Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 21)

Shivaay, “okay so how are we going to start all this. I mean if we give drugs to her then the medical reports will make it clear that it was due to drugs so how is she gonna act all crazy.” Annika replies, “leave it to me, my plan never fails” winks. Shivaay says, “its a nice plan, I think we should discuss it with the family. But people don’t go mad overnight, there has to be some solid reason.” Annika says, “uffo Billuji hum media walo se keh denge na ki apni beti ki zindagi kharab hone ke gham me pagal ho gayin hain. Aur sab aasani se is baat ko maan bhi jaenge. (Uff Billuji, we shall tell media that she has gone crazy because her daughter’s life is spoiled. And all will easily agree to this.)”

Next Morning
Mrs Kapoor’s sleep breaks due to some awfully bad smell and she without opening her eyes yells, “where’s this dirty smell coming from, can’t you keep the house clean. Put some room freshener in my room.” She gets no response from anyone, she yells again, “I shall cut you payment”, she hears sounds of animals, she thinks what are animals doing in the mansion, she opens her eyes a bit and ***Shock***

Her eyes wide open and she stands up in a jerk. She discovers that she was sleeping on a stack of hay which was in a byre. She looks around her and wonders how did she reach here. She steps down the stack of hay. One foot touches the ground and the other lands on cow dung. She makes faces and says, “eww”. She thinks to herself, “whoever did all this, I shall not spare them.” She steps out of the Byre and finds herself near Annika’s locality. People look at her and laugh looking at her condition, few grass strands were stuck on the back of her head, one foot was covered with cowdung and one thing which she didn’t notice before was that a pig was following her. She looks at people’s gaze behind her and then turns to find the pig, she throws a stone to make the pig run away. People still laugh at her. She yells at them and tells them, “you don’t know who I am and what I can do to you, just let me reach my home then I shall punish you all for laughing at me.” The crowd says, “yeah we don’t give a damn who you are, what will you do, make us sleep of stacks of hay or apply cowdung to our shoes anyways we don’t have time to waste on you so just get lost.”

Mrs Kapoor thinks, “so much insult, I shall not leave the person who has left me here in this condition but first I need to make a call.” She then goes back to where she was sleeping, she finds her bag which doesn’t has her phone but her car keys. [Actually Annika has intentionally kept the car keys with her and the car is parked somewhere near to that place.] Mrs Kapoor takes the car keys and the bag, after walking a distance from that place she sees her car parked. She steps into the car and drives to Oberoi Mansion thinking that this time she shall show the Oberoi’s there place.

In Oberoi Mansion.
Annika looks at her watch and says, “Ye Lady Siyappa KO to ab tak aa jana chahiye tha itni der q lag rahi hai. (This Lady Siyappa should have come by now. Why is she taking so long.)” Om says, “Patience Annika patience, I am sure she would be coming here anytime.” Shivaay says to the family, “aap sabko pata to hai na ki kya karna hai.” All nod positively.

Shivaay tells the plan to the family. Tej says, “whatever we have to do, we must do it before the press conference.” Om says, “we must do it now.” Shivaay turns to Annika and says, “so, what your Khidkitod idea.” Annika says, “we shall take Mrs Kapoor out of this mansion while she is sleeping and shall put her in a Byre.” Shivaay interrupts, “this will not work, she can come back any time.) Annika says, “this is what we want. We shall keep her in a Byre for a night and shall keep her purse cum car keys alongwith her and shall park her car near that area so that next morning when she wakes up she comes here angrily and reacts.” Rudy says, “what if she calls someone then.” Annika says, “this will not happen as she won’t be able to find her phone. Her phone will be kept in glove box of her car in silent mode but before doing all this we need to prepone the press conference.” Shivaay says, “leave it to me.” Oberoi security men take Mrs Kapoor to that area, park her car in that area and leave from there.

Flashback ends

Mrs Kapoor storms into Oberoi Mansion and finds media already present there, Shivaay had kept the press conference to make announcement of a new project to be started by the Oberois in Lonavala. Mrs Kapoor enters OM in that condition and yells, this is not happening as this is my house I shall not invest in any project in Lonavala.” Media people turn to the direction of the voice and slowly recognize her to be Mrs Kapoor. Pinky enters and says, “Mrs Kapoor, what happened to you, I asked you earlier too not to go outside else people will come to know about your condition. Come let me take you to your room.” Mrs Kapoor yells, “my condition or your condition, you should not have come here as everyone will know about your condition” Dadi enters the scene and says, “where were you? we all were worried foe you, calm down puttar, come with me take a shower first.” Mrs Kapoor says, “no, I shall not go from here. I called the media to…” She couldn’t complete her words and Janvhi drags her away. Shivaay says in the mic, “sorry for the disturbance, please don’t mind actually Mrs Kapoor has become a lunatic after mine and Tia’s marriage broke. Since then we have been taking care of her. Many people don’t know about her mental condition as we don’t allow her to go out, she went out yesterday when we were asleep and see in what condition has she returned. Anyways keeping that aside let’s talk about the project shall we.”

Media people look at each other and say, “this is breaking news, Mrs Kapoor is gone crazy, I think we should telecast it first.” Mrs Kapoor returns, comes on the stage and says, “this is my house, I have more right on it than him(pointing to Shivaay), more right than any of the Oberois.” Shivaay says, “(to media) see I told you all. (To Mrs. K.) Mrs. Kapoor, what are you doing, please leave.” Mrs Kapoor says, “No, I shall not leave, I shall tell everyone that…” Security guards come and keep cloth on her mouth, hold her hands and take her to her room and lock her there.

A reporter says, “why have you kept her here, why not in mental asylum.” Shivaay answers, “we didn’t wanted public to know about her mental condition but now she has herself showed it to all.” Reporter,”since when did all this start” Shivaay says, “when I broke my alliance with Tia. Anyways she has lost it completely, let’s move ahead now.”

Press conference ends. Shivaay asks the doctors to make fake papers of her ill health, using which Tej cancels the deal. All goes well for a month as Mrs Kapoor is shifted to a mental asylum. But after one month another storm awaits these people, can they figure it out that what’s coming there way or will they get into a new problem.

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  1. Wow!! Awesome epi..
    Update nxt one asap! Cant wait!!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

  3. Akshaya

    Awesome episode. Waiting for the next. Mrs.k became lunatic and that pig was funny

  4. Dhar

    Fan of ur ff , lovely part ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Sanjana24

      Will try to update soon.
      Actually I am confused should I show Daksh’s entry first or some Shivika romantic scenes. Need time to decide

  5. Sanskriti120

    Kya likti ho yaar,matlab ham log tumhare jabra fan bangaye????. Mrs.kapoor ka gangaraam and oh my maata ek hee baar main hogaya?????. Epi was great. Update soon

    1. Sanjana24

      Thank you dear.
      Maine pehle hi kaha tha na ki he Mrs Kapoor tadpegi. See I did what I said. ??

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    Lovely update

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    Wow..Sanj di I luv u for making that lady alunatic.. But no another storm no these Oberoi’s need some rest like Shivika confession etc..Fine u make them face the prob in a Kidkitod way ( wink).. So waiting 4 naxt epi…

    1. Sanjana24

      Actually I am not good at writing romance because I can’t portray those emotions nicely so I give more privilege to the story. But because you have asked it I shall try adding some hot shivika scenes

    2. Haridhra

      Hi Sanj di .. Tnq so much it would mean a lot if u add some Shivika scenes yepieee..?????..

  8. Niriha

    Awesome…loved it

  9. Fantabulous

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    sanjana….. it’s was an awesome episode dear. mrs. kapoor bangai luntic. Ha Ha your ff make me laugh.

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