Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 8)

A new day in Oberoi Mansion.

Oberois and Kapoor’s have gathered together for discussing about marriage functions. Shivaay is in a call in his room. Annika is in the room besides Shivaay’s room. She is trying to put down a heavy bag from top of the cupboard as asked by Mrs Kapoor, while standing on a stool. The stool disbalances and she falls on the ground. Shivaay hears the sound and goes to the room to see. He sees Annika on the floor and a heavy bag about to fall over her. Shivaay runs towards her and lays on top of her to protect her, keeping distance of the elbow as he puts both his palms on either sides of her shoulders. Annika is shocked and is about to say something when the bag falls on Shivaay’s head and he looses his balance and falls down on her, his head besides her head and his body all over hers touching each other.

Their love moment is witnessed by Mrs Kapoor. She clicks the pic of Shivaay lying over Annika. She sends some of her random employee to bail out those men who kidnapped Shivika. She leaves to police station and instigates those men against Annika showing the pic. She says, “this girl is trapping my daughter’s fiance for his money”. She asks them to do something (which is muted) to remove Annika from her daughter’s life. She pretends to be a good mother worried for her daughter’s future. Those men agree to what she says. She smirks and leaves from their.

In oberoi mansion,
Shivaay and Annika get up and get awkward due to what happened earlier. Annika asks, “aap thik hain(r u OK)”. Shivaay nods in positive and says, “chalo mere sath”[come with me]. She asks , “Kahan”[where]. He doesn’t reply, he just holds her hand and starts walking. He takes her to Om’s room . Annika gets puzzled and asks, “aap mujhe yahan q laae hain”[why have you brought me here]. Shivaay says, “Shut up”. He closes the room’s door and opens the secret chamber. Annika gets shocked but before she could say anything Shivaay pushes her down and then jumps after her.

Annika lands on the floor with a bang. Rudy says, “Annika Didi aa gayin, Annika Didi aa gai”[Annika Didi came-2] Annika was about to get up but Shivaay lands upon her. They both stare each other. Rudy says, “bhaiya” and coughs. They both get apart. Annika says, “Aap mujhe yahan q laae hain”[why did you bring me here]. Om says, “hume plan ko aage badhana hai, hume abhi tak Tia ke maksad ke baare me nahi pata chala hai” [we have to move forward our plan, we still don’t know anything about Tia’s motive]. Annika says, “Billuji aap Tia ko sach bolne ki dawai q nahi pila date jaise ..”[Billuji why don’t you make Tia drink Truth serum like you…]. She is cut off by Shivaay. He says, “what if she didnt confess and the things go in a wrong direction”(thinking about the kiss). Om says, “Annika is right, we should do this”. Rudy says, “but how?”. Shivaay says, “leave that to me, you guys just do as I say”. He says to Annika, “jao Jake poolside pe ek romantic dinner date ki taiyyari Karo”[go and arrange for a romantic dinner date at the pool side]. Shivaay to OmRu, “pool area me cameras fit Karo”. They follow.

Shivaay calls Tia for a dinner date. Tia happily comes. Shivaay offers her a drink(truth serum). He says, “I have bought it specially for you”. Tia takes the drink and finishes it in a go. Shivaay asks Tia, “who is Dushyant?”. Tia says, “he is my husband”. Shivaay is shocked to hear this. He further questions her, “if you are already married, then why are you marrying me?”. Tia smirks and says, “for revenge Shivaay baby. After marrying you I will kill your family and all your wealth will be legally transferred to me as I will be the only member in the family left”. Shivaay says, “how can you even think that Tia”. Tia says, “really Shivaay baby, think. You are asking me this. So listen, my sister planted Gaetri in your house, when at the time of CD scandal you preponed the marriage, I found the way to accomplish my mission at the earliest and I framed you in Gaeyetri’s murder case because I knew this will lead to fall in your stock prices and you will again prepone the marriage but Annika failed all my plans. But this time I will not let her do so, because I will attack you people after marriage when she is not around because she is not part of my revenge”.

ShivOmRuAni are shocked to hear all this. Shivaay keeps cool while others fume. Shivaay asks, “what revenge, what have we done”. Tia says, “your family killed my father. My father used to be Manager of Mr Tej Singh Oberoi, but the Oberois killed him and now I will kill all of you”. Saying so she faints sitting in the chair and resting her head on the table. Shivaay leaves from there and he shows the video recording to entire family. All are shocked to know Tia’s reality, Pinky is hurt as she trusted Tia a lot. Tej asks Shivaay that his did he come to know about all this. Shivaay says, its a long story. Tej says, “I have all the time, just say”. Shivaay tells him, “Annika saw Tia kissing Dushyant and I had a bet with her I said that I will prove her wrong and so I used truth serum and all truth was out”.

Other side, Tia wakes up with a headache and thinks, “where is Shivaay baby, we had a dinner date but I can’t remember anything, just that I took a drink. It might be a really hard drink, that’s why I couldn’t remember anything”. She looks at her watch and is shocked she says to herself, “oh my God, its 09:30 pm, for how long have I been sleeping here”. She walks downstairs and enters the hall, she sees all are staring her. Then she sees police at the door. Police arrests her, she is puzzled, she looks at Shivaay and says, “Shivaay baby see they are arresting me, why are you silent just say something”. Pinky says, “bas kar aur due reh mere bacche se, Teri sacchai ab samne aa chuki hai, Tera aur Dushyant ka sach Annika ne apni ankho se dekha hai”. Tia speaks, “what, ab aap us middle class ladki ki baato me aake mujhpe shaq kar rahi hain”.[what, now you are doubting me due to that middle class girl].

Pinky says, “Inspector le jaiye ise hume iski shakal nahi dekhni”[inspector take her away we don’t want to see her face]. Tia says, “you can’t arrest me, you don’t have proof against me” inspector just ignores and takes her away. Tia thinks, ” you didn’t do right Annika, now I will not leave you”. In the mansion, all are sad Specially Dadi and Pinky. No one ever thought that Tia could be so mean and so cruel to them. Annika receives Sahil’s call and says, “I am coming Sahil, I am just leaving”. She ends the call and starts packing her things. Shivaay sees her and is sad. OmRu and Prinku come and hug her one by one. Rudra asks, “Didi aap wapas aoge na”[Didi you will come back, right]. Annika says, “nahi Rudra, mera yahan kaam khatam ho gaya hai ab mai yahan nahi aungi, aaj mera yahan akhri din tha”.[No rudra, my work here is over, now I won’t return. Today was my last day in OM]. OmRuPrinku get sad while something breaks inside Shivaay’s heart.

The thought that Annika is leaving Oberoi mansion and she will not enter again makes him broken from inside. He unknowingly starts moving towards her but stops thinking he has no right to stop her. She starts leaving. Shivaay asks Annika to “stop”. He says, “I will drop you, just come”. Annika, this time without resisting just agrees thinking that this is the last time he is dropping her home. They both leave in the car and are equally sad.

Author’ s note:- In this ff Shitia is over but T&D and Mrs Kapoor are present. They are yet the part of the villains.

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