Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 5)

I have no idea that how did the previous part got entitled as part 2 (corrected now). Anyways it was part 4. And this is part 5.

Shivika get down the car and Annika says, “Billuji aap dekh k nahi chala sakte the kya, maine apse kaha tha na ki mai ghar chali jaungi lekin aap hath dho k peeche pad gae mujhe ghar tak chodne k liye. Ab dekhiye apki wajah se hum dono beech taste me phase gae. Ab mujhe ghar bhi jana hai Sahil akela hai aur yahan apne ye raita phaila dia.”

Shivaay looks at her and says, “this is not my fault ok mujhe kya pata tha ki kuch aisa ho jaega aur tum kaise words use karti ho mind ur language”. Shivaay says wait let me call the mechanic till then we can wait here. Shivaay thinks, I know she can’t stay quiet for long but for what I have come here to do I need to dry her throat and for that I will have to do something. He thinks and asks her about the arrangements of the wedding. Annika first looks at him because it is the first time that he had asked for the arrangements of the wedding. Shivaay thinks why is she silent, I want her to speak. He thinks to himself just speak Annika, just start your nonstop speech of what u did how u did and when u did. Shivaay thinks that it is not working I will have to ask her something else. But before he could ask another question, Annika’s non stop speech starts.

After speaking non stop for 30 minutes Annika stops and says, “ye mechanic kab aaega, mujhe ghar jana hai, mujhe pyas lagi hai.” Shivaay thinks to himself that half of the work is done now time to execute the other part of the plan. He says “tumhe pyas lagi hai to passenger seat k back cover me pani ki bottle rakhi hai tum usse pani pi lo.” She goes takes the bottle, takes a sip makes a veey wierd face and says, “chi Billuji, ye pani ka taste bohot ganda hai”. Shivaay says, “just drink it, u don’t have any other source of water nearby.” Annika thinks and agrees. She consumes half of the liquid in the bottle and keeps it back in the car.

Shivaay sees this and thinks to himself that this much will do my work. Shivaay says to himself, “you don’t know Ms Pannika, that it was not water what u drank, it was truth serum, and now when this liquid has entered ur body, u will not be able to lie anymore this time, not to me atleast.With that he looks at Annika who is walking towards him. He had already asked Khanna to arrange for another car near the place, so he took inebriated Annika to the other car. They both enter the back seat of the car. Annika asks him if u already had another car waiting here then why did u waste so much time in chit chatting. Shivaay keeps his hand on her mouth and says “Ssshhh bohot bolti ho tum, bohot sawal karti ho, ab mai tumse sawal puchunga aur tum jawab dogi. Did u get that” Annika nods in positive.

He removes his hand from her mouth and Annika asks him, why r u marrying Tia, when u don’t love her and why is Tia marrying you when she loves Dushyant. Shivaay is shocked by what she said but then instead of reacting or asking how did she know it he threw the question that was in his mind since the previous night. He asked, “Annika, why did u enter my home, mg life”. Annika says “for ur marriage”. He asks her who taught her to fight, she told him her sensei.Shivaay thinks and asks has someone planted u in our houses. To which Annika says do u think I am a herb or shurb or a sees that someone will plant me. Shivaay says no I didn’t mean that, I wanted to know that how can u fight so well, even I want to learn few of ur moves(no he doesn’t want to, he is just trying to be careful while choosing his words as he knows that Annika remembers everything, and also he didn’t wanted to loose her if she was right and he was wrong) . Annika says “what do u mean kaise seekha, mera mann kia maine seekh liya”. Shivaay was not getting his answers in what she was speaking so he simply asked, “Annika kya tum mujhe ya mere parivaar KO dhoka de rahi ho, kya tum hume harm karna chahti ho” Annika gets hurt by his question and says no billuji mail sapne me bhi apko ya apki family KO takleef pohochane ki nahi soch sakti.” Shivaay gets relieved and regrets asking this question to her.

But then something strikes him, what Annika said about Tia and Dushyant. Shivaay asks her about the matter. Annika says last week I went to Tia’s farmhouse for clearing some doubts of Mrs Kapoor and when I was returning I remembered that I forgot my phone and diary on the table so I went back to collect it and that is when I hears Tia say “I love u Dushyant baby” I peeped into her room and saw something which I couldn’t believe was happening. Shivaay asks her to say what she saw. She refuses and says “no, no, mail aisi 2rs baat nahi bol sakti” Shivaay says “Annika bol nahi sakti to action karke bata do”. Annika stares him and says, “cheaper kahin k mujhe nahi batana air action karke to bilkul nahi batana”. Shivaay insists her and says “please mere liye itna nahi kar sakti” (with puppy eyes).

Annika looks at him then says, “OK, fir ye mat kehna ki maine mana nahi kia tha.” He says, “OK don’t say it, tum bas action karke mujhe bata do.” She agrees. Annika cups Shivaay’s face with her hands and moves closer to him. Shivaay thinks what is she doing but he doesn’t stop her. She moves closer and closer and then touches her lips with his. Shivaay closes his eyes experiencing the kiss of his Annika. She kisses his upper lip and lower lip one by one. Shivaay gets lost in his dreamland and starts responding to the kiss he moves his hands to her waist. He starts biting her lips and all of a sudden she moves back. Shivaay is shocked that he was kissing her back so why did she move back. Annika says Tia was doing this to Dushyant on the bed. Shivaay thinks why did he ask her to do that action, I don’t know how will she react tomorrow when she recalls this. How will I, no how will she, no how will we face each other tomorrow. Goddamn I am such a duffer. I should have understood it earlier and should have moved back.

She continued that Dushyant was sitting Shirtless. His back towards my side. He had a tattoo of lion at his back. I couldn’t see his face because I saw Mrs Kapoor coming and I went outside. Shivaay asks r u sure that u saw Tia with him. She says yes she moved back how I moved back right now and then she again (Annika says while moving towards Shivaay again). Shivaay this time anticipates and says “hey stop, I understood what u mean. Just stop.” His mind was disturbed more by the kiss than the Tia Dushyant thing so he thought why not concentrate on driving and drop her home first then think about anything else. Shivaay gets out of the car and moves to the driver’s seat and asks Annika to join him in the passenger’s seat. Annika follows and sits.

He safely drives her to home thinking that he has now controlled his emotions. He looks straight outside the windscreen into nowhere. Annika before getting down the car, removes seatbelt, moves towards Shivaay and kisses on his cheek and says “thanks for the lift Billuji u r very cute”. Shivaay is shocked cum happy with her action and also he is angry on himself that he is loosing it again. He sees Annika going and till she enters her house, he keeps staring her. And then he says to himself, “ahhh, this girl makes me crazy. I need to control myself”. And drives back to Oberoi Mansion

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