Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 3)

Next day. Annika reaches Oberoi mansion she does all her work and finishes it off by 6 o clock. Then Prinku comes and asks her to change as they will be leaving by 7 o clock. They all get ready. Prinku in suit Annika in short top and jeans Tia in her green dress (shitia second engagement wali dress), Sumo jeans and off shoulder top. Shivaay in his red suit, OK(dress of dbo episode 1) , Rudra in black suit. They take two cars one is driven by Shivaay, Tia sits besides him and in the back seat r prinku and Saumya, Annika was about to get in but the car was full.
Om Ru r in the other car which is driven by a driver and Rudra is at the passenger’s seat Om is in the back seat, he asks Annika to come sit besides him. Annika goes. Shivaay says wait. Om mere hath me sprain ho gaya hai tu meri car drive kar mai wahan ake baith jata hu. Om grins and gets out. OmRu share a knowing look. Shivaay sits besides Annika. Here Rudra gets busy in game and both the cars start moving towards the venue.
In Shivaay’s car the driver applies sudden breaks and due to jerk both Shivaay and Annika fall towards the right side. Shivaay down and Annika on Shivaay’s chest she gets up a little but stops as her hair got stuck on Shivaay’s collar button. Annika is still above Shivaay and is trying to remove her hair carefully when she looks up and sees Shivaay staring her lovingly. Shivaay slowly removes her hair but even after that they remain like that.
Rudra looks up at the back mirror to c his face but he sees Annika over Shivaay and Shivaay’s hand wrapped around Annika’s waist and both lost in each other. There faces were just inches apart. Rudra says Bhaiya control your emotions. This is when they realize that in what position they are and get up and sit straight and look the other way before looking at each other once. Shivaay says wo break laga tha to isliye I mean jerk ki wajah se hum aise… Shivaay was cut off by Rudra when Rudra said bhaiya wo Wala break 15 min pehle laga tha qki beech raste me achanak se doggy aa gaya tha ab hum venue pe pohoch gae hain. Aila iska matlab ki tabse. He winks at Shivaay and says don’t worry bhaiya mai kisi ko kuch nahi bataunga. Bhaiya aap blush kar rahe ho. He says so and rushes outside the car and into the pub.

Shivika look at each other they get down the car. The driver goes to park the car and Shivika start walking together when all of a sudden a van comes and stops right before them. Shivaay says ye kya badtameezi hai tum log dekh k nahi park kar sakte. On the other side Om was coming up from the parking area. Few men come out of the van and forcefully take Shivika inside it and drive away. All this was witnessed by Om who quickly informed this to Rudra via message and asks him to come out without informing the girls. But Rudra had already read the message aloud so all got to know. All come out but they don’t find Om. Rudra calls Om and Om says that I am following that van. Om asks Rudra to take the girls back to OM and he should come with back up i.e. police. Saying so Om cuts the call.

In the van, Shivika’s hands are tied by ropes Shivaay says tum log jante nahi ho ki mai kaun hu. Kitne paise chahiye tumhe bolo. One man puts tape on his mouth and says hume paise nahi chahiye hum apne samaaj ko tumhare jaise logon se mukti dilana Chahte Hain. Tum jaise log hamari sabhyata k nam pe kala dhabba ho. Hum tum dono ko tumhari galtiyo ki Saza dene aae hain. Shivika understand that they talking about Annika’s statement.
Annika says ap log kaun hote ho ye decide karne wale ki kaun samaj me kya hai ap logon ko koi haq nahi hai hum par ungli uthane ka. Even she is quitened the same way. They put tale on her mouth and say ki aaj pata chal jaega tumhe ki hum log kaun hain.
All of a sudden they are both thrown out of the van and they see that it is some outer area of Mumbai and there is no sign of any human nearby. Its all wilderness all around. A man comes and removes the tape from Shivaay’s mouth and says now to hear ur last scream I need to remove this and points a gun at SSO. But SSO kicks at his hand and the gun falls away. Meanwhile Annika is struggling with the ropes trying to open her hands even Shivaay is doing so. Shivaay successfully removes his ropes but Annika is not able to do so. SSO fights with the goons but soon they hold his hands and put them behind him. Annika watches SSO getting caught. Shivaay says Annika tum yahan kya kar rahi jao go run away. Annika looks at him, he is been held by four men, two on each side. And then she sees a man approaching SSO with a log of wood. Shivaay also sees this. He closes his eyes seeing the man about to hit him. But Baaanggg.

He opens his eyes and sees the log of wood into million pieces, at first he gets shocked to c this and wonders how did this happen but his shoch is soon replaced by worry when he sees Annika standing near him with her hands tied still. Shivaay says Annika what r u doing? Go run from here. Run away. He panics seeing two goons approaching Annika with identical log of woods from both left and right side. He yells Annika go. Just run away. But the sight which he witnesses next makes him speechless cum spellbound. He sees,

Annika first looks at her left and then at her right. She lands a back kick first on the right log of wood and then at the left log. And both scatter into pieces. Then She plants two round kicks on those men one by one each making them fall and wither in pain. Seeing this two men Leave Shivaay and come to attack at her when Annika jumps on one leg and then on the second jump tosses over SSO lands behind him and hits one of the goons still holding SSO. SSO kicks the other goon and looks at Annika and was about to say something when he sees Om’s car. Another car which has Rudra and the police jeep behind.
Shivaay and Annika feels relieved they look at each other. When Om says Shivaay tu bas dekhta hi rahega ya Annika ke hath bhi kholega. Shivaay says uski zarurat nahi hai, ye aise bhi sahi hai. Annika and Om look at him shocked. Rudra says q bhaiya much naughty karne ka irada hai kya. ShivKara says Shut up Rudra. Rudra says huh. Shivaay unties Annika’s hand s and removes the and tape then looks at her. Rudra says to Om ye dekho inlogon ka firse shuru ho gaya koi inse bolo ki ab ghar bhi chalna hai ki nahi.

Author’s note: pls do tell me what u feel or how was this part.

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