Don’t Want to Regret Anything (SanDhir) part – 1







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(One girl is waiting for someone … one can clearly understand from her expressions that she is hell worried )

Girl’s pov

She will be always late whenever i need her … i have to do something …otherwise it will be too late and papa will get to know that i m not at home

( she looks around and sees one boy working on his laptop … without thinking once she run to him )

G : excuse me !!!!

B : yes !!!

G : i want to check my result … can i use ur laptop

B : okk

( she checks her result … suddenly she starts jumping and screaming 10…10 …i get 10th rank …and hug him … boy was shocked … but likes her innocent,stupid act … she come back to sense )

G : sorry … thanks

B : its ok … btw congrats

G : thanks

B : which college ?

G : FITE …MY dream

B : actually …

( suddenly another girl come running towards her)

G : i dont want to talk to u

Another girl : i m sorry sanyu … oh sorry ms sanyukta agarwal …. FITE engineer

( yes she is sanyukta agarwal … agarwal family’s only daughter… kishor nd anju agarwal’s daughter … yeah the great Mr kishor agarwal … agarwal motor’s CEO…loves her mom nd dad … but has different dreams about her life … not interested in relatioship … loves only 5 persons her mom ,dad , bro , vid nd machines… yes machines are not a person but for her machines are her life )

Sanyu : vid , u r always late … u r not true friend

(another girl is vid …vidushi …sanyu’s childhood friend … not interested in love , study , relationships etc … only wants money … because she has faced financial issues … so understands the value of money… but loves sanyu nd her mom)

(vid dragged sanyu from garden)

In the car

Sanyu : i was waiting for u since 30 minutes … u knew that i need ur laptop … bro has snatched my laptop ,mobile when i told him about FITE … and u know everything still

Vid : shut up … and tell me result

Sanyu : no …

Vid : okk … i will call ur dad (and start dialing)

(sanyu snatch her phone and shouted on her )

Sanyu : 10th rank …

( vid starts screaming )

Sanyu : i m only eligible for admission … but i need dad’s permission

Vid : dont worry … just follow ur heart

Guys plz let me know … u like it … should i continue ?? … or i should leave it …

Comment ur views

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  1. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    amazing Please do continue loved it and please if possible read my ff Tashan e revenge to Sadda love please

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