Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 2)

Part 2
Annika and Shivaay are in the car and on their way to oberoi mansion. Both r sitting in the back seat and the driver is driving the car. Shivaay reminisces his harsh words to Annika that day and Annika coming to his rescue just the other day. Shivaay’s big ego is shattered before Annika’s sacrifice for him.
There was utter silence in the car so breaking the ice, Shivaay said, tumne mujhe maaf to kar dia na. Annika looks at him. Before Annika could say something Shivaay says, c I misunderstood u lekin tumhe bhi to batana chahiye tha na ki tum Dev ko ghar me nahi lai thi.

On this Annika said, agar maine kaha bhi hota to ap kaun sa manne wale the.
Shivaay looked into her eyes and thought she is right I wouldn’t have trusted her. But now, now I know that my Annika can never do wrong. I shouldn’t have yellled at her I shouldn’t have treated her that way. It’s all my fault but now I won’t repeat my mistakes this is my promise to myself.
Shivaay was about to say something when the car stopped and he saw that they have reached OM.

Annika enters OM followed by Shivaay. Priyanka comes and hugs Annika, then Sumo, Dadi, Jahnvi and Pinky all one by one come & hug her and show their gratitude towards her. Pinky says tune mere bacche ki jaan bacha like lekin ye bata ki tune aisa kia q. At this question Annika was numb bcoz she herself didn’t know that why she did so. Dadi says Pinky let it be, Annika wapas aa gai wo hamare liye zada khushi ki baat hai.
Annika and Shivaay both had the same question in their mind that why did Annika do so for him and both looked at each other but their trance was broken by OmRu. They both came and hugged Annika together and then apologize to her, Om says, galti isse hui thi (pointing towards Shivaay) lekin maafi hum pure ghar ki taraf se mangte hain.
Shivaay says mai maafi maang chuka hu but Rudra cuts him off and says ki hum Annika didi ke lautne par ek chota sa get together rakhenge kal sham ko. usme bas hum youngsters aur aap(Shivaay) rahoge.

Shivaay says hey what do u mean ki mail young nahi hu. Rudra was about to say something when Annika interrupted him and said ki nahi iski koi zarurat nahi hai. Rudra says are zarurat kaise nahi hai di. get together to banta hai. OmRuSaumya all convince her and she agrees. Later that day Tia also comes and apologizes to Annika for misunderstanding her. And she is also excited about the get together.

The Obros decide that since elders are at home we cannot keep the party here so Rudra suggests them pub but Shivaay and Om disagree becoz Annika has never been to such places. Tia suggests her farmhouse but Shivaay says that it is too far from her home even if I drop her back after party then it will be v late for her and next day she has to wake up early to send Sahil to school. Saumya suggests a place near the beach side. Shivaay says no that is not of oberoi standard. so Priyanka suggests the same pub again and says this will be a total new thing for her she will enjoy I know her she is my best friend. So this time they all agree for the same. They decide to inform Annika of the venue. Shivaay sees his watch and thinks its late I should drop Annika home. He goes downstairs and sees Annika typing the code and asks her if he can drop her. First she refuses then he says dekho bohot der ho gai hai mujhe us side kuch kaam bhi hai tum behes mat karo bas chalo. Annika agrees they go and sit in the car. Shivaay in driver’s seat and Annika in passengers seat. And Shivaay drives towards her home.

His car reaches that area and one of those orthodox men see Shivaay and Annika together. The car stops because barriers were put on the ways so Shivika decide to walk till her home. They were walking when Shivaay told her about the venue of get together. At first Annika refused but Shivaay told her not to worry u wont be alone our entire group will be together allow us to do atleast this much. At first she refused and then later she agreed. While walking Shivika didn’t know that they were being followed and someone was there to overhear their conversation. Annika goes inside her home, Shivaay back to the car and that man back to his group and narrates them what he overheard.

That group of people decide to do something the next day at that place so that no one from around their are walks on Annika’s footsteps.

Author’s note: I have already posted it in India Forums. Just thought to post it here too.

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