Don’t wait. ………….confess your love. Few shots by Amna


So l m back with a new story. This one is a school secret crush story. Last time l promised that l will take another hero with our Ragini. So l m choosing namik aka parth for this one. But seriously l couldn’t overcome with giving shot updates.

Namik’s pov
She is my class mate. A padhaku topper who speaks very less. I always thought that are somewhat mental though they top in schools but they have least common sense. But who knew l will fall in love same type of mental girl.
Ragini my class mate. A total introvert . But when she first time entered in school something magical happened with me. Ghanta bjne lagi,hawa ein chale lagi and by chance peeche ek music rehearsal bhi ho rha tha. Bilkul film type.

Uske pyar m aise pagal hue ki do saal se ek hi class m padhe hue h. Yes when she came in this school she was in ninth and l was in eleventh. Then she in tenth ,l still in eleventh. Then finally she reached eleventh and there l was waiting for her. Hehe getting all types of taunts from my family. Nalayak,gadha ,beakl but bhai l was in love. Couldn’t see anything beside her.
She always sat on the left row corner seat and if one day she wouldn’t get that seat she would make so puppy face that l would fight with everyone to get her that seat. And guess what she never thanked me for this. Would only see me like a helpless girl. Ufff that seat is also more fortunate than me. Wish that l was that seat……..

First love and as if l have taken copy right of shying. My gang asked me so much to confess my love to their bhabhi but seeing her nothing would come out of my mouth. Hehe funny na a girl does not become gf or wife of a boy later but become bhabhi of his friends first.
One day she was coming down from stairs and my stupid friends pushed me towards her. They will die soon…… but bcoz of this she stumped and l holder with her with her waist. How to tell that feeling. She was so soft,and her eyes -they have naha of hundred bottles. Bhai rok lo mujhe na toh aaj m Mar hi jau Inn aakh on k wajah se aur meri Ragini pr murder ka case lag jaye.
Then with her feeble voice said-hame chodi ye.

And l suddenly came out of my dream land and in the shock left her and she she immediately fell on ground. He’ll Wat did you do namik. All were laughing and she was embarrassed quickly got from there. I felt she was hurt. She must have misunderstood this . Meri love story too bnane se phli hi kha tam ho jayegi. Help me god help me.

Recap-Ragini’s pov

So how was this. Hope this didn’t become a work of an idiot. Pls tell me how was this . Next update will be after eid.

Credit to: Amna

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  1. Ooo god realllly !!!!!awesome update…..u killld it thoroughly….that words..rok lo..bhabhi r actually genuine…nd yaa d bhabhi too… update soon nd longr 1 plzzzz….waiting..lots of lovvee

  2. it ws super cute like almost after every sentence it ws an awwwww!!!! moment loved it tysm for this different ff love u nd plzz update soon ….

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