Doo foot ki dinoo (Intro and Part 1)


Hi guys i am new here hope u like my article
So its on story line of krishandasi
Aryan son of tulsi
And Aradhya daughter of pavitra
Here the tulsi is not a devdasi and family has good relations with each other
Aradhyaa was sent in hostel wen she was 5 so she don’t knw aryan as a family friend

Here it goes
Aru- oh god i am late shivani can’t u wake me up soon this is all becoz of u i have such a important lecture today
Shivani – wow u get up late thats also my fault like really huh am i ur servant to wake u up ok ok now get ready mad girl

Meanwhile in boys hostel
Aryan – chl bhai we are already late my god u take more time than girls to get ready
Varun – yaa yaa watever i want more girls to be flat on me so u shut up.
Both leaves for college

Aryan is a brat and flirt he flirt with every girl

Its rose day in college and he is having the bunch of roses

Aryan ( to a random girl )- u knw ur eyes resemble so much to my grandmaa its soo pretty

Varun enters
Varun – And u r 65 th girl today whom he had said this

Girls leaves and throws rose on aryan

Precap – Aryan and Aradhya collides and all roses are felt on Aradhya . Aradhya tries to leave and Aryan tries to stop her and in all this He sees a mark on Aradhya’s back . He leaves her in shock

Credit to: Era

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  1. Wow…intrestingg track..?

    1. Aww tysm ?

  2. nice storyline……post d next part asap….

    1. Yeah will thanks for encouraging ?

  3. Nice episode?? and really lovelyyyyyyy????❤️❤️ intro thank God here families are not enemies ??…….post the next part asap??……..fabbbbbbb start keep it up Era????????

    1. Yeah actually it’s really different from story hope u like it further even ?

  4. Hi era u hve an interesting storyline

    1. Tysm ? Thanks for encouraging

  5. silent reader

    very goood
    next part plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    plz next part
    what is that sign?? mark?

    1. U need to wait ? Soon u got to knw about that Mark and yaa tysm ?

      1. Silent reader

        where is ur next part???

  6. Awesome. Very nice story line ..good job further soon..waiting desperately! !

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