Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 6)

This is part 6

Shivaay drives back to Oberoi Mansion. He enters home and moves towards his room where he sees OmRu already waiting for him. They were giving a teasing smile to Shivaay. Shivaat thought that what is wrong with them why are they looking at me like this. He asks them the same to which they do not directly reply to him but instead they give him a look and then talk to give dialogues to each other indirectly teasing Shivaay of what he did. Rudra said that “his bhaiya is getting married to lady baba and is romancing with Annika didi, this is not fair”. Shivaay is far more than shocked hearing Rudra’s comment. He thinks that how did Rudra come to know about the kiss. Shivaay says “look I can explain…” but he is cut off by Om and Om says “its ok Shivaay I know u have feelings for her just accept them and agree to what your heart says”. Shivaay says “are you guys out of your mind. You think I will loose my heart for a girl who wears broken slippers”. Om says “stop it we saw what you did”.

Shivaay thinks of the kiss and gets speechless. He thinks to himself that the place was secluded and no one was their except him and Annika so how did they got to know. He thinks to make an excuse and he says “look OmRu I can explain, it is not like what you think. Actually it was all Annika’s fault. I did nothing, she only…” But before he could complete Om said, “oh stop it Shivaay, she did nothing, it was only you who did, we saw everything and heard every word of your convo, she did nothing but it was you who…” Shivaay stopped Om and said, “just listen to me”. Rudra says, “Bhaiya why are you getting shy, it not as if we first time saw you carrying Annika Di in your arms. It is just that she was protesting and still you took her in your arms and carried her all the way to your car. And not to mention, you are very late did you planned a long drive with Annika Didi. Because you took to return home was too long.” Shivaay is relieved to know that they were talking about this. He thinks to himself, “what a relief, thank god they didn’t witness the kiss otherwise I would have landed in trouble.” Rudra winks at his brother and says, “Bhaiya you are chupa rustom, we know you did all this intentionally so that you could spend more time with Annika Di”.

Shivaay says, “it is nothing like that. It was already late and I wanted to ensure that she reached home safely”. OmRu look at each other and then at him and Om says, “Shivaay you know very well right that the day before it was Annika who saved you from the goons even when her hands were tied. She was the one to save you”. Shivaay says, “yeah and this is the reason why I dropped her home, because I didn’t want someone to kidnap her or hurt her again. I was just trying to make sure that such situations don’t arise again”. Om Ru agrees and Om says, “in that case your decision was right, but why didn’t you tell her this, then she would have agreed to it”. Shivaay says, “oh come on OmRu, you both know how stubborn she is when it comes to me, I asked her politely twice and when she didn’t agree I carried her and if I would have told her the reason then she would have teased me for her saving me yesterday so I just did what came into my mind that time”.

Om Ru agree and they go to bed and sleep(in Shivaay’s bed). Shivaay looks at them sleeping and thinks to himself, “thank God, they both agreed to me. For a second I was scared that they came to know everything from the puncture, to truth serum to …, but it is not so.” Shivaay changes and moves towards the window of the room he looks at the swimming pool and thinks what Annika told him about Tia. He thinks that “how can it be, Tia is so good, I know Annika is not lying because she told all this to me under the effect of truth serum. If all this is true, then this means Mrs Kapoor also knows as she was in the farmhouse when Tia and Dushyant were together. It has something more to it. If Mrs Kapoor knows about T&D and still they are arranging this marriage it means they have some motive.

Shivaay thinks that there has to be some clue to all this, he has just not noticed. Then he tries to recollect all his past with Tia. At first he gets nothing, no clue. He recalls it all again and again and his thought process stops over the CD scandal. He remembers when Mrs Kapoor indirectly blackmailed him to get married to Tia just the other day. He thinks that when T&D are in love and Mrs Kapoor knows this, still she pushed the marriage then, their motive has got something to do with this marriage”. He thinks to himself, “whatever is your motive Kapoors, I will not let you achieve it. Shivaay Singh Oberoi won’t let anyone hurt his family”. Shivaay thinks that he should do something. He thinks that he shouldn’t let Tia know that he has got to know about her. He thinks to do something and goes to bed and sleeps.

Next morning, at Annika’s house.

Annika remembers the kiss and wakes up with a jolt. She thinks, “ohh my God, what did I do, I kissed Shivaay Singh Oberoi. What would he might be thinking about me. What will he think, he has a habit to misjudge my every action even when I am right but today, today I am actually at fault. I kissed him even after knowing that he is committed to Tia. How will I face him today. I think I should not go or I should make an excuse. Wait but no, this way he will know that I am trying to avoid him and as much as I know him, he will come here to confront me about that kiss”. She thinks to first get Sahil ready for school and send him and after that she will think that how to tame the wild cat aka her Billuji.

She sends Sahil to school and picks up the newspaper dropped at her house by the paper boy. She comes across a news of a boy who drugged a girl. Reading this news she recalls that all was ok before she drank water from that bottle. Now that feeling of embarrassment turned into rage. Then she tried to recall all events of the evening. She focused and recalled Shivaay’s questions to her. Then it became clear to her that he actually drugged her to know if she was a spy. She was hurt cum angry at the same time. She decided to confront him for what he did yesterday with her. With anger the moved towards the keys of Champa, locked her home and furiously drove towards Oberoi mansion. She stormed into Oberoi Mansion and just went towards Shivaay’s room. She entered his room without asking and screamed, “Shivaay Singh Oberoi”. But to her surprise he was not in his room. She then looked towards the pool area and then she searched for him in the whole mansion but she found him no where.

All her search of Shivaay was being watched by OmRu and the said to each other, “what’s happening”. After when Annika didn’t find SSO, she started her work in the mansion. It was 4 in the evening, all the family was sitting in the living room alongwith Annika. Annika was explaining something about the decorations to Pinky and all were listening and complementing her skills. It was then when Dadi said, “Billu, where have you been all day, you didn’t even inform me or made a call”. All heard dadi and looked towards the direction where she was looking i.e. towards the door of Oberoi Mansion. All saw Shivaay entering with Tia, and Tia smiling.

Tia replied to dadi that, “Grandma Shivaay had called me early in the morning and we went shopping after that and now that the shopping is done we have returned back home. Pinky says, “OK so where are your shopping bags, I will send the servants to pick them up for you. Even I want to see that what shopping my future daughter in law did”. Shivaay says, “mom no need for that, I have the thing here, let me show you”. Saying this he takes out a small box from his pocket and says, “I have made a decision and I want you all to know it”. He takes out the ring and turns to Tia and asks, “will you marry me?” Tia smiled and said, “Yes, of course” saying so she brings her hand forward and Shivaay slips the ring into his finger. All but Annika clap. Annika is hurt. She remembers what all she told him about T&D and their kiss. She gets teary eyed thinking that he didn’t believe her.

She leaves from their. Shivaay watches her go and thinks to himself, “I know what you are thinking Annika, but trust me, I trust you. But to know all about Tia’s and Kapoor’s lies I need to do this”. All congratulate Shivaay and Tia. Tia responds happily but Shivaay is lost in some thoughts. Tia notices how Shivaay is looking at Annika.

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