Doo foot ki dinoo (part 4)


HiHi guys back wid 4 th update
Aryan hugs Aradhya in canteen wen shivani introduced her

Aradhya- i am leaving shivani will u come along
Shivani -arr …..
Aradhya- no need u hang out with these idiots bye
Shivani – listen
Aryan – don’t worry i go and see her
Aradhya walking alone waiting for a cab meanwhile some gundays enter and start teasing her
They try to touch her and aryan enter
A whole climax fight occurred there and Aradhya start to cry
Police come they caught the gundays and leave

Aryan – hi hi y are u crying plzz don’t cry
Aradhya – I don’t belong here this place in insane. And ppl are too bad here
Aryan – no not all are like that sweety
Aryan drops her to her hostel they didn’t share a word and she leaves
Aryan tells the whole scene in shivani and then shivani tells everything to Aradhya ‘s mom as a call comes from her
Next morning
Aryan shivani and varun in class
Aryan – shivani. Where’s Aradhya?
Shivani- i did a big mistake yesterday
Aryan – wat
Shivani – I told everything to her mom and they took her from here
Aryan – wat are u mad don’t u knw how her parents are they are so concerned of her
Shivani -i am srry

Meanwhile Aradhya is crying as she is forced to stay in krishanavati and do her graduation there

Aryan and Aradhya didn’t met each other for 6 months
It’s Aradhya’s birthday
Everyone is busy preparing for the party

Pradun VIDHYADHAR rao ( short form PVR)-shaswat sab hoga ajj aryan aa raha hai today finally Aradhya will knw who she belong to i want everything to be perfect is the rings ready
Shaswat- ji aaba all set everything is wat we wanted to today aryan and Aradhya engagement will be official and all ppl are called

Aryan reach krishanavati
He went to his house all family get ready and leaves for mansion with shagun
In party waiting for Aradhya
Aryan – maa i am soo happy finally wat i wanted is going to happen i will see her after 6 months and best part is i will take her along to mumbai
Tulsi – ya beta i am more excited to see her

Precap – Aradhya’s told the truth of her engagement .Aryan propose her on knees. She throws the ring and the cake and leave crying to her room

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  1. Manya

    Awesome epi but feeling bad for aryan!!!!

  2. Great epi. Me too feeling very bad for Aryan. Poor boy.. his dreams are shattered

  3. Nyc episode..

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