Doppelganger At The Bookstore (Horror OS)

They say that if you see your doppelganger, it is a very bad omen. A doppelganger is an evil counterpart of a ghostly double and it appears when you least expect it.


Hello reader, my name is Aarohi Kashyap and I live with my uncle and aunt as my parents and brother and sister in law and their child died in a car crash, after that I was numb and only when their bodies were burnt to ashes and immersed in the lake, I realized what had happened and screamed at the top of my lungs calling out for them but they couldn’t hear me, uncle and aunt adopted me after that.

But one day he was also diagnosed with cancer. Poor me. And my aunt was taking care of him at our house. It was a rainy Saturday and I had to get out of my house and take a break. I decided to go to the local book store. I was browsing through the shelves of books that lined the walls. Just then, I heard a girl’s voice at the cash register. She was asking the clerk for some help choosing a book. ‘I am looking for a book for my friend, her uncle just died and I want to get her something,’ she said.

I broke out in cold sweat. I recognized that voice. When I turned around, I saw that the figure at the cash register was me. Her hair were the same color and style as mine. She was the same height and build as me. She was wearing the same clothes as me. Everything was exactly the same. I gasped in horror and turned back to face the wall. I was afraid that the doppelganger would see me. I heard her buy a book and she left from there.

As I calmed down, I ran out of the bookstore and went straight home. When I got there, I saw my aunt was crying. She told me my uncle died a few minutes ago..

The End.

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  1. Priyu

    Nice start. ?Arohi’s dopleganger? Good idea!! Well that’s a very scary meeting ?

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