Hey friends this s Neera here… no would be knowing me…. am new here…… i hope i ll get a good support from u all… so no more bakwas….n yeah…i would be using tamil songs for bg as i donno hindi… maaf kar dijiye muje ( :p lol i know oly few sentences by reading swasan ffs)..
A very big mansion is shown…. it s beautifully decorated… the decorations show tat some party is gonna be held there…… guests are arriving….. they r taken a very good care…
A room is shown… a girl is getting ready…. she is wearing a white full length sleeveless gown n her hair let out free with a perfect makeover…… one could easily get mesmerized seeing the beautiful big eyes of the girl…. or i can even say people often get confused whether they r eyes or magnet….

Suddenly she hears someone calling her….. she turns n gets scared seeing the person or i can say people…..
The scene shifts to d party hall…. we can see people enjoying madly in d party….
They suddenly see a beautiful girl coming down the stairs… the guys over there are totally flat seeing d girl… we can say their jaws were touching the ground…
The girl feels lil shy seeing people but when she sees someone she again gets scared n stands helplessly….

So was it guys ? Who is tat girl ? Who r those people ? Why is she afraid of them ? Is there any reason behind it or is it simply she s afraid of new people ?
Sorry guys if am boring u all… n i wanna tell u all onething… if my ff is resembling any other ff over here pls lemme know it…

Credit to: Neera


    • neera

      Sure dear 🙂 am really happy cauz u r d first to comment… it means a lot to.me 🙂

  1. Bachi

    neera…its okay…I don’t know tamil but I like tamil songs…It was amazing start…All the best babes…god bless…I am malayali…take care

    • neera

      Tq very much dear 🙂 tq for ur support 🙂 i really need everyones support for my success 🙂 tc dear…

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