Yippee! We r going to be rich after we reach earth
Rp-but what if we get caught

Dp-Lets us blame dorae
Rp-U r genius boss!

Dorae gets shocked. He plans to take revenge.
He reached Earth and changed after the people’s goodness.
Meanwhile Dp and Rp reach Earth and start their plans
They invited all other aliens

Dorae feels guilty and plans to save earth and searches for his power ranger’s troop.
He found them around the world and gave them their zoads and gadgets.

Occupation: Skiing coach
Ranger: Black
Gadgets: Freezing Machine
Zoard: Penguin

Occupation: Greenhouse keeper
Ranger: Green
Gadget: Plants controller
Zoard: Antelope

Occupation: Scientist
Ranger: Yellow
Gadget: Invincible cap
Zoard: Garuda

Occupation: Psychologist
Ranger: Blue
Gadget: Mind controller
Zoard: Fish

They all found that Dp and Rp are in India
So the last ranger was from India

Occupation: Boxer
Ranger: Red
Gadget: Boxing Glove
Zoard: Gorilla

They all stayed in India
And Dorae said all about their alien plans
He taught them to attack
Their weakness
Their motive etc.
They were given their suits and caps which enables them to change into rangers

They all looked for job
All got except shahil because he was a skiing master
So shah and dorae looked up the household chores

Swaragsanlak bond become strong
Especially Raglak and Swasan
They know everything but kept everything in their heart

At the same time all the rangers fought with the aliens whenever they arouse problems
Dp and Rp are infuriated and invited more aliens.

Next Day
Raglak at Boutique
It was Laksh’s cousin’s marriage, so Laksh and Ragini went to boutique
Ragini was with lucky’s cousin and Laksh with his friend
Laksh was planning to gift a lehenga for Rags
He goes to women’s section and asks the helper girls to show lehengas
Ragini was standing near mirror
Laksh keeps the dress b4 mirror to see whether it sets rags
But everyone thought that he was trying a lehenga
His friend watched everything in a crooked way
Suddenly aliens came. They informed dorae and excused from their relatives
Ragini said that she wants to use trial room and laksh restroom.
Soon swasan and shahil joined them

They all killed them
But one alien went and said this to Rp and Dp. Rp and Dp kill them soon and they also wanted to know who is behind them
Precap: Rp’s and Dp’s destroyal and happy ending
Sorry for irritating u and wasting your time
Both positive and negative comments are accepted
Its just our try
So please encourage us with your comments
Sorry once again

We are neighbours
We will reveal our names at last will try to post the last part tomorrow

Credit to: Unknown

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  1. Haha ? funny ? made me laugh and must appreciate your concept 🙂

    1. Thanq

  2. Really funny…but itz nice ….

    1. Thanq

  3. raglak part is nice

    1. Swasan tomorrow.Thanq

  4. ?????

    1. Thanq

  5. Nice creativity and it was funny imagining a swaragsanlak as rangers…

    1. Thanq

  6. Awesome
    Thanks making sanskar green ranger
    Cuz my house is green (school wala)????

    1. Green ranger

  7. TYSM friends for ur comments
    We thought it is very childish
    But this two shot being something first in our writing,each and every comment makes us happy
    Thanks a lot

  8. I laughed hard.Awsome!!

    1. My name also unknown hifi

      1. Hifi and thanx

  9. Rofl! I’m a power ranger fan! Jungle fury,dino thunder, mystic force and spd was my fav! The red in jungle fury is my first crush! He..he.. I’m an 18 year old who watches japanese cartoons.. I’m great! 😛

    waiting for nxt! Can’t w8 to see the rangers in action!

    1. Haha thank
      But short blue ranger is also very cute in jungle fury
      Moreover all the girls in power rangers are beautiful

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