Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 9)

Part 8
Shivaay was deliberately driving slowly. Knowing the fact that this is probably the last time he is dropping her home, he wanted to spend most of his time with her. He didn’t wanted to let her go but he also didn’t had a proper reason to make her stay back. Lost in his thoughts he didn’t realized when he reached Annika’s home. He put the break and she started leaving. He saw her get out of the car, he too unknowingly got off his car and asked Annika to “stop”. He said, “chalo mai tumhe andar tak chhod deta hu”(let me walk with you into your home). Annika refuses and says, “nahi mai khud hi chali jaungi”(no I will go by myself). Shivaay doesn’t listen and just goes and grabs her wrist. They walk into the house together. Shivaay looks at all directions in the house and says, “tumhara bhai ghar pe nahi hai”(your brother is not at home). Annika says, “are waah aap to baumukesh bakshi{a great spy} nikle. Apko kaise pata chala ki Sahil ghar pe nahi hai”(wow, you turned out to be a brilliant spy, how did you come to know that Sahil is not at home). Shivaay just stares at her. She replies, “raste me uske dost ki mammi ka msg aaya tha, use akele dar lag raha tha to wo apne dost ke ghar chala gaya aur wahi so gaya”(on the way I received a message from his friend’s mother, in which she told that Sahil got scared being alone, so he went to his friend’s house and now he is sleeping there).

Shivaay asks for water, she brings it. Shivaay sips it and reminisces all their moments from their first meet, their fights and everything in the end he reminisces the kiss and then the fact strikes him that this is the last day he is seeing her here. He puts the glass down and pulls her into a hug. At first she is shocked but then she feels his emotions. She realizes that he has hugged her out of emotions, out of the feeling of him, no of them not being able to meet each other, the loosing hope of meeting again. She feels the same thing and after sometime, she hugs him back. Both are lost into each other, they don’t want to let the other go. They stay like this for a while, in each other’s embrace. They didn’t want this day to end alongwith their hope of meeting again. They hear some noises and slowly break apart.

They turn towards the door and are shocked to see people of the locality gathered at the door and windows of her house. They were murmuring something like, “ohh to iska matlab ki Jo news me dikhayi gai khabrein thi wo sari sach this”(ohh it means that all those rumours that they saw on TV news were true). Few were spitting venom against Annika by throwing taunts like, “hum ise kya samajhte the aur he kya nikli”(what we thought of her to be and what she turned out to be). There were many more cheap comments on Annika’s character which made her get teary eyed. Shivaay couldn’t take it anymore because she was in all this mess just because she saved him. Shivaay just yelled at all of them to get back to their homes and warned them by saying, “agar kisi ne bhi Annika pe ek ungli bhi uthai to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga. Agar kisi ne Annika se kuch bhi kaha ya use pareshan kiya to us insan ko Shivaay Singh Oberoi se koi nahi bacha paega”(if anyone of you lay a finger on her then you will see the bad side of me. If anyone says anything to Annika or if anyone troubled her, then no one will be able to save you from Shivaay Singh Oberoi).

His warning gave shivers to those people and they went back to their houses. Shivaay turns to Annika, she says, “Thank you” Shivaay smiles and leaves. Unknown to him that the danger is still around her, he drives back to Oberoi Mansion. Annika changes into her night dress and goes to bed. When she falls into deep sleep a certain someone enters her home and puts on the gas and messages “Kaam ho gaya”(work is done). Mrs Kapoor receives the message and smirks. She thinks, “tomorrow morning’s newspaper will get me the news of your departure Annika”. Robbin enters her room and asks, “Tia abhi take ghar kyu nahi aai” (why hasn’t Tia returned home till now). Mrs Kapoor gets irked and says, “wo wahin hai jahan use hona chahiye, apne hone wale pati ke sath. Aaj Shivaay ne uske sath dinner date plan ki thi, usi me late ho gaya hoga isliye shayad wahin ruk gain”(Tia is there, where she should be, where she belongs. She is with her ‘soon to be husband’. Shivaay had arranged a dinner date with her, she must have got late so I guess she is staying there only). Robbin says, “but”. But Mrs Kapoor shuts him down and throws him out of her room. She mentally smiles by thinking that Tia is following the right path, which she should have followed long back.

Next morning,
Mrs Kapoor runs at the door to look at the newspaper to read the news of Annika but when she sees the newspaper she is struck with shock. Robbin comes and snatches the newspaper and says, “Tia”. The newspaper has the news of Shivaay’s fiance getting arrested for the case of fraud, attempt to murder and many other legal charges being put on her by the Oberois. Mrs Kapoor fumes in anger and she drives to Oberoi Mansion in full rage. While Robbin on the other hand drives to an eligible lawyer and then with his help bails Tia out. Mrs Kapoor storms into Oberoi Mansion and says, “aap logon ki himmat kaisi hui merit beti pe jhute iljam laga ke use arrest karwane ki”(How dare you get my daughter arrested by putting false accusations on her). Pinky says, “O My Mata, apki Tia na koi dudh ki dhuli nahi hai usne ye sab kuch na sach bolne ka kadha peene ke baad kaha hai aur an hum sab aapki puri sachchai jaan chuke hain so you move outs of my house”(O My Mata your Tia is not so innocent, she said all this under the effect of truth serum. Now we all know all you truth so you better leave my home). Mrs Kapoor feels insulted and leaves . She goes to her home where she finds Tia and asks her how did this all happen. Tia says, “Annika is responsible for all this, I will not leave her this time, because of her I had to stay in prison for one long night I will make sure that she stays in prison for her entire life time”.

Mrs Kapoor says, “no need of it, last night I had asked my men to set her house on fire, I am sure that she would have left the world by now”. Tia says, “I wanna see it by my own eyes” Mrs Kapoor agrees and the trio drive towards Annika’s house. They see that the entire house has burned and there are people all around it. Tia smirks and calls Shivaay, she says to him, “Shivaay baby I have a surprise for you just reach Annika’s house and you’ll see it”. Saying so she switches off the phone. Shivaay in no time reaches the place and is shocked to see the sight. It is visible that the house had caught a huge fire some time back. Shivaay with shaking legs starts moving into the house. He searches for Annika in the entire house but he doesn’t finds her. Somewhere in his heart he knows that his Annika is fine but he doesn’t know where she is. He calls at home and informs the entire family about it.

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